Gri report database

gri report database

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87) and is a part of the mail value chain, enabling economic development across many communities, industry sectors and markets. The postal Service enables small, medium and large businesses to generate hundreds of billions of dollars in sales and employment to the benefit of the American public. The postal Service maintains a network of facilities and routes to deliver mail to every address in the United States. As part of our public service mandate, the postal Service makes changes to its network to accommodate the number of delivery points and mandated level of service, not financial considerations. The postal Service is required by 39 usc 404(d) to provide adequate notice of closure or consolidation of post offices and must make a determination on the effect on the community, employees, and economy. Affected individuals may appeal the decision to the postal Regulatory commission (PRC). Environmental usps adheres with all applicable federal, State, tribal, regional, local environmental, energy, labor relations, and safety laws and regulations.

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Fiscal year 2012 detailer posed continued financial challenges for the. Postal Service due to declining mail volume and statutory requirements. The postal Service responded by continuing to reduce costs, increase efficiency, offer more services and work with the. Congress on Postal regulatory reform. A complete financial outlook is provided in the 2012 Annual Report and Form. Financial sustainability, information on the economic value generated and distributed by the postal Service into the us economy can be found in the 2012 Form 10K (pages, 22, 26, 31-33, 46, 78-82, 105-109). The postal Service is self-funded and does not receive an appropriation from Congress for its operations but does receive limited reimbursement for unfunded services that are statutorily mandated. Additional information can be found in the 2012 Form 10K (pg. Employee benefits and benefit plan obligations and their role in the postal Service's financial situation are provided in the 2012 Form 10K (pg. 15, 22-25, 32-45) and details on benefits in general are listed in the elm, chapter. Community impacts and changes The postal Service operates at the epicenter of a 1 trillion mailing industry (Form 10K,.

Our priority for our customers as stakeholders is to ensure universal mail service. Our strategies for individual elements the of environmental stewardship are discussed throughout this Index. The 2012 asr contains information about the postal Service sustainability goals, targets, progress and initiatives. It discusses the challenges and opportunities facing these initiatives and contains a statement from the postmaster General and Chief Sustainability Officer. In addition the 2012 federal sspp provides detail on sustainability performance pursuant to federal Executive order target and goals. The postal Services economic performance and implementation of its operational performance and goals are reported annually in the 2012 Annual Report and Form 10K. Economic, many posts around the world have been impacted by current economic conditions and a changing technology landscape.

gri report database

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Guiding Policies, code of Ethics, the board of governors and all pdf employees are subject to 5 cfr part 2635, government Ethics for Executive branch Employees. Select employees are also subject to the senior Financial Manager's Code of Ethics. 3, the postal Services legal department maintains a database of governors and officers assets and financial interests to ensure conflicts of interest are avoided. The employee code of conduct is business available in the usps employee and Labor Manual (elm chapter. Sustainability and Strategy, the postal Service describes its corporate strategies in the 2012 Annual Report (pg. 29-40) and 2012 Form 10K report (pg. These reports include content on key impacts, risks and opportunities for the postal Service.

The President and the senate appoint the usps board of governors as required by statute. The President and the us senate have it in their best interest to select governors that are qualified to provide the postal Service governance on a broad range of subject matters inclusive of economic, environmental and social topics. The current appointment selection process does not include any specific qualification procedure on economic, environmental and social topics. The postal Service Chief Sustainability Officer reports directly to the dpmg, an executive member of the board, who is regularly briefed by on the status of corporate sustainability performance. The 2012 asr is released and provided to the board for review. Currently, our organizational structure does not include developing a new formal process to evaluate the board with respect to economic, environmental and social performance; the board's responsibilities are stipulated by statute. The board evaluates its own performance annually under the direction of the governance and Strategic Planning Committee. Board members are briefed on various aspects of Postal performance including service, customer satisfaction, operations and finance (economic human resources (safety, diversity, and retention sustainability, and others.

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gri report database

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Postal Service executives serving on the board include the postmaster General (PMG) and the deputy postmaster General (dpmg). During fy 2012, Thurgood Marshall. Served as the independent Chairman of the board. The Chairman of the board does not serve as an executive officer within the postal Service management structure. The board has five committees. The composition of these committees is detailed in review the 2012 Form 10K (pgs.

All meetings of the board of governors are open to the public unless the board specifically votes to close all or part of a meeting in accordance with the government in the sunshine Act 5 usc 552b (b). Open meetings are available as webcasts at, m, employees can communicate suggestions or project ideas to e-ideas, a web-based application developed by the postal Service. The application e-ideas does not facilitate direct communication to the board. Compensation for Postal Service leadership and managers is linked to performance through the national Performance Assessment (NPA) process and the npa approved organizational goals. Npa, executive compensation and departure arrangements are provided in the 2012 Form 10K, pages 62. Compensation for members of the board is set by statute and not directly linked to performance.

