Homeless people essay

homeless people essay

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Other homeless people are ex-offenders. They have paid for their crime and yet they find themselves unable to find a job and therefore without resources. It is sad that many people coming out of prison have nowhere to go and may eventually end up in prison again. Often these people have been exposed to drugs in prison and will resort to dealing as a means of making money. Anyone is capable of turning to crime out of desperation, ending up harming others in an attempt to steal money. If people become homeless as a result of family breakdown or employment problems, should we not as a society make a stronger effort to help these people?

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It seems a double blow to be bereaved and homeless. However, often network these vulnerable young people find themselves thirteen sleeping rough before seeking help. Many of these 16 to 20 year olds have no qualifications or means of supporting themselves financially. I feel that if our society wants these people to become self-sufficient, it is essential to offer help in the form of housing, and assisting them to either return to school, or to gain qualifications through training programmes to improve their chances of finding worthwhile. Tragically, many homeless young people are befriended by drug addicts or encouraged into prostitution. For those who have run away from home as a result of abuse, one wonders how bad their home circumstances must have been if they would prefer to face the risks of addiction and sexually transmitted disease. Of course it is not only young people who become homeless. Older people can face homelessness when they lose their jobs and are evicted from their homes because they cannot pay the rent. Sometimes these people have physical or mental health problems as well. Unfortunately in some circumstances these people either have no family, or their families are unable or unwilling to help them. Single homeless people are not a high priority for housing assistance and are therefore more likely to be sleeping rough, huddled under a bridge, trying to keep warm with newspapers.

We have all seen people asking for money, who seem to have all their possessions database in a plastic bag, and nowhere. Although these people who are sleeping rough in doorways are the most visible, homelessness also includes those who are placed in hostels, bed and breakfast or other temporary accommodation, or local authority housing. It is difficult to understand how people become homeless and research shows that they are all ages, from all areas and backgrounds. There are charities that support the homeless and Centrepoint is a national organisation that focuses on young people. It provides emergency night shelters and short stay hostels. Their research shows that more than 80 of the young people who turn to centrepoint for help are homeless due to family breakdown, abuse or eviction. Some young people become homeless following the death of a parent.

homeless people essay

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We should not and cannot turn away from the homeless, we need to give them a helping hand up and give them the opportunities they need to live better lives. Print, reference this, published: 23rd March, 2015 6th July, 2017. Keywords: causes of homelessness, impact of homelessness. What would it be like to be homeless? Imagine not knowing where you will sleep tonight. On a practical level, how would it feel not to have a bath for weeks and to wear dirty clothes every day? I think most of us would agree with the line from John paynes poem. Home, sweet Home : be it ever so humble, there is no place like home. Yet thousands of people in the uk have no home of their own.

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homeless people essay

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This means that few homeless people with an addiction to drugs or alcohol are not able to find the resources they need to pay for online their own treatment. Also, there are big waiting lists for addiction treatment in most states: the national Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse directors estimated that in 1997, over one million people were waiting for treatment nationwide bureau (Info x pg1). People who are not easy to contact, such as homeless people, are often dropped from the lists. Other barriers to treatment include lack of transportation, lack of documentation, lack of supportive services, and drug free programming. The majority of drug rehabs focuses on staying clean and sober as their number one goal. Absolute lifetime abstinence is not a reality for most of the people with addictions to drugs or alcohol; relapse is an expected thing to happen in the course of treatment of the disease. This means that it makes it very hard for homeless people with addictions to get into drug rehabs and programs.

As a country, the people of the United States needs to help the homeless because they cannot do it by themselves. We need to set up many more programs that serve the needs of the homeless who are mentally ill, and chemically dependent. More programs such as Homeward bound are greatly needed. What we should not have are places that kick people out when they relapse. The government needs to help them with their diseases and give them the medication they need to get better without them going through too much trouble. They also need to somehow take a percentage of our taxes and put it towards helping the homeless by building more shelters or rehabilitaion centers structured towards their needs. Basic training is needed for the homeless so they can get jobs and start there life over for the better.

Unfortunately, there is a segment of the homeless population who are not interested in improving their living situation. They are content with with existing on what little they can get from handouts on the streets. Then there are those who intentionally have more children so they can receive more money from the states welfare program. This is a bad way of cheating the system. What will end up happening is that the parent won t be able to get a job and will not have the money he or she needs to raise the kids properly. People end up on the streets for many reasons.

