A short autobiography of myself

a short autobiography of myself

Autobiography of, myself, free, short - essays assignments

The lamp oil was almost gone; the light flickered feebly. The bedroom door unlatched and flew open with a violent sound. The startled women awoke. Their astonished eyes beheld the form of Lahiri mahasaya. "Abhoya, behold, the light is almost gone!" he pointed to the lamp, which the nurse hastened to refill. As soon as it burned again brightly, the master vanished.

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As if you could not have come here by the next train!" Abhoya visited Lahiri mahasaya on another memorable occasion. This time she wanted his intercession, not with a train, but with the stork. "I pray you to bless food me that my ninth child may live she said. "Eight babies have been born to me; all died soon after birth." The master smiled sympathetically. "Your coming child will live. Please follow my instructions carefully. The baby, a girl, will be born at night. See that the oil lamp is kept burning until dawn. Do not fall asleep and thus allow the light to become extinguished." Abhoya's child was a daughter, born at night, exactly as foreseen by the omniscient guru. The mother instructed her nurse to keep the lamp filled with oil. Both women kept the urgent resume vigil far into the early morning hours, but finally fell asleep.

The engineer and passengers descended to daddy the platform to view the phenomenon. An English railroad guard approached Abhoya and her husband. Contrary to all precedent, he volunteered his services. "Babu he said, "give me the money. I will buy your tickets while you get aboard." As soon as the couple was seated and had received the tickets, the train slowly moved forward. In panic, the engineer and passengers clambered again to their places, knowing neither how the train started, nor why it had stopped in the first place. Arriving at the home of Lahiri mahasaya in Benares, Abhoya silently prostrated herself before the master, and tried to touch his feet. "Compose yourself, Abhoya he remarked. "How you love to bother me!

a short autobiography of myself

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"I felt as though a sheet of ice had been placed around me to ward off the scorching heat the chela explained. Lahiri mahasaya online performed two miracles in connection with a woman disciple, abhoya. She and her husband, a calcutta lawyer, started one day for Benares to visit the guru. Their carriage was delayed by heavy traffic; they reached the howrah main station only to hear the benares train whistling for departure. Abhoya, near the ticket office, stood quietly. "Lahiri mahasaya, i beseech thee to stop the train!" she silently prayed. "I cannot suffer the pangs of delay in waiting another day to see thee." The wheels of the snorting train continued to move round summary and round, but there was no onward progress.

Both men were fair, tall, stalwart, and heavily bearded, with soft voices and an old-fashioned charm of manner. His wife was not the only woman disciple of Lahiri mahasaya; there were hundreds of others, including my mother. A woman chela once asked the guru for his photograph. He handed her a print, remarking, "If you deem it a protection, then it is so; otherwise it is only a picture." A few days later this woman and Lahiri mahasaya's daughter-in-law happened to be studying the bhagavad gita at a table behind which hung. An electrical storm broke out with great fury. "Lahiri mahasaya, protect us!" The women bowed before the picture. Lightning struck the book which they had been reading, but the two devotees were unhurt.

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a short autobiography of myself

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I regret that you do not interest yourself in providing more money for the family.' "The master glanced at me for a moment, then lo! Awed and frightened, i heard a voice resounding from every part of the room: It is all nothing, don't you see? How could a nothing like me produce riches for you?' guruji i cried, 'i implore pardon a million times! My sinful eyes can see you no more; please appear in your sacred form.' i am here.' This paper reply came from above. I early looked up and saw the master materialize in the air, his head touching the ceiling. His eyes were like blinding flames.

Beside myself with fear, i lay sobbing at his feet after he had quietly descended to the floor. woman he said, 'seek divine wealth, not the paltry tinsel of earth. After acquiring inward treasure, you will find that outward supply is always forthcoming.' he added, 'one of my spiritual sons will make provision for you.' "My guru's words naturally came true; a disciple did leave a considerable sum for our family." I thanked Kashi moni. FN31-2 On the following day i returned to her home and enjoyed several hours of philosophical discussion with Tincouri and Ducouri lahiri. These two saintly sons of India's great yogi followed closely in his ideal footsteps.

When I returned hours later to awareness of this world, the master gave me the technique of kriya yoga. "From that night on, lahiri mahasaya never slept in my room again. Nor, thereafter, did he ever sleep. He remained in the front room downstairs, in the company of his disciples both by day and by night." The illustrious lady fell into silence. Realizing the uniqueness of her relationship with the sublime yogi, i finally ventured to ask for further reminiscences.

"Son, you are greedy. Nevertheless you shall have one more story." She smiled shyly. "I will confess a sin which I committed against my guru-husband. Some months after my initiation, i began to feel forlorn and neglected. One morning Lahiri mahasaya entered this little room to fetch an article; I quickly followed him. Overcome by violent delusion, i addressed him scathingly. you spend all your time with the disciples. What about your responsibilities for your wife and children?

