Study abroad advisor resume

study abroad advisor resume

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You can follow her adventures through her blog). If you were to sum up your Barcelona experience in one to two words, what would you say? My barcelona Experience. Foot Traffic, explain why you chose those words. I took the metro almost exclusively in the beginning of my stay. Whether it was to my favorite cafes, to bookstores, to and from school, or to friends houses, my first option was almost always the metro.

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After my graduation, i stayed in figures Denmark to work for Copenhagen Business School as a researcher before moving back to the us to work as the first (and only) International Student Experience Advisor at Purdue universitys College of Engineering. In this role, i internationalized the curriculum within the college, designed and implemented transition programs for international students, and helped faculty, staff and domestic students adjust to an increasingly diverse university environment. My life today, with 4 continents, 6 languages, 23 countries and countless memories under my belt, its no surprise that as of February of 2014, i took off again for yet another adventure—this time the destination Turkey to teach English to adults. The best part of this adventure is that I now get to experience life overseas with my husband. Together, we can now together grow our careers and our family while exploring the world. Authors Note, pouneh Eftekhari is passionately inter-cultural and a travel expert. Born to Iranian refugees but us-raised, her curiosity for all things global started when she acquired her first passport at the age. Three passports later, she has traveled to 23 countries, speaks 4 languages (soon to be 5) and has lived abroad for nearly 5 years! She studied abroad in France and Spain; earned her masters degree in Denmark (with a semester abroad in Spain and worked as an international education professional in Denmark, spain and the usa. She is now an English language teacher in Turkey and says: when I travel, i feel at homeand its obvious why!

I really enjoyed learning the european perspective on education, engaging with students and faculty from around the world and all while having the opportunity to live in different countries. Winning the em lottery was Better than Winning Money. As a result of my decision to enroll in the ma lll program, i not only earned two masters degrees (yes, two!). I additionally: developed the new student and pre-departure orientations for the ma lll program; developed the official International Student Handbook for the University of deusto; Worked as researcher on an international project funded by the european Commission (I got 5,500.00 just. Met people from all around the world (we were 20 students from 17 countries! Learned Danish and improved my Spanish (free classes! Made lifelong friends from all corners of the world and. Solidified my interest in international education.

study abroad advisor resume

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Wait for your Winning Ticket. While this might be the most difficult stage of all—have patience. In 2007, my golden ticket arrived in the form of my acceptance letter to the masters in Lifelong learning: Policy and Management (ma lll) program. It was offered by the department of Education at Aarhus University (Copenhagen, denmark the Institute of Education at the University of London (London, entry United Kingdom and the faculty of Psychology and Education at the University of deusto (Bilbao, spain) and only required English language skills. After my acceptance, i was given a choice been a first year (semesters 1 2) in Copenhagen or London (I chose copenhagen). Halfway through second year, all of us students from Copenhagen and London met in Bilbao for a semester abroad. Finally, we had to choose where we wanted to complete our masters thesis (London, copenhagen or Bilbao) based on their academic goals (I returned to copenhagen for my thesis).

Youll likely have to visit each programs website to find out more specifically about languages and other requirements. Compare costs, if youre thinking about attending graduate school and you are from the United States, you should definitely consider em programs. A common misconception is that studying overseas is expensive—especially compared to the cost of acquiring a masters in the usa. By contrast, em programs are offered by high-ranking, accredited institutions and cost the same or actually less than us programs. For example, my program costs approximately 25,000, whereas a comparable program in the us would have cost me approximately 20,000.00. This stage might be long and tedious, but is well worth. Be sure to note that there are different deadlines for students who wish to be considered for scholarships and those who are self-funded—so definitely check the deadlines early on and avoiding missing any. In fact, as soon as you make the decision to apply, i suggest you start gathering your necessary documents. They will take a while to notarize, gather, and assemble.

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study abroad advisor resume

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Everything was perfector would have been, essay had it been what my heart wanted. So i did what anyone in our generation would do: I went to google for help. After hundreds of desperate keyword searches, i discovered that I could earn a masters degree from multiple (thats right, i said multiple) European universities and live in Europe again—this time, for longer term. I had stumbled upon what all career-minded travelers would call the jackpot: Erasmus Mundus (EM). 5 Steps in Winning the Erasmus Mundus Jackpot:.

Learn More About What Schools Offer Erasmus Mundus. In a nutshell, european university programs awarded an em label must be offered in at least three different countries. Additionally, the responsibility of internationalism lies not simply with the range of institutions: students who enroll in an em graduate program are obligated to study/research at least two of universities, with the option of more. Research Program Offerings, before you apply, take a look at the complete lists of joint masters and doctorate programs offered in the areas such as: Agriculture and veterinary medicine, engineering, manufacturing and construction. Health and welfare, humanities and arts, science, mathematics and computing and. Social sciences, business and law, dont worry if you cant speak any other language asides English. The details of each program differ and while some may require additional language skills, some programs are offered completely in English (like the one i attended).

The purpose of the resume is to get an interview! The purpose of the interview is to get the job! A resume should be updated annually. Here are some tips that might help you craft a winning resume and that will reflect your career interests, experience, knowledge and ability to learn. Upperclassmen, graduate (Masters and PhD social Work, msw: pdf, word, business, mba: pdf, word, doctoral Student-CV: pdf, federal government, often the federal government job resumes require additional information or to be organized in a certain manner.

