Detailed feasibility report

detailed feasibility report

Feasibility Study, feasibility, studies - method123

banks, government (direct loans or loan guarantees Grants, local and State Economic development Incentives. Assess expected financing needs and alternative sources. Interest Rates, terms, conditions, Etc. Cost and benefits evaluation It demonstrate how this proposal is feasible it involves discussion technological feasibility, economic practicality, social desirability, and ecological soundness. Examples of benefits cost reductions error reductions increased throughput increased flexibility of operation improved operation better (e.g., more accurate) and more timely information. types of costs development costs purchasing cost, Installation cost, operational cost.

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outline the general business model (ie. How the business will make money). Include the technical processes, size, location, and kind of inputs. Specify the time horizon from the time the project is initiated until funny it is up and running at capacity. Methodology it involves discussion on method of analysis for feasibility study return on Investment (ROI) analysis For comparing overall profitability roi estimated lifetime benefits - estimated lifetime costs Estimated lifetime costs or roi net Present value / Estimated lifetime costs. Swot analysis :strengths weakness maintaining these essays stregths overcoming these weakness what can do for maintain these strengths? What should I do to overcome these weakness? Opportunities threats taking advantage of these opportunities overcoming threats what can I do to take the advantage of these opportunities? What can i do to overcome these threats? Overview of alternatives possible alternatives Sticking with the current system should always be studied as one alternative different business processes for solving the problems different levels/types of computerization for the solutions Advantages and disadvantages of the alternatives The major possible alternatives should be discussed and. Estimate Equity and Credit needs Identify alternative equity sources and capital availability producers, local Investors, Angel Investors, venture capitalists Identify and assess alternative credit sources.

It state objective pdf of the report and of the project. It should refer terms of references. Also it should state the constraints within which it has been conducted. Executive summary: This should concise summary of the major recommendations of the report within 6 pages so that it quickly understood by senior executive. Background some feasibility reports may require some background discussion in order to make the rest of the report meaningful to readers. describe your proposed plan in sufficient detail state if it worked elsewhere and how it was implemented background on the situation. For many feasibility reports, you'll need to discuss the problem, need, or opportunity that has brought about this report. Outline of system outline of system involves description of project list type and quality of product(s) or service(s) to be marketed.

detailed feasibility report

Feasibility Study report, in Nigeria: The

Financial/Economic feasibility Estimate the total capital requirements. Estimate equity and credit needs. Budget expected costs and returns Organizational/Managerial feasibility. Business founders Environmental feasibility Environmental impact and their assessment. Types of feasibility legal feasibility. Is the project legally feasible? Feasibility report a feasibility report is the results of a feasibility study. This report details whether or not a project should be undertaken and the reasons for that decision. Introduction/Executive summary background outline of project Methodology/method of analysis overview of alternatives Conclusion Recommendation.

Provides documentation that the idea was thoroughly investigated. Types of feasibility, operational feasibility. Useful for identifying operational problems to be solved, and their urgency. P-performance,i-information, e-economy, c-control, e-efficiency, i-information, s-services. Types of feasibility, market feasibility. Suitability of production technology. Types of feasibility.

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detailed feasibility report

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Types of cost development costs purchasing cost, Installation cost, oprerational cost. Now let us see example on feasibility report, we will discuss example on project of installation of water supply line. Feasibility report, by, shrinivas. Korewar (roll no:5 abhijeet. What is feasibility study? a feasibility study is an analysis of the viability of an idea through a disciplined and documented process of thinking through the idea from its logical beginning to its logical end.

feasibility study is carried review out in order to assess the viability of a new project. It is primary and most important thing in development of a project. Reasons to do a study, gives focus to the project. narrows the business alternatives. Identifies reasons not to proceed. Provides valuable information for go/no go decision. Increases probability of business success by identifying weaknesses early.

Industry rket potentialAccess to market outlets. . Are there any legal requirements or issues we need to look at or attend to? Do we need a special shareholders agreement? What warranties will be required? Can we afford to meet these warranty obligations?

Will we need to address any Trade Practices Act requirements? Are there any special insurance requirements? Are there any special licences we need to look at or obtain? Do we require any special contracts or is there a need to raise anycontracts or contractual issues? In feasibility report the headings may differ but overall content will be same for example, a discussion of power and speed of laptop computers is going to necessitate some discussion of ram, megahertz, and processors. Solution with the highest roi is the best alternative - but need to know payback period too to get the full picture -. A lower roi with earlier payback may be preferable in some circumstances. If possible numerical weighting for each criteria should beestabilished. Examples of benefits cost reductionserror reductionsincreased throughputincreased flexibility of operationimproved operationbetter (e.g., more accurate) and more timely information.

