It's your ship book report

it's your ship book report

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Someday a captain asks him to be a doctor in his ship, gulliver accepts. So he sails with Antelope, the name of the ship. Unfortunately the ship brokes in two because it hits a rock. Gulliver manages to survive, he swims to the shore. He falls asleep because he is too tired. When he awakes, he finds that his body is tied. He becomes six-inch-high peoples prisoner. Gulliver is in the country of Lilliput, the country of small people.

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Glumdalclitch She is 9 years old. She is very nice and really kind, she looks after Gulliver and she is willing to motivation be her nurse. The farmer (Glumdalclitchs Father) he is a farmer in Brobdingnag. He really greedy, he tells Gulliver to work harder and harder so he can get much money for himself. He is such an evil because he makes Gulliver as a plaything. The Emperor of Lilliput he cant keep his word, he promises to gulliver that he would release him but the Emperor keeps postponing. He never satisfied, when Gulliver helps him to win the war over Blefuscu, he keeps wanting more and more Blefuscus warship from Gulliver. Summary: have you ever been to strange place? Or somewhere when you dont belong to there? It just happens to lemuel Gulliver. He is a doctor.

Date of submission: 15th of March 2010 book report: 1234 (circle) pic title of book : Gullivers Travel author : Jonathan Swift publisher : Oxford University Press year of publication: 1971 Setting (of time and place) The setting of the novel is 1699. Major places that this novel took place are in the country of Lilliput and Brobdingnag, the land of the giants. Major Characters: give a brief description of each character. Lemuel Gulliver he guaranteed is a doctor who works in the ship. He is such an adaptable people, he is able to deal with his new situation in new place such as in Lilliput, the country of small people or in Brobdingnag, the land of giants. He is helpful enough, he helps Lilliput to win a war over Blefuscu. He treats people nicely, he is such a friendly.

it's your ship book report

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At this stage were really interested in hearing about content: biography technical errors and missing or hard-to-understand text. We do not want to hear about layout issues (overlong lines, widows and orphans, bad page breaks, figure placement, and so on). These sorts of layout issues are fixed later during typesetting. Also, in general typos and grammatical book mistakes will be fixed later by our copyeditor. Thanks, and we hope you enjoy our Beta book program! shipping, how do i change my e-mail or mailing address? Name: Amalia amanda kasih Student.

If theres a more up-to-date version of an ebook that you own, you can click to update. I found a mistake in a beta book. What should I do? Log in to your home page. Next to each ebook you own youll see a link to the corresponding errata page. Click on this link to see existing errata and add your own. Also, if you look at the bottom of each page in the pdf version, youll see a hyperlink labeled Report Erratum. This takes you directly to the books errata page. What kinds of mistakes are you interested in?

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it's your ship book report

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When the final book is released, well let you know that loman the final version of the ebook is ready. Youll also continue to get fixes to the final edition ebook for free (for the lifetime of that edition). When the print book is ready, we will send you a notification along with a coupon, so you can purchase the print book at the combo price. Whats your update policy? When you buy a ebook from us, youre entitled to free updates for the lifetime of that edition of the book (if we create a new edition, then that will be a separate purchase). Will the estimated ship date change?

When a book is started, a target date is put on the schedule. The actual date may shift depending on a variety of factors such as: the authors are waiting for a stabilized release of the underlying technology it has taken the authors longer to write than originally expected (not unlike software projects the paper that the book. If you have any questions regarding the ship date of a beta book, please check the website for the estimated date or email and well let you know what the current schedule has projected. Can I preorder just the paper book under this program when the beta book notice is released? The rules of our credit card processor prevent us from taking preorders more than 30 days before we ship something. Can I get updates to my beta ebook before the final book appears? Log in to your account page and youll see the status of all the ebooks you own, including Beta books.

If you buy a beta book closer to the estimated completion date, you will be getting a more complete book. If you buy a beta when it is first released, then it is closer to the 50 complete mark. Despite these challenges, we think the idea of giving you early access to the latest, cutting-edge, great material is important. It helps you out, and it helps us and the author as we get feedback. How does it work? A couple of months before a book is due to appear in its final form, we might release a title under the beta book program.

