Township life essay

township life essay

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On the other hand, life can be miserable to you if you take everything for granted and wait on fate to play itself out. Setting of goals and strategic plans that will strive no matter the odds which may move against you is one of the basic things needed to get the best out of life. These goals which must be result oriented, should be followed up consistently even if things seem blurred or unyielding at first. Also, the mind is the centre of everything. It controls your thoughts and beliefs. A focused mind has never fail. A positive mind helps one to discover his talents and potentials.

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They therefore resigned themselves to fate, believing all is finished. To them, nothing that they do can ever be good. They take delight in committing crimes and maiming others to avenge their ill-fortune. They lost every sense of direction and most times, some of them go as far as committing suicide, just to escape the injustice life assignment has meted out to them. But there are those who see life as a challenge, a channel of discovery and innovation, a prospect for success and a gateway to wealth. To them life is sweet, colourful and kind. No matter the situation these people find themselves, they keep pressing on, believing in a cause, a cause to succeed and get the most out of life. No wonder an adage says, Where there is life, there is hope. The will to succeed or fail lies within an individual jurisdiction. You can live life to the fullest with utmost satisfaction and fulfillment if you determine with all your mind, body and soul to succeed.

One does not remain idle in a city. Thus, cities add to the economic development of the nation. One of the most popular essay topic among students is Essay about Life where every student tries to describe his/her life, problems, priorities and outlooks. To write a good essay about life one should be able to reflect a little, to release his/her mind from other thoughts and to start writing an essay on life. Heres a sample essay about life written by one of our professional essay writers: Life is beautiful and yet life is not a bed of roses. Though it is full of ups and downs it has many facets of blessings and successes. To some people, life is hard, cruel and merciless. These set of people see life as punishment paper throughout their entire lives.

township life essay

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It would be a good idea to create facilities, inclusive of employment and work, in villages so that migration of cities is stopped. In India the ministry of Rural development has taken a number of new initiatives of creation of social and economic infrastructure in rural areas to bridge the rural urban divide. In a big city, there is competition everywhere. One cannot get admission in schools, colleges or other institutions easily. However, the advantages outweigh listing the disadvantages. Cities provide a lot of employment opportunities. Development takes place faster in cities. A city broadens the outlook of an individual. It offers scope in many areas.

Everyone finds himself in hurry and worry. One even ignores the align person on the roadside. Industrialization has led to urbanization. But, it has added to the pollution problem. A city is full of smoke, fumes, dirt, dust garbage, gases and foul smell. People living in big cities no longer breathe the fresh air and see any green, open spaces. The deafening noise of vehicles and factories have created chaos everywhere. The migration of rural population to the cities has led to overcrowding. It has also led to the establishment of slum areas.

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township life essay

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In contrast, a village shop stocks only bare essentials. Advertisements: Unlike villages, in cities there are good chances of amusement and recreation, not so in villages. In cities, there are different types of food outlets, but in village there may be dhabas or tea stalls. In village, sanitation, drainage and water supply may not be up to the desired level. But in cities these facilities are more developed. A city has certain disadvantages, here, everyone remains dissertation busy.

Neighbors live like strangers. One hardly knows who is ones next door neighbor. Nuclear families dominate the cities. Most children stay away from their working parents during the day. In this case, infants and small children below four years who are kept at the mercy of minds are the worst suffers.

There is a great scope of earning money through business in a city. Even tailors, vendors, washer men and others earn enough money. Those how work hard in cities rise in life. Many cities are places of historical interest. For example, jaipur is a city of forts. We find the qutub Minar, the red Fort, etc.

These attract tourists from all over the world. Tourism adds to the revenue of the respective states. A city is always crowded. Tall buildings and big bungalows take up the space in a city. There is less greenery in the cities compared to towns and villages. The roads are always full of vehicles. The market places are always crowded. A large city has many markets. Each colony is more or self self-contained and residents have not to go far for shopping.

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Whereas in village, hospitals and revelation clients are generally situated outside the village. In apple some villages, there are no hospitals and doctors and people have to go to the nearby cities of for medical assistance. So are postal services, in cities it is cleared and delivered once or twice a day. I village it may take a long time. In a big city a large police force operates for the maintenance of law and order. In village police Stations may be few and far between. Cities have big factories and industrial centers. Thousands of people earn their living from those. Thus, cities offer great employment opportunists.

township life essay

There are discotheques for paper music lovers and party-goers. In cities educational facilities are available. There are various institutions for education. There are medical and Engineering Colleges. There are institutes for Law, fashion Designing, Interior Designing, etc. In rural, semi-urban areas, people have to travel long distances to reach educational institutions. Advertisements: Medical facilities are available in cities.

to the market to buy vegetables and household goods. With every passing hour, the traffic goes on increasing. The shops and the market places remain crowded till the evening hours. Life in the city has certain charms. There are many places for recreation. There are big parks, hotels and clubs for entertainment.

It is a centre of trade, medical facilities, business and recreation. The population increase during the daytime. People staying the nearby villages and towns come to the city on different errands. Life in a big city starts early in the morning. Many school buses carrying school children can be seen playing on roads. School children dressed in their uniform can be seen on the roads walking or waiting for buses. Some are daddy seen moving on scooters and in cars.

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The human civilization underwent many changes and developments with the passage of time. Early man lived in caves and forests. They lived on the food available in the forests. Science has margaret blessed mankind with all the basic comforts of life. Man started living in cities. Cities became the major centers of live hood. A city has larger population compared to a town and a village. Image source: g, advertisements: Life is full of activities in a big city. A big city is a centre of all types of education.

Township life essay
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Login to mark as read. I was not like the other township girls who drank and used drugs.

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