Dorian grey summary

dorian grey summary

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Hallward returns to the idea of the portrait. He explains that "every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not the sitter." The sitter only occasions the production of the art. The painter is revealed, not the sitter. He wont, therefore, show the secret of his soul to the public. He tells the story of how he met Dorian Gray. He went to a "crush" put on by lady Brandon. While he was walking around the room, he saw Dorian Gray, "someone whose mere personality was so fascinating that, if i allowed it to do so, it would absorb by whole nature, my whole soul, my very art itself." he was afraid of such.

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Lord Henry exclaims that it is the best of Hallwards work and that he should show it at Grosvenor. Hallward remarks students that he doesnt plan to show it at all. Lord Henry cant imagine why an artist wouldnt want to show his work. Hallward explains that he has put too much of himself in it to show it to the public. Lord Henry cant understand this since hallward isnt a beautiful man while the subject of the portrait is extraordinarily beautiful. As he is explaining himself, he mentions the subjects name-dorian Gray. He regrets having slipped, saying that when he likes people, he never tells their names because it feels to him as if hes giving them away to strangers. Lord Henry compares this idea to his marriage, saying that "the one charm of marriage is that it makes a life of deception absolutely necessary for both parties." he adds that he and his wife never know where the other is and that shes always. Basil Hallward is impatient with Lord Henry for this revelation, accusing Lord Henry of posing. He adds that Lord Henry never says anything moral and never does anything immoral. Lord Henry tells him that being natural is the worst of the poses.

It was supposed to mirror life and also teach its readers to live the good and moral life. Oscar Wilde opposes this view of art. For Wilde, art was valuable revelation in its own right, not for its usefulness for other aims. His sayings about art seem strange and against the norm even for late twentieth century readers. People often read them as a humorous overstatement of principles. However, each of the statements is exactly in accord with the ideas of the aesthetes. They are not necessarily exaggerations. Wilde consistently defended the autonomy of art, that is, the separateness of art from use value. In a richly decorated studio an artist, basil Hallward talks with a guest, lord Henry wotton about a new portrait he has standing out.

dorian grey summary

The picture of, dorian

People who try to go beneath the surface and those who try to read the symbols "do so at their own peril." Art imitates not life, but the spectator. When there is a diversity of night opinion about a work of art, the art is good. "When critics disagree the artist is in accord with him/herself.". The value of art is not in its usefulness. Notes, the preface to, the picture of Dorian Gray is famous in its own right as a sort of manifesto of the aesthetic movement in art and literature. It consists of a series of aphorisms database or epigrams (short sayings) which affirm the notions of art for arts sake. Many of these aphorisms form the basis not only of Aesthetic writing, but also modernist writing, which was to reach its height in the 1920s. In the nineteenth century, art was supposed to be useful for the moral instruction of the people.

The subject matter of art is the moral life of people, but moral art is art that is well formed. Artists dont try to prove anything. Artists dont have ethical sympathies, which in an artist "is an unpardonable mannerism of style." The subject matter of art can include things that are morbid, because "the artist can express everything." The artists instruments are thought and language. Vice and virtue are the materials of art. In terms of form, music is the epitome of all the arts. In terms of feeling, acting is the epitome of the arts. Art is both surface and symbol.

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dorian grey summary

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Previous Page, table of Contents, next Page, downloadable / Printable game version. Chapter summaries with notes / analysis: The picture of Dorian Gray. Preface, summary, the artist creates beautiful things. Art aims to smoking reveal art and conceal the artist. The critic translates impressions from the art into another medium. Criticism is a form of autobiography.

People who look at something beautiful and find an ugly meaning are "corrupt without being charming." Cultivated people look at beautiful things and find beautiful meanings. The elect are those who see only beauty in beautiful things. Books cant be moral or immoral; they are only well or badly written. People of the nineteenth century who dislike realism are like caliban who is enraged at seeing his own face in the mirror. People of the nineteenth century who dislike romanticism are like caliban enraged at not seeing himself in the mirror.

Dorian makes a case for mistaken identity when he claims to have the face of a twenty-year-old and cannot be the man James is looking for. A woman in the street reveals that Dorian "sold himself to the devil for a pretty face so james again pursues Dorian. At his country estate one week later, dorian entertains guests but believes James in hunting him. Dorian soon learns, however, that a man accidentally killed in a hunting accident is James, and so he feels safe. The novel concludes six months later.

Dorian and Lord Henry dine, and talk turns serious — dorian talks of Basil, and Lord Henry reflects on a sermon he heard the previous Sunday while walking in the park. Lord Henry also inquires about the secret of Dorian's youth, which Dorian dismisses. Dorian then asks Lord Henry never to give the yellow book to anyone else. That evening, while dorian examines the portrait, he decides to destroy it with the knife used to murder Basil. Soon after, dorian's servants and a police officer find an old, ugly man lying dead on the ground in front of a portrait of a young and innocent Dorian. Free study guide for The picture of Dorian Gray: book summary.

