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Lager ii contained the warehouses used for storing the items taken from the victims, including clothes, food articles, cut-off hair, gold, and all other valuables. This section also housed the main administration office. At Lager ii the jews were prepared for their death. Here they undressed, women's hair was shaved, clothing was searched and sorted, and documents were destroyed in the nearby furnace. The victims' final steps were taken on a path surrounded by barbed wire. It was called the "Road to heaven or der Schlauch ( "the hose and led directly to the gas chambers.

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In the third section were the brick gas chamber with metal roofing and a small narrow-gauge rail with hand pushed wagons (the type used at saw mills for trundling the gassed bodies out of it, as well as several mass graves. 23 Unlike at bełżec, at Sobibór the ss men lived inside the camp perimeter. 20 The commander's lodge was located north of the guardhouse and close to the platform; the ss canteen, the living quarters for the ss staff, and an armoury, were right next. 2 The camp I prisoner barracks were built behind the garrison area, directly west of the main gate. The zone was made escape-proof by surrounding it with extra barbed wire fences and a deep trench filled with water, constructed along the camp perimeter, outside which were placed minefields. The only opening was a gate leading into the work area. The camp zone included the living quarters for the jewish prisoners as well as the prisoners' kitchen. Each labourer was given about 12 square feet (1.1 square metres) of sleeping space. 2 The camp ii vorlager was a larger section and included vital services for both the killing process and the everyday operation of the camp. Some 400 Sonderkommando prisoners, including women, worked thesis there.

— erich Fuchs 26 The layout of the sobibór death camp edit aerial photograph of the sobibór perimeter. Taken likely before 1942. Permanent structures are not there yet, including Camp ii barracks (lower centre camp iii, and Camp. The railway unloading platform (with visible prewar railway station) is marked with yardage the red arrow; the location of gas chambers is marked with a cross. The undressing area, with adjacent "Road to heaven" through the forest, is marked with a red square. The camp was split into three or four sections. 23 The administration and garrison area included the main gate entrance for the road-bound traffic and living quarters for the staff. The second section included the railway platform, where the victims were taken off the holocaust trains, as well as barracks where the sonderkommando jews performed camp labour.

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At first the engine was in neutral. We both stood next to the engine and switched it up to "release exhaust to chamber" so that the gases were channelled into the chamber. On the instigation of the chemist I revved up the engine to high rpm making further accelerating unnecessary. After about ten minutes the thirty to forty women were dead. The chemist and the ss gave the signal to turn off the engine. I packed up my tools and saw the bodies being taken away. A small Lorenbahn wagon on rails was used leading to an area farther away.

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25 ss-scharführer Erich Fuchs, who spent time installing the killing apparatus at the three reinhard death camps of Sobibór, Treblinka, and bełżec, explained how the gassing of victims at Sobibór was developed. On Wirth's orders, he acquired a heavy gasoline engine in Lemberg, disassembled from an armoured vehicle or a tractor. It was a minimum of 200 horsepower, v-shaped, 8 cylinder, water-cooled motor, identical to the one at bełżec. Fuchs installed the engine on a cement base at Sobibór in the presence of Floss, bauer, stangl, and Barbl, and connected the engine exhaust manifold to pipes leading to the gas chamber. 26 we put the engine on a concrete plinth and attached a pipe to the exhaust outlet. Then we tried out the engine. At first it did not work.

I repaired the ignition and the valve and finally got the engine to start. The chemist whom i already knew from bełżec went into the gas chamber with a measuring device in order writing to gauge the gas concentration. After that, a trial gassing was carried out. I seem to remember that thirty to forty women were gassed. The jewesses had to undress in a clearing in the woods near the gas chamber. They were herded into the gas chamber by the above-mentioned ss members and Ukrainian volunteers. Once the women were locked inside, i attended to the engine together with bauer.

19 Construction of the camp began under ss direction on 21 The first workers summoned to build the railroad spur were local people from neighbouring villages and towns, but the camp was primarily built by a sonderkommando of about 80 Jews from ghettos within the. A squad of Ukrainian Trawniki-männer, trained at the Trawniki ss compound, guarded the prisoners. Upon completion of construction, the jews involved were all killed. 22 In mid-April 1942, when the camp was nearly completed, several experimental gassings took place there. 23 Christian Wirth, the commander of bełżec and Inspector of Operation reinhard, arrived in Sobibór to witness one of the gassings, with about 3040 Jewish women from the Krychów camp brought in for this purpose.