Please visit this website for examples of federal job resumes). Growing up, i had the blessing of being the child of refugees. Yes, i consider it a blessing—because of my familys mass exodus from Iran in the 70s 80s, i now have a family tree that spans the entire globe. That being said, as a child growing up in Wisconsin, my life seemed pretty ordinary. Despite my parents past, i did many normal things during my childhood, like visit my grandma—although to see her I would have to travel to England (where she could then pinch my cheeks and overfeed me!). It wasnt long before i began traveling the world on my own. First, i spent the summer after my freshman year of college in France, and then a semester in Spain during my junior year. After finishing my undergraduate, i did the smart or reasonable thing and got a good job related to my degree.

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You can sign your parents up, too, by adding an additional phone number when you sign. Connect to all of Kent States official social media channels (Facebook, twitter, Instagram,, foursquare and more!) here - along with all of your favorite kent State colleges, departments and organizations. Take advantage of ksuview, protect your personal data and privacy. Keep your FlashLine information secure, while also allowing your parents to access the information they need for payments and more. Ksuview lets you customize secure access to the information you choose to share. Putting the Sting in your Resume: Tips Samples 10 Tips for your dsu summary Resume, the resume is an extremely important document in the job search process. Students often under estimate the value of the document and the time it takes to fine tune. . The process of learning to develop a strong resume is a skill professionals will use well into their careers.

study abroad advisor resume

There is an immunization requirement form that all students must complete and return to the. Resumé builders, find a job, be one of the over 6,000 students who work on campus each year! . youll meet new people, develop the skills employers are seeking, gain experiences references to include on your resume, and add money to your pocket! See how you can learn by doing. Kent State programs blend classroom instruction with hands-on, learning experiences outside the classroom in which students help professionals in the community. These experiential learning programs benefit the community and also provide students with marketable advantages and experience for their careers. Stay connected, get Oriented, before you start classes, there are both Advising and Registration sessions for new freshmen and transfer students, to help get all your entry paperwork completed. Be sure to attend the kent State welcome weekend for a chance to explore campus. Sign up for Flash alerts, flash alerts are official campus announcements sent right to your phone and will let you know instantly about important things happening on campus, including hiv class cancellations and delays or emergency situations.

for commuter students. Take your Placement Assessments, prior to arriving at Destination Kent State (DKS) you will be required to complete a placement assessment that is designed to help your academic advisor determine which courses will provide the best opportunity for your success. Your assessment areas will be available on FlashLine under the. Parking Permit, once you have activated your FlashLine account and registered for classes, you will want to order your parking permit online. Permits are sold in order of class rank, and they are generally available two months prior to the start of classes. Remember spaces are limited. Immunization documentation and Final High School Transcript.

The deadline for scholarships is Jan. Flashcard, this is your student photo id, your dining plan card and a reloadable debit card all in one. Explore payment Options, visit the One Stop to see the fee schedule and find parts the method of payment that works best for you. Start a travel Fund. Its not too early to start thinking about and saving for a study abroad experience through Kent State. Its an essential part of some programs and can be an enriching experience for any student, while also making you more marketable to future employers. Before you arrive, apply for housing, Along with a dining Plan, or Request a commuter Exemption.

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16, get Started kent State University, skip to main content. Newly Admitted Students, you will receive an account to kent States student portal, FlashLine. Once you log into your FlashLine account, you will gain access to a detailed, dynamic checklist. This checklist will act as your official go-to-guide to help you navigate your transition to the university. FlashLine first-Time login Instructions, your Finances. Enrollment fees, pay your enrollment fee to preserve your enrollment at Kent State. You paper can pay your fee online by logging into FlashLine or by mailing a check to Admissions. Financial Aid, apply for financial aid as soon as possible after Oct. 1, and find scholarships.

Study abroad advisor resume
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and find homework help for other Literature questions at enotes. Most audits will require the supervisor to sign off on all audit working papers.

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  1. Resume template by Alaina levine. This is where you can list your study abroad experience title (subtopics)5 Advisor :.

  2. Putting the Sting in your Resume : Tips samples 10 Tips for your dsu resume Organization advisor Resources bands, travel abroad, clubs. Its not too early to start thinking about and saving for a study abroad experience through Kent State. Admission Requirements Apply for the Program. Accounting finance full Program List. The wolf internet Radio. Center for Global Social.

  3. Barcelona sae is the best choice by far for a study abroad program in Barcelona! Its also an area where you can include study abroad, and any universities that may have been attended previously. Study Abroad Program in Sydney, australia brand Marketing Advisor atcoenergy. Would you like to talk to a career advisor? Service Check of your letter of application and your Resumé /cv exams abroad Study counselling.

  4. Four Steps to Choosing the right Study Abroad Program for you. Advise students on academics, pre-departure preparation for study abroad in India, career planning. Russell Hollander apos;s Resume International Study Abroad Experience: Costa rica (Winter 2008) International Study Abroad Experience. psee study materials how Tests, Interviews other Exercise work how to register, hiring Process, common questions sjt, wcpt, wct. better understanding of how other countries function.

  5. transfer courses, study abroad, advice on courses, and other questions, contact Professor niko kolodny, the Undergraduate faculty. Tags: co-op, degree, internships, study abroad, travel Always plan foreign study with an academic advisor. or your department advisor. First comprehensive study abroad. capital and or project reports, i launch my advisor : light confinement in particular the netherlands. Automated resume screening systems are growing in popularity.

  6. Using, study, abroad, professionally Graduate School, abroad. Life After, study, abroad, stories Recent posts, resumé and Interviews. Conversations with parents about study abroad. Read article, study abroad opportunities for diverse students read article build a resumé. Telly Awards (2011 received six awards for study abroad videos covering study tours in China, peru, and vietnam.

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