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He then settles in to read a yellow book sent by lord Henry; the book becomes Dorian's blueprint for life. Several years pass, and Dorian lives a hedonistic life according to the guidelines established by lord Henry and the yellow book. While the face in the portrait has turned ugly, dorian remains young, beautiful, and innocent. People talk about Dorian's "madness of pleasure" and his dreadful influence on the people around him, but that is of no consequence to him. Finally, when he is thirty-eight years old, dorian shows the portrait to basil, who begs Dorian to repent of his sin and ask that the wish be revoked. Instead, dorian kills Basil and hides his body. Blackmailing presentation his old friend Alan Campbell, dorian is able to dispose of Basil's body. An hour later, dorian attends a party, but is bored and distracted. He then heads for an opium den and, out on the street, meets Sibyl's younger brother, who has been waiting for an opportunity to harm Dorian for nearly twenty years.

dorian grey summary

He begins to suspect that his wish is coming true, so he vows to be good so that both he and the portrait can remain young. He, therefore, intends to apologize to sibyl the next day and makes to marry her after shredder all. However, he is too late: Sibyl commits suicide at the theatre that night. Dorian first feels responsibility for her death, but then views it both as wonderful entertainment and a selfish act on her part. Lord Henry tries to keep Dorian's name out of the scandal. Dorian and Lord Henry spend the evening at the opera. The next morning, basil arrives and expresses concern for Dorian, given the events of the previous day. Dorian, however, is completely unconcerned about Sibyl or her family; he wants to talk only of happy subjects. The next day, he covers his portrait and moves it to the attic, to which Dorian has the only key.

james, is leaving for Australia, but he vows to kill Dorian if he wrongs his sister in any way. James also confronts his mother about gossip he has heard — that his mother and deceased father never married, which Mrs. Vane admits is true. Dorian attends a performance of Sibyl's with Lord Henry and Basil, but the performance is terrible. Sibyl tells Dorian she can no longer act, because he has shown her a beautiful reality. Dorian is disgusted by her poor acting, because her performances were what drew him to her; he dismisses her and returns home. To his surprise, the portrait shows marks of cruelty around the mouth, lines that do not show on Dorian's face.

Although Lord Henry, who is visiting with Basil, asks about the young man's identity, basil declines to answer, noting his preference for secrecy. Basil never intends to exhibit the painting, because if he did, it would bare the deepest feelings in resumes his soul. However, basil lets slip that the subject of the portrait is Dorian Gray, who shortly thereafter pays the two men a house call. Lord Henry immediately begins to influence dorian, suggesting that he should treasure and guard his youth and beauty while he has them, because they will soon fade. Terrified of aging, dorian wishes he could trade his soul to stay as young as he looks in the portrait; a short while later, he again wishes that he could stay young while the image in the painting aged. The portrait thus begins to take on a life-like existence; in fact, basil's threat to burn the portrait is likened to "murder" and Basil prefers the company of the portrait to the real Dorian. Dorian falls in love with a young actress, sibyl Vane, a woman he barely knows. She plays a different woman at each night's performance, earning the label of "genius" from Dorian, who is as smitten with her acting more than with her personality. They become engaged, much to the surprise of Lord Henry and Basil.

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Photo courtesy plan of google images; from the 2009 movie adaptation. Dorian Grey, oscar Wilde's, the picture of Dorian Grey is a novel about a young man whose desire to maintain his youth and beauty renders his soul irrevocably damaged. When Dorian expresses a desire for his portrait to grow old and wither in his stead, he is shocked to find his wish has been granted. As he gets older, it is his picture that ages physically and not him. By virtue of his narcissism, wonton hedonism, and disregard for others, his portrait grown uglier and uglier. There are allusions in the text that indicate the portrait as a representation of his soul. In the end, the picture is restored to its original beauty when Dorian attempts to destroy it and is instead found lying on the ground, old and ugly as he should have been, dead. Photo courtesy of google images;. Bookmark this page, in his London studio, artist Basil Hallward puts the finishing touches on his latest portrait, that of a young man.

Dorian grey summary
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  1. In both the original text and Wildes summary of it, its. When the novel opens, the artist is completing his first portrait of Dorian as he truly is, but, as he admits to his friend Lord.

  2. Late in the novel, after, dorian descends into depravity and tongues wag against him, he continues to move in the highest social circles. Oscar Wilde's The picture of, dorian, grey is a novel about a young man whose desire to maintain his youth and beauty renders his soul. Lord Henry immediately begins to influence. Dorian, suggesting that he should treasure and guard his youth and beauty while he has. Dorian s story plays upon the timeless theme of selling ones soul in exchange for earthly.

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  4. "The picture of, dorian, gray, summary ". About The picture of, dorian, gray. The picture of, dorian, gray, summary. How It All goes Down. Dorian, gray is the story of one beautiful, innocent young man's seduction, moral.

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