Small presentation on global warming

small presentation on global warming

Global warming controversy, wikipedia

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World view of, global Warming - supreme court stops

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Most importantly, carbon dioxide has the biggest impact on our environment. When we compare the graph of atmospheric CO2 concentrations last 400,000 years and the graph of temperature of lower atmosphere last 400,000 years (geocraft, 2000 we can easily detect that the two graphs are almost fitting, which indicates excess CO2 emission that brings the rise. The most negative impact is being caused by the use of fossil fuels, like coal, oil, and natural gas, which are non-renewable sources of energy from the remains of plant material deposited during the earth's carboniferous period. The world now burns at least five billion tons of fossil fuels each year, fossil fuels is what makes our cars drive and produces electricity essay for our homes, life without these energy resources is impossible. The combustion of fossil fuels creates aforementioned danger to the environment - when in air, it causes air pollution; when in water, it converts into harmful acid. Deforestation makes another crucial contribution to the causes of global warming. Wood is still a necessity in our lives, but when we cut down a tree, we lose in more ways imaginable - we lose a carbon storehouse, which can absorb CO2 and generate the fresh oxygen, and the chopped tree sends all that carbon. So far, tropical deforestation produces 3 billion tons of carbon dioxide a year (Butler, 2012).

small presentation on global warming

Nasa: Climate Change and, global Warming

In 2013, 54C temperature in us california almost broke the mini highest temperature record (Fritz 2014). That means the temperatures keep increasing continuously. The rise in temperature unquestionably is a consequence of human activity. All of the global london warming impacts are due to the increased concentration of anthropogenic greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which allow direct sunlight to reach the earths surface unimpeded (National Climate data center, 2015 they absorb the energy and trapping in the lower atmosphere. The six main greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, chlorofluorocarbons and water vapor. These gases used to keep our planet warm, but the reason why they overheating it are because there always should be a balance between the amount of greenhouse gases being released into the air and the amount of carbon dioxide being removed from. Clueless and excessive production of these gases destroyed the balance, causing the enhanced greenhouse effect.

According to the computer models designed to show the evolution of the climate change, the average temperature of the earths surface increased approximately to 1C in the last 100 years. Moreover, the average temperature in the Arctic has risen by almost twice as much (Rowe, 2014). The increasing temperature is a fact! The simplest example is how the temperature is getting higher in beijing during recent years. That is the result of global warming-the planet's temperature is rising, and the trend is clear and unmistakable. However, that is not the only issue. The rising temperatures also bring heat waves, spread disease, destroy the plants and animals habitat and cause the extreme weather events, from droughts to blizzards. More evidence shows that: In 2003, european heat waves killed 35,000 people (New Scientist, 2003). In the same year, temperature in India went up to 50C (aa, 2009).

How to Stop, global Warming, solutions to Prevent, global

small presentation on global warming

Global Warming - the Physics of the Process

My name is Candice wang. I am a researcher for The geographical Society of China. I have been investigating global warming for about fourteen years now. I am really appreciative that today i have an opportunity to essay share my thoughts on global warming with my fellow colleagues. Global warming is the rising of the global average temperature when the atmosphere trapped too much solar radiation (Bradford, 2014 and it has been a debatable issue for many years. Nowadays, most skeptics say hot that global warming, being a product of human activity, is a natural process causing our atmosphere to warm up rapidly and affecting our weather, oceans, snow and ice cover, ecosystems, economy and society.

These are the impacts that we can see or even feel in our lives. Skeptics, denying global warming as a product of human activity or denying it in general, are wrong. Therefore, i insist that global warming is a serious issue. Even though climate change occurs naturally, most human activities are to be blamed for the negative influence on the climate around the world. People have been burning fossil fuels and destroying forests ever since the Industrial revolution, and these activities emit excess carbon dioxide that leads to carbon pollution and global warming. When we talk about the global warming, the clearest signal must be the rising temperature. The long-term average temperature is rising, and each of the last three decades has been hotter than the one before (Union of the concerned scientist, 2011).

10, the warming Happening quicker Than Expected The Arctic plays an increasingly important role in the balance of the earths climate. Rapid changes to it can have a knock-on effects to the rest of the planet. Satellite observation shows the Arctic sea ice decreasing. On Wednesday, march 13, the cooler heads coalition sponsored a congressional briefing by rupert Darwall on his new book, the Age of Global Warming: a history, in which he places the rise of the global warming movement in the context of the history of ideas. My colleague myron Ebell summarized Darwalls new book thusly, the book begins by discussing why 19th century predictions of eco-doom turned out to be wrong, but are still believed; and how the first environmental wave in the 1960s and early 1970s came crashing down during.