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You shredder might want to search our website or browse our website. Praesent commodo cursus magna, vel scelerisque nisl consectetur. Feasibility Study, detailed Project Report, dpr, project london reports, business Plan, business valuation, valuations, business Idea, market Study, pre feasibility and Project Monitoring, turnkey projects. Successfully reported this slideshow. Feasibility report -basic concepts with example. Upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, show More, no downloads. No notes for slide feasible means possible or viable5 technically financially socially legally environmentally institutionally.p-performance e-efficiency i-information termine facility itability of production technology. Availability and suitable of site.

detailed feasibility report

Crude oil A straight run refinery merely fractionates by distillation the crude oil feedstock into its boiling point components. Distillation does not alter the molecular plan structure of its chemical components. Therefore the natural characteristics of the crude oil (or condensate) and the required specification of the final refined products are the determinants of the product yields from the refinery. To avoid scaling and fouling within a refinery, the crude oil should have a maximum salt content of barrels. Where the salt content exceeds this level, a pre-treatment process may be required. Although adding a de-salter to a minrefinery is quite feasible, it does require a fresh water supply and a means for disposing of the salt water waste. Other undesirable components in the crude oil such as sulphur will carry over into the refined product streams. The maximum allowable sulphur levels for refined products are normally set by government regulations. Oooooops it looks like the page you were looking for does not exist anymore or is temporarily unavailable.

no simple (and therefore cheap) way to octane enhances the naphtha at low production volumes. A catalytic reformer to reform that naphtha into automotive gasoline is normally not economically justifiable as it has a relatively high capital cost for the relative low production volumes, bearing in mind that naphtha typically constitutes no more than 25 of the crude oil feedstock. A catalytic reformer can be expected to increase the cost of a straight run mini-refinery by approximately 80 to 100. The major challenge in a mini-refinery project is not what to do with the diesel but to be inventive as to the most economical disposition of that typical 50 to 75 of the crude oil, which ends up as the by-products of naphtha and fuel. Alternative fuel costs, the proposed mini-refinery needs to deliver refined product into the targeted market at a more competitive price than the existing fuel supplies. Knowledge of the local price of fuel (and other available fuels such as gas or lpg) in the targeted market and its sensitivity to price competition is therefore crucial to any feasibility study. In some countries, fuel prices in remote communities may be government subsidized which may make it difficult for a refinery to compete economically in that market. In some cases (but not often) the crude oil may be of sufficiently high quality that it is suitable for use in heavy diesel plant without the need for any refining. Although not suitable for the general diesel market, if the quality is good, crude oil can be used in dedicated heavy plant applications (eg pumps on a crude oil pipeline).

The capital cost to refine a liter of crude oil is inevitably higher in the case of a mini-refinery. This cost disadvantage can only be offset if write the mini refinery has access to cheap crude oil (for example from remote or otherwise non commercial oil fields) and/or offers savings in fuel or crude oil transportation costs (typically in remote or inaccessible regions) and/or government. A seaboard location for a proposed mini-refinery site has to be examined carefully against the alternative of importing refined product in bulk from a major refining country. On the other hand, remote or inhospitable inland locations will tend to provide favorable conditions for mini-refinery fuel production as distances and/or road conditions results in high transportation costs for imported fuels. To minimize its capital cost, the mini-refinery is most often supplied only as a simple straight run atmospheric distillation refinery for diesel and/or kerosene production, with naphtha and fuel oil as by-products. In some situations, it may be economical to provide a second distillation tower to vacuum distil the fuel oil component from the atmospheric tower into a clean heavy diesel (vacuum gas-oil) and a heavy residual oil. A thermal cracker or coker to convert the some or all of the heavy residues into more valuable lighter products is neither practical nor economic at a mini-refinery scale.

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Sca mini refinery feasibility Study, home, documents. Sca mini refinery feasibility Study, download, report. Description, mini refinery feasibility study Introduction The first part of any study into a mini-refinery application is an initial assessment of its economic feasibility. Transcript, mini refinery feasibility study, introduction, the first part of any study into a mini-refinery application is an initial assessment of its economic feasibility. This requires an understanding of what a mini-refinery is able to do, as well as information on the proposed feedstock and intimate knowledge of local market conditions. Technical issues relating to plant engineering or design are rarely important considerations at this initial feasibility stage. This paper is intended to assist the project developer in with making an initial feasibility study. Sca can only provide meaningful assistance once this initial feasibility study has been performed and the attached questionnaire completed in as much detail as possible. A mini-refinery (typically 100,000 bpd).

Detailed feasibility report
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  4. Business plan for a leading e commerce company in Indian ethnic wear. After the feasibility studies are carried out, a detailed project report (DPR) is required to be drawn up based on the data and results obtained from.

  5. Ercom carry out detail / bankable techno Economic, feasibility. Feasibility, report, for complete. Feasibility, report, for complete euro-iv hsd project numaligarh refinery limited, assam. Detailed, feasibility, report (DFR) for potential study and cost benefit analysis of rooftop Solar Power plants in plant and township. Feasibility, detailed, project, report preparation, availing financial assistance from FIs, Equipment Planning, manpower. Feasibility study for quartz slabs manufacturing plant at Colombo, sri lanka.

  6. Apr 25, 2016 Market Survey cum. Detailed, techno Economic, feasibility, report, small and cottage scale industries, techno-Economic feasibility study. describe your proposed plan in sufficient detail state if it worked elsewhere and how it was. Feasibility, report, executive summary Includes. Feasibility, report (tefr) or, detailed, project, report (DPR).

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