24 he reportedly complained about the fitting of the gas chambers doors. 23 Some 250 Jews from Krychów were killed during these trials. 20 The first commandant of Sobibór appointed by heinrich Himmler was ss - obersturmführer Franz Stangl, the manager of the t-4 Euthanasia program in nazi germany at both the hartheim and Bernburg extermination hospitals. Stangl served as the sobibór's commandant from 28 April to the end of August 1942. 2 According to Stangl, Odilo Globocnik initially stated that Sobibór was merely a supply camp for the army, and that the true nature of the camp became known to Stangl only when Hermann Michel took him to see the gas chamber hidden in the woods. He then accelerated the completion of Sobibór.

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The Krychów camp was the main branch of the new complex. It was set up at a former Polish correctional centre and was the largest of the 16 forced labour camps of the nisko plan. 15 During preparations for the wehrmacht attack on the soviet positions in eastern Poland the Plan was discontinued. 16 soon after that, the heavy concentration of Jews in the area was discussed by business the nazi officials at the October 1941 meeting in occupied Lublin, attended by hans Frank, presentation ernst boepple, and Odilo Globocnik among others, proposing the creation of a new order. 17 Sobibór extermination camp was built in March and April 1942 as soon as the final Solution was set in motion at Wannsee. 18 by this time the Chełmno and bełżec extermination camps were already operating, and as of it was used for mass extermination of Jews deported from the lublin Ghetto. 19 The new camp's location, near the sobibór railway station, was selected due to proximity of the Chełm włodawa railway line connecting General government with reichskommissariat Ukraine. 20 Camp construction edit sobibór was located 145 kilometres (90 mi) from bełżec, less than a three-hour drive away. Camp construction was supervised by ss-hauptsturmführer Richard Thomalla, a civil engineer by profession who built the camp in bełżec and then applied the lessons learned there to the design of Sobibor.

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Today, the site is occupied by the sobibór Museum, which displays a pyramid of ashes and our crushed bones of the victims, collected from the cremation pits. In September 2014, a team of archaeologists unearthed remains of the gas chambers under the asphalt road. Also discovered in 2014 were a pendant inscribed with the word "Palestine ( Eretz Israel in Hebrew, english, and Arabic, dating from 1927; earrings; a wedding band bearing a hebrew inscription; and perfume bottles that belonged to jewish victims. 12 13 Contents Background edit beginning in 1940, the nazi schutzstaffel (SS) had established the so-called Lublin Reservation near Sobibór. It comprised 16 forced labour camps, built as part of the new Nisko und Lublin Plan of Jewish resettlement. The district was intended to become an agricultural centre of the general Plan East, inhabited by the ethnic German "colonists" brought by heim ins reich into the Empire. About 95,000 Jews expelled from as far away as Warsaw and vienna were brought into the area in order to build latifundia, in exchange for a small monthly pay. 14 Most prisoners were housed in a network of sub-camps set up in pre-existing structures such as converted school buildings, factories, and farms.

6 7 were transported to sobibór by rail. Most were suffocated in gas chambers fed by the exhaust of a large petrol engine. 8 Up to 200,000 people were murdered at Sobibór 9 and possibly more. At the postwar trial against the former ss personnel of Sobibór, held in Hagen two decades into the cold War, professor Wolfgang Scheffler estimated the number of murdered Jews totalled a minimum of 250,000. 11 This would make it the fourth worst extermination camp, after bełżec, treblinka, and Auschwitz. During the revolt of, about 600 prisoners tried to escape; about half succeeded in crossing the fence, of whom around 50 evaded capture. Shortly after the revolt, the germans closed the camp, bulldozed the earth, and planted it over with pine trees to conceal its location.

Eu data subject Requests. "Sobibór" and "Sobibor" redirect here. For the nearby village, see. Sobibór (or, sobibor /soʊbibɔr/ ; 3, polish: sɔbibur ) was a, nazi german extermination camp built and operated by the, sS near the railway online station. Sobibór during, world War ii, within the semi-colonial territory. General government of the occupied Second Polish Republic. The camp was part of the secretive. Operation reinhard, which marked the deadliest phase of the holocaust in German-occupied Poland. The camp was situated near the rural county's major town.

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