Well make the ebook available in our store in ebook form (pdf, epub, and mobi). The updatable beta book only exists in ebook form. When you place your order, well ship you the beta book in its current state as an ebook. Note: this could be as little as 50 complete or as much as 100 complete—it depends on how much the author has been able to write. If you have notify in your user settings set to on, then you will receive an email update when the book has had an update released. If you have your dropbox or kindle set up, then it will get automatically delivered. If you dont have either of these, then you will want to log into your account periodically to check for a new release. Do i get The final book, too?

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Whats a beta book? Writing books takes a long time. Our readers used to ask us whether its possible to get access to the material in a new book before it has been published—a sort of beta test form of the book, if you will. And so the beta book program was born. First, the drawbacks: Before a book gets to the final, ready-to-publish state, it normally looks quite rough. It will have hundreds of typos and grammatical errors. Its likely to have technical errors that would normally get corrected in a final read-through by reviewers. And itll certainly look fairly ugly—we dont do any layout work until just prior to sending a book to the printer, so there will be widows, orphans, text first split across page turns and. The level of completeness of a beta varies by title and by the timing of your purchase.

it's your ship book report

Luckily, the calliope is saved by the pucelle and Captain Chase. Along with Admiral Horatio nelson and his fleet. A battle ensues and they are victorious. During the battle lord Hale, who discovered his wifes affair and that she is pregnant with Sharpes kid, tried to kill his wife, but Grace killed him first. He was declared a casualty of the battle. Richard and Grace get to be together and Richard gets to join his new all-rifle regiment. It's okonkwo only fair to share.

Sharpe, now single since simone jubert ran off on him with his money, falls for Grace and starts having an affair with her under her husbands nose. Lord William Hales secretary, who is also in love with Grace, finds out about the affair and tries to blackmail Sharpe. Sharpe shrugs it off, but when the secretary blackmails Grace he follows the secretary and kills him. The murder is written off as an accident and the crew focuses on the French man of war attacking them. The revenant attacks them and captures them. It was an all too easy capture as the captain of the calliope gave up on purpose since he was working with the French Captain and Pohlmann. Captain Cromwell, now a friendly guest aboard the revenant, also has all of Sharpes money and the last of his stolen jewels. The revenant is headed to its own fleet, carrying a stolen treaty that, if delivered, could provoke indians into a new war against the British.

It is also the first book to mention the wars against Napoleon. It is set aboard a ship heading from India to England. Richard Sharpe is still an Ensign and is in Army limbo as he is on his way to report to his new unit, a new all-rifle unit that wears green instead of red. It is 1805 and Richard Sharpe is finally leaving India aboard the cargo ship Calliope. Before leaving India richard has to get back his stolen goods from a con artist. He met a young Captain, joel Chase, and with his help fought the con men plan and retrieved the stolen goods. Captain Chase is the captain of the pucelle, the virgin, and is hunting a french ship called the revenant. Sharpe and Chase part ways as Sharpe boards the calliope.

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Richard Sharpe and the battle of Trafalgar, October 1805. Here is the cast of characters for Sharpes Trafalgar: Richard Sharpe now an ensign in the British army. Lady Grace hale another passenger on the ship Calliope and wife of Lord Hale. Lord William Hale british Diplomat, horatio nelson Admiral of the British fleet. Joel Chase captain of the Pucelle salon and friend of Sharpe from India. Peculiar Cromwell captain of the Calliope until her capture by the revenant. Colonel Anthony pohlmann the defected Hanoverian sergeant who became Scindias army commander. Sharpes Trafalgar, chronologically, is the fourth book in Bernard Cornwells Richard Sharpe series.

It's your ship book report
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  1. It ' s only fair to share. Email this to someone Share on Facebook share on google Share on StumbleUpon Tweet about this on Twitter. It s about someone who trapped in the strange world but managed to survive, i think it s kind of inspiring me to survive as a minor.

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  4. It ' s so vivid, imaginative, thought-provoking, and heartstring-pulling that it ' s hard to resist. never before, it ' s time to stop trying to 'get ahead' in a race that both fixed and futile, and figure out how to organize your life. plan to write a book, much less a series, in which every other word seems to be lines, it ' s best to explain exactly what a line. When you get to your cabin, pick up the in-room book that contains all sorts of information about your ship and ports of call. us whether it s possible to get access to the material in a new book before it has been published—a sort of beta test form of the. for From good to Great, The leadership Pipeline, it s your Ship, execution, jack: Straight from the gut, and many more.

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