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34 Most of the killings occurred in the southern part of tu cung, a sub-hamlet of Xom Lang, which was a home to 700 residents. 35 Xom Lang was erroneously marked on the. Military operational maps of quảng Ngãi province as mỹ lai. A large group of approximately 7080 villagers was rounded up by 1st Platoon in Xom Lang, and then led to an irrigation ditch to the east of the settlement. All detainees were pushed into the ditch and then killed after repeated orders issued by lieutenant Calley, who was also shooting. Pfc paul meadlo testified that he expended several M16 magazines. He recollected that women were allegedly saying "no vc" and were trying to shield their children. 34 he remembered that he was shooting into women with babies in their hands since he was convinced at that time that they were all booby-trapped with grenades and were poised to attack.

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30 According to the operational plan, 1st Platoon led by second lieutenant (2LT) William Calley and 2nd Platoon led by 2lt stephen Brooks entered the hamlet of tu cung in line formation at 08:00, while the 3rd Platoon commanded by 2lt jeffrey. Lacross 31 32 and Captain Medina's command post remained outside. On approach, both platoons fired at people they saw in the rice fields and in the brush. 33 The villagers, who were getting ready for a market day, at first did not panic or run away, and they were herded into the hamlet's commons. Harry Stanley, a machine gunner from Charlie company, said during the. Army Criminal Investigation division inquiry that the killings started without warning. He first observed a member of 1st Platoon strike a vietnamese man with a bayonet. Then, the same trooper pushed another villager into a well and threw a grenade in the well. Next, he saw fifteen or twenty people, mainly short women and children, kneeling around a temple with burning incense. They were praying and crying. They were all killed by shots write in the head.

If a man was running, shoot him, sometimes even if a woman with a rifle was running, shoot her." 27 :310 At Calley's trial, one defense witness testified that he remembered Medina instructing to destroy everything in the village that was "walking, crawling or growing". 28 Charlie company was to enter the village of Sơn mỹ spearheaded by 1st Platoon, engage the enemy, and flush it out. The other two companies from tf barker were shredder ordered to secure the area and provide support if needed. The area was designated a free fire zone, where American forces were allowed to deploy artillery and air strikes in populated areas. Citation needed killings edit dead man and sons On the saturday morning of 16 March at 7:30.m., around 100 soldiers from Charlie company led by cpt ernest Medina, following a short artillery and helicopter gunship barrage, landed in helicopters at Sơn mỹ, a patchwork. The largest among them were the hamlets mỹ lai, cổ lũy, mỹ khê, and tu cung. 29 :12 Although the gis were not fired upon after landing, they still suspected there were vietcong guerrillas hiding underground or in the huts. Confirming their suspicions, the gunships engaged several armed enemy in a vicinity of mỹ lai; later, one weapon was retrieved from the site.

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23 In turn, ltc barker reportedly ordered the 1st Battalion roles commanders to golf burn the houses, kill the livestock, destroy food supplies, and destroy the wells. 24 On the eve of the attack, at the Charlie company briefing, captain (CPT) Ernest Medina told his men that nearly all the civilian residents of the hamlets in Sơn mỹ village would have left for the market by 07:00, and that any who remained. 25 he was asked whether the order included the killing of women and children. Those present later gave differing accounts of Medina's response. Some, including platoon leaders, testified that the orders, as they understood them, were to kill all guerrilla and North vietnamese combatants and "suspects" (including women and children, as well as all animals to burn the village, and pollute the wells. 26 he was"d as saying, "They're all vc, now go and get them and was heard to reply to the question "Who is my enemy? by saying, "Anybody that was running from us, hiding from us, or appeared to be the enemy.

Sơn mỹ village was included in the area of operations of tf barker codenamed Muscatine. 19 ( Muscatine county, iowa was the home county of the 23rd division's commander, major General Samuel. Koster.) In February 1968, tf barker had already tried to secure sơn mỹ, with limited success. 20 After that, the village area began to be called Pinkville by tf barker troops. 21 The men of Charlie company had suffered 28 casualties since their arrival. Just two days before the massacre the company had lost a popular sergeant to a land mine. 22 On 1618 March, tf barker planned to engage and destroy the remnants of the 48th nlf battalion, allegedly hiding in the sơn mỹ village area. Before engagement, colonel (COL) Oran. Henderson, the 11th Brigade commander, urged his officers to "go in there aggressively, close with the enemy and wipe them out for good".