Information about Postal Service products and services including contract services are provided in the 2012 Form 10K (pg. The scale of usps operations is provided in the 2012 Annual Report, including number of employees (pg. 24 net revenue (pg. 20 quantity of products and services (pg. 21-22 assets and facilities (pg. Detailed reporting on debt, revenues, and other financial data are provided in the 2012 Form 10K.

The postal Service operates within the United States and its territories and contracts with other national postal operators to provide global delivery service. The operational structure and governance of the postal Service leadership and functional units are set in Title 39 of the code of Federal Regulations (cfr part 221. 1, the postal Service headquarters is located in Washington, dc, and it operates tens of thousands of facilities across the United States. The postal Service is geographically managed with seven Area vice Presidents. Each geographically defined service Area contains service districts, managed by a district Manager. Governance, the postal Service governance structure consists of an 11-member board of governors (Board similar to a board of directors at a publicly held corporation. The board includes nine independent, non-executive members appointed by the President of the United States with the advice and consent of the senate. The postal Service uses the new York Stock Exchange definition of independence.

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The postal Service reports the significant impacts for its leased and contracted services in the 2012 asr narrative, such as fuel use of its contract transportation and ghg writing emissions from leased facilities. The gri content index is available on our site. The postal Service self-reports a b application level per gri protocol. Operations, the postal Service is an independent establishment within the executive presentation branch of the government of the United States (39 cfr 221.1). The postal Service has a statutory mandate to provide secure, efficient, and affordable mail service to every person in the United States - which covers all sectors of business and a diverse customer base. No single customer represents greater than 2 of operating revenue (Form 10K, page 83). Postal Service operating statistics and segment descriptions are provided in the 2012 Annual Report on pages 22 to 24 and in detail throughout the 2012 Form 10K.

gri report database

The postal Service continuously strives to improve and refine our sustainability strategy, the boundary and scope of this gri report may shift. Indicators within this gri content index and the asr are report calculated using actual performance reported through internal databases or estimations based upon expenditure, established factors, or surveys. Calculation methodologies are described in the text or source documents. There are no significant restatements from previous reporting that affect this gri report. Any restatements are disclosed within the 2012 asr narrative. There were no major changes in organization size, structure or ownership in fy 2012. Any changes in outsourced operations, such as leased facilities, are not considered to have significantly affected the comparability of this report from previous years.

gri's reporting framework is the most widely recognized standard for public sustainability performance disclosure. The postal Service currently reports using version.0 of the gri guidelines. Learn more about gri reporting at obalreporting. The postal Service reporting period includes 2012 fiscal year performance, ending September 30, 2012. The 2012 asr communicates our corporate sustainability strategy, performance, and progress. Our 2012 gri report includes source documents and references that discuss risks or opportunities that could adversely affect our ability to provide affordable universal mail service. Gri identified source documents herein also provide content for Postal Service stakeholders, including customers, peers, partners, suppliers and employees. Gri source documents include all operations and information about suppliers and contractors along with risks and financial performance.

This gri content Index includes a description of the postal Service sustainability reporting, organization, management, strategy and process towards economic, environmental and social sustainability. The 2012 gri content index has been supplemented with the following narrative discussion. To help the reader, the specific gri reference addressed by this narrative is noted in the margin. A cross reference table reporting our gri disclosure responses is included at the end of the Index. For any questions about the report or its content, please contact us at or at the following address: usps office of Sustainability 475 l'enfant Plaza sw,. Washington, dc, there are several publically available source documents referred to throughout this index narrative. The Annual Report to congress (Annual Report) includes our financial disclosures, strategic analysis, and economic reporting for fiscal year 2012. The Annual Report is supported by the 2012 Form 10k report, which is prepared in accordance with Securities Exchange write Act requirements. The 2012 Annual Sustainability report (2012 asr) reviews our corporate sustainability initiatives and performance toward our strategic corporate goals.

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Home, dashboard, featured Reports, latest reports added to the database. The United States Postal Service (usps) is a large self-funded federal agency. Our mission is to provide universal mail service in the United States. Usps is the only us federal agency to consistently report within the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) sustainability reporting framework annually since 2008. Gri's framework is a globally accepted standard that complements the postal Service annual sustainability report. The postal Service supports the use of the gri guidelines to provide transparency and consistency in reporting. As the world's largest Post we have guaranteed a unique global leadership responsibility to participate.

Gri report database
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  4. The companys reports have been included into the. Gri database and the national Register of Corporate non-financial Reports managed by the russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

  5. In accordance option, gri, index and report assurance. It has been prepared according to the Global Reporting Initiative (. Gri ) G4 guidelines and the un global Compact principles. Home sustainability gri, and data about the report. The, gri s reporting framework is the most widely recognized standard for public sustainability performance disclosure. There are no significant restatements from previous reporting that affect this.

  6. Discover thousands of reports and reporting organizations. Gri database of sustainability reports. A look at how. Gri s Focal point usa fared during its first year since coming to America.should be applied, nor are they aware of the. Roll over a flag to see a brief description of that.

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