In some cases, peoples families give up on them and they are left to survive on their own. They have no place to go and no money to use so they are left to the streets. It is a common problem for the mentally ill to stop taking their medication because they feel they don t need it anymore. When this happens, they can go into a state of mania and decide that they do not need help and can survive on their own without the medication. Without their medication it is very hard for them to associate with people and they can somehow find their way to the streets. Another reasons they stop taking their medication is because they fear that the medicine is hurting their bodies and cannot take it anymore (Homeless pg1). There are many barriers to treatment for the homeless. Homeless people typically do not have health insurance, including Medicaid.

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There are facilities available to the homeless and the differences among them lie accordingly to each person s specific need. There are shelters for men, women, families, the mentally ill, and for people dealing with substance abuse. Homeward bound sees the bigger picture and not only has shelter for temporary homeless, but also paper for those who need more time finding housing and a job. Homeward bound provides numerous resources to assist individuals out of homelessness permanently. Another program that is owned by homeward bound that helps the poor is The new Beginnings Center. Excluding the building essay itself, everything from pencils to beds are donated by various private groups. The center takes in homeless people who have lost their jobs and cannot afford to own a house, people who have had a family breakup, people who have mismanaged their money and people with drug and alcohol problems. They have a zero tolerance rule which makes it hard for those with drug and alcohol problems. It is tough for people who have had a long term addiction to drugs and/or alcohol because they have a chemical dependency for.

homeless people essay

When they are addicted to drugs or alcohol, it is almost impossible to be let into any sort of program to get them out of homelessness. This is a main contributor to why there are still many homeless people out there. Most have problems with drinking or using which means they cannot be put into programs which leads them back to the streets. California is a very unique state in that it has been trying to solve the homeless problem. It has started really looking at the issues leading to homelessness rather than covering them up (hb article) A program in San Rafael called Homeward bound has been successful for 25 years helping the homeless. Fortunately the community has supported expository the program which has led many individuals out of homelessness. The program believes that it does not just take the individual to help him or herself, it takes us as people to listen, learn, and lend a hand to the homeless.

and worthlessness. These feelings affect every thought and experience, making life seem meaningless and hopeless. All three of these diseases and conditions make it terribly hard for them to try and get a job and earn some sort of income. Even if they do try to get a job, most people will not hire them because of the fact that they are straight off the streets and have these diseases. Alcohol and drug abuse are very high among the homeless population. Being homeless is commonly a reason why people start drinking and start taking drugs. They feel as though they can wash their problems away by taking drugs or drinking. When they do this, they are just making their problems worse and can eventually lead them to serious addictions.

Schizophrenia, a disease of the brain, is one of the most disabling and emotionally devastating illnesses known to man. Schizophrenia is characterized by major book disruption in thinking abilities and emotions which affects the most basic human needs: language, thought, perception, affect, and sense of self. The most common symptoms are hallucinations and/or delusions. This causes a person to act differently and have suspicion and fear of human contact (Mental 1). Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depressive illness, is a common illness shown by episodes of mania and major depression. A persons mood can change from excessive highs (mania) to major hopelessness (depression usually with periods of normal mood in between. This condition really makes it hard to associate normally with people.

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Homeless Problem Essay, research Paper, many homeless people have mental illnesses and it is not easy for them to restart their lives and get a job. Many of them also have drug or alcohol problems, which makes it very difficult to get a long term job making enough income to support themselves. Homeless people need help getting off the streets but are summary unable to do it by themselves. People should not just give the homeless the cold shoulder and keep on walking like nothing is wrong. In order for the homeless problem to stop, we the people must make it end by helping the less fortunate get to shelters or to some other source of help. Fifty percent of the homeless in America today struggle with mental diseases (Kraljic pg11). These diseases make it hard to associate normally with people. The three most common diseases they suffer from are schizophrenia, bipolar condition, and major depression (Mental 1).

Homeless people essay
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  5. Homeless people showed that existence of individual vulnerabilities, such as mental illness. Homeless Animals Essay sample. Unlike homeless people, homeless animals have never had any choice. The center takes in homeless people who have lost their jobs and cannot afford to own.

  6. Its an nfortunate aspect of America and it needs more attention. In Thailand when i was younger and seeing all these homeless people really impacted my life and how i thought about people. Descriptive essay on homeless people - download fast -biwO. Experiences of homeless people in the health care delivery. Essay by cassets, college, undergraduate, b-, december 2006.

  7. Homeless, essay, research Paper The, homeless, what. The morning after the end of the service, the people greet each other with the. Single homeless people are not a high priority for housing assistance and are therefore more likely to be sleeping. You can also express your subjective opinion on the issue in your essay on homeless people and provide your own vision of a possible solution to this. While the free essays can give you inspiration for writing, they cannot be used 'as is' because they will not meet your. Im writing an essay on to persuade people to help the homeless.

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