Short, bio about yourself

'i am sorry not to have had its blessing earlier in my life.' the paper time was not ripe.' lahiri mahasaya smiled consolingly. 'much of your karma i have silently helped you to work out. Now you are willing and ready.' "He touched my forehead. Masses of whirling light appeared; the radiance gradually formed itself into the opal-blue spiritual eye, ringed in gold and centered with a white pentagonal star. penetrate your consciousness through the star into the kingdom of the Infinite.' my guru's voice had a new note, soft like distant music. "Vision after vision broke as oceanic surf on the shores of my soul. The panoramic spheres finally melted in a sea of bliss. I shredder lost myself in ever-surging blessedness.

a short autobiography of myself

You are accepted.' he motioned toward the angels. 'Please bow in turn to each of these holy saints.' "When I had finished my humble genuflections, the angelic voices sounded siskel together, like a chorus from an ancient scripture. consort of the divine One, thou art blessed. We salute thee.' They bowed at my feet and lo! Their refulgent forms vanished. "My guru asked me to receive initiation into kriya yoga. Of course i responded.

supplicating dignity of palm-folded hands. Astonished beyond measure, i was convinced that I was still dreaming. woman lahiri mahasaya said, 'you are not dreaming. Forsake your sleep forever and forever.' As he slowly descended to the floor, i prostrated myself at his feet. master i cried, 'again and again I bow before you! Will you pardon me for having considered you as my husband? I die with shame to realize that I have remained asleep in ignorance by the side of one who is divinely awakened. From this night, you are no longer my husband, but my guru. Will you accept my insignificant self as your disciple?' fn31-1 "The master touched me gently.

She was of medium build, with a slender neck and fair skin. Large, lustrous eyes softened her motherly face. "Son, you are welcome here. Kashi moni led the way to a very small room where, for a time, she had lived with her husband. I felt honored to witness the shrine in which the peerless master had condescended to play the human drama of matrimony. The gentle lady motioned me to a pillow seat by her side. "It was years before i came to realize the divine stature of my husband she began. "One night, in this very room, i had a vivid proposal dream. Glorious angels floated in unimaginable grace above.

A, short, bio: About, myself

8762, autobiography of a yogi —, chapter 31, paramahansa yogananda, chapter 31: An Interview with the sacred Mother (Kashi moni lahiri) edit "reverend Mother, i was baptized in infancy by your prophet-husband. He was the guru of my parents and of my own guru Sri yukteswarji. Will you therefore give me the privilege of hearing a few incidents in your sacred life?". I was addressing Srimati kashi moni, the life-companion. Finding myself in Benares for a short gender period, i was fulfilling a long-felt desire to visit the venerable lady. She received me graciously at the old Lahiri homestead in the garudeswar. Mohulla section of Benares. Although aged, she was blooming like a lotus, silently emanating a spiritual fragrance.

A short autobiography of myself
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  2. Autobiography of a recovery i thought that discussing the concepts of value in an autobiography were interesting and worthy of note. relatively young people write 'autobiographies' even though they are only able to write about quite short periods of their lives. I hoped he would come that night just to help me upstairs without making a fool of myself.

  3. The autobiography of a catholic Anarchist/Chapter 6 The next day the same paper carried a picture of myself and sign. watching God by zora neale hurston The autobiography of Malcolm X by malcolm x beloved by toni morrison Invisible man by ralph Ellison. of Short Talks,. 177; summer-autumn, 1999, jed Rascula, review of Autobiography of Red,. 187; autumn, 2000, ian rae, dazzling. the academy in the spring with a sufficiently high opinion of myself, and returned to kanawha to earn money to complete my education.

  4. about the most inspiring personality and his autobiography of which he has also mentioned in his video : /pmohamedali. A, short, autobiography, of, countess Sophie andreevna tolstoy i i was born on, in the country, at the village. In this chapter from his new autobiography, rocker writes about '70s audience reactions to rising punk stars such as Johnny rotten and. left I read a short story in Colliers and said to myself that if I couldn't write a better one than that I would be ashamed of myself. Autobiography of a yogi/Chapter 31 autobiography of a yogi finding myself in Benares for a short period, i was fulfilling a long-felt.

  5. Writing between 18, continues the scientific tradition and calls his. Autobiography a natural history of myself (vii). presenting to myself the most crucial turning points of my being and accomplishments. In this way i 2a may succeed in setting into. relates to myself, that I have determined to relate the circumstances of my ten years' exile; the miseries which I have endured., autobiography of a tech User tv movies Music Musicals Music Videos Computers Internet Media art Alanna king born in 1972. In the fire Ox year I wrote a short story about myself at the request of Chagdud Tulku rinpoche.

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