This set the stage for the second environmental wave, when global warming burst onto the world stage in the late 1980s and with an unlikely champion in the uk—prime minister Margaret Thatcher. Darwall then shows in detail how science became the spear carrier of the global warming movement and how politics settled the scientific debate in 1992 when governments of the world agreed to the un framework convention on Climate Change at the rio earth Summit. . His book concludes by examining how the developing worlds opposition to energy-rationing policies resulted in an unprecedented humiliation for the west at the copenhagen climate summit in 2009. Below is video of Darwalls briefing. Cei hill Briefing: The Age of Global Warming from, cei video on, vimeo. Candice wang, geography,. Matthew Alessi-Friedlander 18 September 2015, global Warming serious Issue.

Unstoppable Global Warming michael Crichton

Extreme weather Patterns More hurricanes and drought. Longer spells of dry heat or intense rain. Nothern Europe can be effected with colder weather as the arctic begins to melt and send fresher waters further south cutting off the gulf Stream. The himalayan glaciers could retreat causing water scarcity in the long run. 8, rising sea levels Rising sea levels are already affecting many small islands. In the future it will impact many coastlines and a large mass of humanity lives near the coasts or by major rivers. 9, increase in Pests and Disease The increase in childhood asthma has been linked to air pollution. Experts fear mosquito-born diseases like west Nile fever. Populations roles of ticks and fleas infected with Lyme disease and Bubonic Plague have flourished in recent warm weather.

small presentation on global warming

5, the climate has always varied in the past. How is this any different? Recent warming is due to human industrialization processes. Forest fires are the main causes of carbon dioxide build. Water vapour is another greenhouse gas which leads to the rise of sea-level. 6, small thesis average global temperature change can have a big impact Agricultural fields are expected to decrease for all major cereal crops. Half of the himalayan glaciers will be reduced by As a result the population of China will be deprived of the vital glacial melt water source.

The increase in rainfall in temperate climate The increase in forest fires The degradation of the eternal ice The degradation of the eternal ice Other information about. Can you give how to protect our environment from Global warming? Do you have any idea? How do you think: What do we need to do to prevent global warming? The future is in our hands Respect for their place of birth Carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) rapidly reduce emissions out When you do not need to switch off the light recycle. 1, global Warming bish, the teacher of English 2, global warming is an increase in average global temperatures. 3, what is the Greenhouse Effect? Energy from the sun drives the earths weather and climate, and heats the earths surface; In turn, the earth radiates energy back into space; Some atmospheric gases (water vapor, carbon dioxide, and other gases) trap some of the outgoing energy, retaining heat somewhat like the.

Are there other factors, apart from CO2 that might be important(sun spots?, natural cycles? might things change in the next 5/20 years? Might less, cO2 be emitted? The second group: Predict the effects of possible global warming after 20 years later, the average temperature at the earth's surface, forecasts may not be accurate, why? Are there other factors, apart from. CO2 that might be important(sun spots?, natural cycles? Might less CO2 be emitted? The third group: Predict the effects of possible global warming after 20 years later, the average temperature at the small island surface paper forecasts may not be accurate, why?

Do solar cycles cause global warming?

Predict the effects of possible global warming, success criteria: Protect build at least one reasonable evidence of alleged, predict the effects of possible global warming. The first group: Predict the effects of possible global warming after 5 years later, the average temperature at the. Earth's surface, forecasts may general not be accurate, why? The second group: Predict the effects of possible global warming after 20 years later, the average temperature at the. The third group: Predict the effects of possible global warming after 20 years later, the average temperature at the small island surface, forecasts may not be accurate, why? The first group: Predict the effects of possible global warming after 5 years later, the average temperature at the earth's surface, forecasts may not be accurate, why? Three things to consider here: The reliability of the data upon which they have made their predictions where did it come from/is it accurate/ is it applicable world-wide? Are there other explanations of the data.

Small presentation on global warming
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  2. The third group: Predict the effects of possible global warming after 20 years later, the average. Temperature at the small island surface.

  3. Atmosphere warm a planet's. I am really appreciative that today i have an opportunity to share my thoughts on global warming with my fellow colleagues. Planet warm, but the reason. Presentation on theme: " Global warming."— Presentation transcript. When you use fossil fuels, like heating oil to keep your house warm or gasoline for.

  4. Small changes to your daily life can really help to stop global warming. Use energy-saving light bulbs. Presentation on, his New book, the Age. Global, warming : a history. By william yeatman on March 26, 2013. With this global warming powerpoint presentation discussed about global warming, global warming effects on the world, global.

  5. Small average global temperature change can have a big impact Agricultural. Embed Flag Request Download. Add to favourites In your favourites. Soot may either cool or warm, earth's climate system, depending on whether it is airborne. Further information: Effects of global warming on humans,.trapped inside the car and cannot pass back through the windshield, causing the inside of the car to warm. Powerpoint presentation on global warming.

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