5s presentation

5s presentation

5S, basic training - tocforme

Marking of parts, storage areas, floor markings, etc., must be the same throughout the facility. The 5S program must be re-enforced. Recognize achievements, both individual and departments. (Throw a pizza party, post results of achievements in public areas.) Set your goals, monitor them and raise the bar when necessary. Nothing speaks louder than a photograph. Take before and after pictures. See if you have reached the level you planned. If not evaluate why.

5S, training Presentations lean Manufacturing tools

Using flip chart have participants list places to be cleaned Places easily overlooked Floors, walls, ledges ceilings catwalks, overhead piping Shelves, tables, chutes (upper and lower surfaces) Inner and outer surfaces of transport/storage containers) Blind Spots Inside and outside of air ducts Oil and air. 2) Schedule the cleaning, and assign a responsible person to the task. 3) Schedule the cleaning at the same time each day to establish a routine. 4) make sure that all cleaning tools are available. Review page from 5S Assessment. Once we have complete our first 3 Ss and we have our facility looking good then we are ready for the 4th. After we have established what we would like learning for our facility to look like we then have to spread this to the entire facility. All of our procedures must be communicated to all employees. Goals must be established and monitored. All departments must follow the standards that have been set.

Remember first impressions are usually lasting impressions. What would be the customers paper first impression of your facility? How can our customers expect to receive a quality part from a facility that is dirty and disorganized. Would you want to have surgery in a dirty hospital? Dont just do superficial cleaning. Inspect all machinery, etc. For abnormal wear, watching for leaks (oil, water and air loose parts, cracks broken parts, etc.

5s presentation

5S, training - lean Manufacturing housekeeping

Specific examples of 2S Floor Surface 1)make a clear boundary between work area, aisle, and parts storage 2)Mark off Danger golf Zones and Off Limits areas 3)Generally, there should be a 10cm space between the working table and the machine 4)Boundary lines should be parallel and/or. Use of visual controls to enable immediate recognition of abnormalities 1) Shadow diagrams can be seen in many storage areas, but if neglected, they will not serve their intended purpose (use of labels in conjunction with the shadow diagram will alleviate this problem) 2) Place. Ask participants which bench they would rather work off. Ask participants which bench they think their workers would rather work off. Start with before picture. Ask for suggestions to improve. Click for After picture. Clean up personal and working environment so there are no areas untidy with dirt, oil, and other clutter. Steps Toward 3S Step 1: Conduct overall cleaning of facility Step 2: maintain cleanliness Step 3: Improvement plans to prevent dirtiness Step 4: Efficiency plan for 3S improvement.

They are not needed 1 month not needed red tags. Clearly mark and arrange everything neatly so what is needed can be easily found. Steps Toward 2S Step 1: Decide place for storage Step 2: Set up markings for storage location Step 3: Mark items to be placed for storage Step 4: Ingenuity to make maintenance easy. Storage space marking Location markings: 1) Shelf numbers or numbers for floor storage spaces 2) Numbers for hospital rooms, car parking spaces, and coin-operated lockers 3) Necessary for knowing where the storage space for a given object is located Methods for numbering are: 1) Numbers. Points to remember when marking Marking of objects: 1)Mark the name of items for which the jig is to be used, on the jig 2)Use name tags for people and license plates for cars Method of marking: 1)Marking should be placed on the front surface. Knowing where everything is stored will allow faster response time to customers (both internal and external). Never allow defective items, on-hold items, and test products to become mixed with regular production items (this could result in defective items) 1) Defects or rejects should be placed in red colored containers 2) Items to be stored can be placed in a container other.

5S, program Implementation lean Manufacturing tools

5s presentation

5S (workplace organisation) - lean six Sigma

Be strict about it! Attach tags to any doubtful item! The number of tags indicates checking efficiency not failure. Managers or members of staff not directly responsible for that particular machine or work station. 1 day, or 2 days if necessary. Attitude look work at situation with a very critical attitude!

Be a red tag demon! Attaching Red Tags: Attaching tags requires a second persons viewpoint. That means that someone other than the operator should attach the tags. Use flip chart to draw if necessary put red tags on any doubtful item! Retain any items to be used within the next week, according to the production schedule. Now 1 week 1 month needed Not needed red tags Tag any items which have not been used in the past month, according to production schedule.

Segregate what is needed and what is not needed, discard what is not needed. Step 1: Clarify what is needed Step 2: Dispose of things that are not needed. Step 3: With items that are needed, segregate into layers, according to frequency of use. Using flipchart have participants list areas to apply first. Jig Shelves Outdoor Spaces Jigs that are not used or that cannot be used Materials that have not been working Miscellaneous items other than jigs for several years Items needed less, place on top or bottom shelves Unprocessed, neglected items on tool boxes, drawers, lockers.

Use flip chart have participants list unnecessary items in their work area. As soon as an unnecessary item is identified, it is marked with a red tag so that anybody can see clearly what needs to be eliminated or moved. Clarify standards for unnecessary items: no tag for items to be used within the next month; tag on for items not to be used within the next month. Review all areas of tag. Procedures for Implementing the red Tag Tactic: Fill out all portions of the tag Participants salary and hourly period 1 day to 1 Month Stock raw Materials parts - products Facilities machines Equipment jigs and tools molds carts desks etc. Spaces Floor Shelves Storage. Dont let people directly concerned attach them! Listen to no excuses!

5S in the Office today organized Audrey

The customer will have a better impression of your facility and its capabilities. A dirty plant can lead to accidents, downtime, quality problems, and cause poor morale. It is also an indication of much deeper problems. 5S consists of the following: Separate/Scrap: Segregate what father's is needed and what is not needed, discard what is not needed. Straighten: Clearly mark and arrange everything neatly so what is needed can be found. Scrub: Clean fuller up personal and working environment so there are no areas untidy with dirt, oil, and other clutter. Standardize/Spread: maintain the conditions of the first. Systemize: Adhere faithfully to the decisions that have been made.

5s presentation

Also, it percolates up to comprise the plant scorecard metrics. The information is aggregated for the entire plant and is presented in the control room click. The true goal of 5S activities is to realize expose the problems that prevent us from being successful. Make everyone happy 1) Form a comfortable workshop 2) be aware that 5S benefits the worker, and that is its purpose 3) Involve all members do not rush when performing 5s take the initiative, do not wait for the next person to start Provide learning. 2) Allow the participants to observe other work areas and spread the ideas to their areas. 5S is important in several ways. A clean, organized workplace will produce a better quality part. Employees are happier in a clean, organized workplace.

commwipt is a silly acronym for a very serious issue. It will be a memory aid to direct opportunities for continuous improvement. C orrection-make the produce correct the first time with out additional resources. O ver production-making too many to compensate for unreliable processes. M otion-excessive operator movement to transport the product or perform the operation m aterial movement-excessive transporting the product about the plant due to plant layout w aiting-either machine or operator time lost due to insufficient product when the process must be performed I nventory-create excessive. These are located within the department. Information collected by the operators at the process details the actions and achievements from their daily production activity. This information is gathered to examine trends and develop plans for continuous improvement.

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5s presentation
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  5. 5 s presentation Basic Training. The information is aggregated for the entire plant and is presented in the control room click. Please note that these 5 s training presentation files are protected by copyright and are to be downloaded for your own personal use only. Uploadé par Manoj Pandey. 4s - seiketsu - standardising 5 s - shitsuke - self discipline a source of pride.

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