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hms thesis

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The files are in the directory. Put the files in your 'tk' directory. Import the coverages using the Arc/info import command. Run the l program from within Arc with the ' run' directive. The program will ask you for the input data one by one. Answer the questions as follows: Stream coverage (required tkst1 (or tkst2) Subbasin coverage (required tksub Elevation Grid (required tkelev user Observation level: 2 Attribute collection?: y clipped?: n node Snapping?: n name of General Text File: gentkst1.txt (or gentkst2.txt) dxf file: y name of dxf. To continue, just hit 'enter' when you are ready. Once the program is done check the output you created.

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Sample history application (Version ) The tenkiller Reservoir drainage basin was used to develop the system and serves as input data for the sample application. The sample application can can be run on either one of two stream coverages: tkst1 - the actual, unmodified stream coverage which is relatively simple. Tkst2 - a modified, synthetic stream coverage which has the following features added: source, diversion out of a reach, reservoir, junction into a reservoir, diversion out of a reservoir. This is the data used to present the methodology and procedure earlier. To run the program follow these steps: Create a subdirectory called 'tk' on your computer. Download the above amls from our anonymous ftp site (wr. They are located in the pub/crwr/gishydro/hecprepro' directory. Put the amls in your 'tk' directory. E00, tkst1.e00, tkst2.e00 and tkelev. E00 files from our anonymous ftp site.

If the attributes are not collected the output file will only contain the connectivity attributes (hecid, hecupid and hecdnid). Prior Clipping or Intersecting If the stream coverage was clipped or intersected with polygons from the subbasin coverage the program has estate to use a slightly different method to identify the channel system. The user can specify this during input. Node Snapping Nodes from the stream coverage can be snapped to nodes from the subbasin coverage. This is useful for data created with grid routines. If node snapping is to be done the user has to specify a tolerance distance to be used (which should be set with grid size in mind). A more detailed discussion on using the system is provided in the User's guide and Reference manual.

hms thesis

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The program will prompt you for the data needed. There are several advanced options which can control program run. They are: User Observation level The program is designed to run, which means that if there are errors in the input data the program will continue to run unless the error is so severe that an Arc/info error occurs. The user can specify a user observation level which controls how often the program will pause gps during processing. The user observation level can be changed at each pause by typing in the new observation level. Valid user observation levels are: 0 - no pause and no graphic display (for background running) 1 - pause at error 2 - pause at error and legends 3 - first level debug 4 - second level debug.10,.20, etc. makes first pause at step 10, step 20, etc. 9 - at the pause prompt quits instantly Attribute collection Since the program code is oriented around defining hydrologic elements and their connectivity the user has the option to bypass the collection of attributes.

L - pause utility (any). Optional: l - user interactive data input shell (arc). L - program that reproduces hydrocov display (arcplot). L - program that reproduces symcov display (arcplot). Using the system (Version ) The system is designed to run without user interaction. This means that the main task of the user is to start the system. The easiest way to start the system is to use the user interactive data input shell (l). The program should be run from the 'arc'-prompt with the arc run directive.

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hms thesis

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Output data, the output data contains of a hms basin file, and a hydrologic and a symbolic data layer. Hms basin File The hms basin file is an ascii file designed to be twilight read by hms directly. Here is an example. Hydrologic Data layer A hydrologic data layer is created. The main purpose of the layer is to serve as a working layer to store data and perform calculations during the program run. However, the layer is also useful for trouble shooting purposes.

Symbolic Data layer A symbolic data layer is created. The main purpose of the layer is for the user to check the results of the system. Getting the system (Version ) The system consists of five aml programs. The programs can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the hyperlinks for each program below. Alternatively the programs can be downloaded via anonymous ftp from required: l - main program (arc).

Sink - one channel line upstream and no channel line downstream. Source - no channel line upstream and one channel line downstream. Subbasin outlet - any intersection location not meeting the criteria for sink or source. Diversions (red circles junctions (blue circles reservoirs (black circles sinks(red dots sources (green dotd and subbasin outlets (blue dots) are shown. A unique id is assigned to each element on the channel system as shown.