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13 Contents Incident edit Charlie company, 1st Battalion, 20th Infantry regiment, 11th Brigade, 23rd Infantry division, arrived in south vietnam in December 1967. Though their first three months in vietnam passed without any direct contact with North vietnamese-backed forces, by plan mid-March the company had suffered 28 casualties involving mines or booby-traps. 14 vietnamese women and children in mỹ lai before being killed in the massacre, 15 According to court testimony, they were killed seconds after summary the photo was taken. 16 The woman on the right is adjusting her blouse buttons following a sexual assault that happened before the massacre. 17 During the tet Offensive (January 1968 attacks were carried out in quảng Ngãi by the 48th Local Force battalion of the national Liberation Front (nlf commonly referred to by the. Army as the viet Cong.

Military intelligence assumed that the 48th nlf battalion, having retreated and dispersed, was taking refuge in the village of Sơn mỹ, in quảng Ngãi province. A number of specific hamlets within that village—designated mỹ lai (1) through my lai (6) — were suspected of harboring the 48th. 18 In February and March 1968, the. Military Assistance command, vietnam was aggressively trying to regain the strategic initiative in south vietnam after the tet Offensive, and the search-and-destroy operation against the 48th nlf battalion thought to be located in Sơn mỹ became a small part of America's grand strategy. Task force barker (tf barker a battalion-sized ad hoc unit of 11th Brigade, was to be employed for the job. It was formed in January 1968, composed of three rifle companies of the 11th Brigade, including Company c from the 20th Infantry, led by lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Frank.

Army topographic maps as mỹ lai and mỹ khê. Army slang name for the hamlets and sub-hamlets in that area was Pinkville, 6 and the carnage was initially referred to as the pinkville massacre. 7 8 Later, when the. Army started its investigation, the media changed it to the massacre at Songmy. 9 Currently, the event is referred to as the my lai massacre in the United States and called the sơn mỹ massacre in vietnam. 10 The incident prompted global outrage when it became public knowledge in november 1969.

The massacre increased to some extent 11 domestic opposition to the. Involvement in the vietnam War when the scope of killing and cover-up attempts were exposed. Servicemen who had tried to halt the massacre and rescue the hiding civilians were shunned, and even denounced as traitors by several. Congressmen, including Mendel rivers, chairman of the house Armed Services Committee. Only after thirty years were they recognized and decorated, one posthumously, by the. Army for shielding non-combatants from harm in a war zone. 12 Along with the no gun ri massacre in Korea eighteen years earlier, mỹ lai was one of the largest single massacres of civilians. Forces in the 20th century.

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Victims included men, women, children, and infants. Some of the women were gang-raped and their bodies mutilated. 1 2, twenty-six soldiers were charged with criminal offenses, but only lieutenant. William Calley., a platoon leader in c company, was convicted. Found guilty of killing 22 villagers, he was originally given a life sentence, but served only three and a half years under house arrest. The massacre, which was later called "the most shocking episode of the vietnam War 3 took place in two hamlets. Sơn mỹ village in, quảng Ngãi province. 4, these hamlets were marked on the.

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Simply click on the up or down arrow as many zone times as needed to relocate the given box to your preferred page position. Your my ebay summary view will be preserved and remain the same each time you log in to check your ebay account information and status). "my lai" redirects here. For the hamlet, see. For the documentary, see, my lai (film). The, mỹ lai massacre ( /milaɪ/ ; vietnamese : Thảm sát mỹ lai, tâm ʂǎt mǐ lāj ( listen ) was the. Vietnam War mass murder of unarmed vietnamese civilians. South vietnam on Between 347 and 504 unarmed people were massacred by the. Company, c, 1st, battalion, 20th Infantry regiment, 11th Brigade, 23rd (Americal) Infantry division.

tab, simply click on the arrows in the menu bar on the left-hand side of your screen. This allows you to show or hide the drop-down menu options for each category: buy, lists, and, sell. As of January 2018, however, ebay does not give the option to save these views. At the time of publication, ebay does not offer any customization to the information on the. Quickly Access your Preferred Account Stats. Upon clicking on your Account tab in the upper left portion of your my ebay summary screen, you'll find several types of useful information, displayed in a format of various information boxes. Each box has, on the right-hand side, an arrow pointing up with another arrow pointing down. These arrows allow you to reorder the information boxes so that you can quickly see, at the top of your page, the information most important to you while moving less important information to the bottom of the page.

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A.4-hectare (5.9-acre) Sơn mỹ memorial dedicated to victims of the sơn mỹ ( my lai) massacre was created in the village of Tịnh.

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