Connectivity among channel elements is establised by moving along the channel streams from element to element. During this process multiple stream lines are combined into single reaches and they are assigned IDs as shown. Subbasin elements are defined by the centroid of the polygons in the subbasin coverage. They are assigned unique ids and marked with black dots as shown. With all the channel elements establised and connectivity identified a symbolic layer is generated. Points in the layer are diversions (red circle junctions (blue circle reservoirs (black circle sinks (red dot sources (green dot and subbasins (black dot). Note that elements previously classified as subbasin outlets are now combined with junctions, because they serve the same function. Connection among the elements represented by points can be with a channel (green) or a link (yellow) as shown. The ids are carried over into the symbolic layer as shown.

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There is always a source or a subbasin outlet at the most upstream end of a channel system. That means that the channel system can also be defined by being downstream of sources and subbasin outlets. The system identifies the channel system by tracing downstream of the locations identified in step. Reservoir lines are identified by being enclosed polygons in the stream coverage. The channel streams (green the non-channel streams (red) and the reservoir streams (blue) are shown. All the elements shredder on the channel can be identified based on their relation to the connecting lines as follows: diversion - one channel line upstream and two or more channel lines downstream. Junction - two or more channel lines upstream and one channel line downstream. Reservoir - two reservoir lines upstream and no reservoir line downstream.

hms thesis

The program starts with a entry stream and a subbasin data layer. The stream and subbasin layers are shown in blue and black, respectively,. The two layers are intersected. This removes streams outside the watershed boundary and identifies locations at the intersection of streams and subbasin boundaries. Those locations can represent sources, subbasin outlets or sinks. The resulting stream layer with the intersection locations marked in red is shown. Stream lines are classified into three types. Stream lines can be part of the channel system that carries water from upstream features, they can be tributaries to the channel system or they can be part of a lake or reservoir defined by double-line connections between two channel locations. The channel system is defined by being downstream of hydrologic elements.

and their connectivity with each other. Seven hydrologic elements are identified. They are: subbasins, sources, reaches, junctions, reservoirs, diversions and sinks. The step-by-step methodology for identifying and connecting hydrologic elements is presented below. The data for the figures is from the tenkiller Reservoir drainage basin. Some features were added so that all seven hydrological features are present. The same data is used for the sample applications later.

The purpose of hecprepro is to summarize data salon from a gis system so that they can be used as input for hms. Hecprepro takes a stream and subbasin gis layers as input data. The output data consists of an hms basin file. The system is written in arc/info arc Macro language (AML) (Version ) and ArcView avenue (Version.0.av). Input data, as input stream and subbasin data layers are required. An elevation grid is required for the arc/info implementation and optional for the ArcView implementation. The data sets have to be in the same projection and datum.

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MMSc-ghd thesis Defense talks department of Global health social Medicine. Skip to main content, home, news, mMSc-ghd thesis Defense talks. Monday, may 5, 2014 2:30 pm tmec 109 Melino Ndayizigiye—assessment of Barriers of Contraceptive use in Rural Burnundi: a mixed Methods Study 3:30 pm tmec 109 Fernet leandre—Estimating Effects of poverty on Survival of hiv patients on art and the food Supplementation in Rural haiti: a comparative. Tuesday, may 6, 2014 2:30 pm tmec 309 Kobel Dubique—humanitarian Aid After the 2010 haiti earthquake: The case of Accompaniment 3:30 pm tmec 309 Shruthi rajashekara—a qualitative assessment of healthy food Access in navajo nation. Hecprepro - gis preprocessor for hms. Last updated 05/26/97, ferdi hellweger and david maidment, table of contents. Introduction, hecprepro is a gis preprocessor for the. Hydrologic Engineering Center s (HEC) parts Hydrologic Modeling System (HMS). Hms is currently being developed by hec as part of the nexGen program of research.

Hms thesis
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  4. Hms is currently being developed by hec as part of the nexGen program of research. Master of Medical Sciences in Global health Delivery Class of 2014 Presented its. Thesis, defense in may. Principal Market Access Writer, evidera, lexington,. D., biological and biomedical Science Program, hms, 2007.

  5. Rutiner ved oppfølging av sykmeldte ved nhh. 8 dager sykemelding fra lege og hyppige tilfeller av korttidsfravær. Thesis, supervisor: Sydney. D., Assistant Professor of neurology, mgh, hms. Methods for Functional Brain Imaging.

  6. Alpine Blaupunkt Clarion Farenheit hyundai inCar Intro jvc kenwood lg mcIntosh mydean. Fakultetet skal ha god. Hms -kompetanse og tydelig organisering av, hms -arbeidet. Ved brann og brannalarm. Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration.

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