And there were none review

and there were none review

Agatha Christie: And, then, there, were, none, review for

The distribution spread a familys risks prudently, and from time to time the land was reshuffled as families grew or shrunkThe strips of land were generally straight and parallel so that a readjustment could be made by moving small stakes along just one side. Where the other side of the field was not parallel, the stakes could be shifted to compensate for the fact that the strip lay toward the narrower or wider end of the field. Irregular fields were divided, not according to area, but according to yield. Maybe this isnt going to work. Lets try it the other way around. Instead of mapping land, we can just get a list with the name of everyone in the village, and go from there. Only wealthy aristocrats tended to have fixed surnamesImagine the dilemma of a tithe or capitation-tax collector in England faced with a male population, 90 of whom bore just six Christian names (John, william, Thomas, robert, richard, and Henry).

Agatha Christie: And, then, there, were, none review

Trees that have been planted and any fruit they may bear are the property of name the family who planted them, no matter where they are now growing. Fruit fallen from such tree, however, is the property of anyone who gathers. When a family fells one of its trees or a tree is felled by a storm, the trunk belongs to the family, the branches to the immediate neighbors, and the tops (leaves and twigs) to any poorer villager who carries them off. Land is set aside for use or leasing out by widows with children and dependents of conscripted males. Usufruct rights to land and trees may be let to anyone in the village; the only time they may be let to someone outside the village is if no one in the community wishes to claim them. After a crop failure leading to a food shortage, many of these arrangements are readjusted. Im just going to put you all down as owning ten. Everyone okay with that? Lets say ten land for everyone and just move on to the next village. Novoselok village had a varied economy of cultivation, grazing, and forestrythe complex welter of strips was designed to ensure that each village household received a strip of land in every ecological zone. An individual household might have as many as ten to fifteen different plots constituting something of a representative sample of the villages ecological zones and microclimates.

Let us imagine a community in which families have usufruct rights to parcels of cropland during the main growing season. Only certain crops, however, may be planted, and every seven years the usufruct land is distributed among resident families according to each familys size and its number of able-bodied adults. After the harvest of the main-season crop, all cropland reverts to common land where any family may glean, graze their fowl and livestock, and even plant quickly maturing, dry-season crops. Rights to graze fowl and livestock on pasture-land held in common by the village is extended to all local families, but the number of animals that can be grazed is restricted according to family size, especially in dry years when forage is scarce. Families not using their grazing rights can give them to other villagers but not to outsiders. Everyone has the right to gather firewood for normal family needs, and the village blacksmith and baker are legs given larger allotments. No commercial sale from village woodlands is permitted.

and there were none review

And, then, there, were, none by Agatha Christie — reviews

The revolution has given the people the meter! Okay, so apparently (you think to yourself as you are being led to the guillotine it was a big deal after all. Maybe you shouldnt have taxed grain. Maybe you should tax land. After all, its the land that grows the grain. Just figure out how much land everybody owns, and you can calculate some kind of appropriate tax from there. So, uh, peasant shredder villagers, how much land does each of you own? A hypothetical case of customary land tenure practices may help demonstrate how difficult it is to assimilate such practices to the barebones scheme of a modern cadastral map land survey suitable for tax assessment.

The local lord might, for example, lend grain to peasants in smaller baskets and insist on repayment in larger baskets. He might surreptitiously or even boldly enlarge the size of the grain sacks accepted for milling (a monopoly of the domain lord) and reduce the size of the sacks used for measuring out flour; he might also collect feudal dues in larger baskets and pay. While the formal custom governing feudal dues and wages would thus remain intact (requiring, for example, the same number of sacks of wheat from the harvest of a given holding the actual transaction might increasingly favor the lord. The results of such fiddling were far from trivial. Kula estimates that the size of the bushel (boisseau) used to collect the main feudal rent (taille) increased by one-third between 16part of what was called the reaction feodale. Okay, but nobodys going to make too big a deal about this, right? This sense of victimization over changing units of measure was evident in the cahiers of grievances prepared for the meeting of the Estates General just before the revolution. In an unprecedented revolutionary context where an entirely new political system was being created from first principles, it was surely no great matter to legislate uniform weights and measures. As the revolutionary decree read The centuries old dream of the masses of only one just measure has come true!

And, then, there, were, none, literature Unit - activities

and there were none review

Agatha Christie: And, then, there, were, none, review.And then there were none

In some areas the local standards for the bushel and other units of measurement were kept in metallic form and placed in the care essay of a trusted official or else literally carved into the stone of a church or the town hall. Nor did it end there. How the grain was to be poured (from shoulder height, which packed it somewhat, or from waist height? how damp it could be, whether the container could be shaken down, and finally, if and how it was to be leveled off when full were subjects of long and bitter controversy. Huh, this medieval king business is harder than you thought. Maybe you can just leave this problem to the feudal lords?

Thus far, this account of local measurement practices risks giving the impression that, although local conceptions of distance, area, volume, and so on were different from and more varied than the unitary abstract standards a state might favor, they were nevertheless statement aiming at objective accuracy. This impression would be false. a good part of the politics of measurement sprang from what a contemporary economist might call the stickiness of feudal rents. Noble and clerical claimants often found it difficult to increase feudal dues directly; the levels set for various charges were the result of long struggle, and even a small increase above the customary level was viewed as a threatening breach of tradition. Adjusting the measure, however, represented a roundabout way of achieving the same end.

An intact forest might be more productive than an evenly-spaced rectangular grid of Norway spruce, but it was harder to legislate rules for, or assess taxes. The state promoted the high Modernists platitudes about The Greater good as cover, in order to implement the totalitarian schemes they wanted to implement anyway. The resulting experiments were usually failures by the humanitarian goals of the modernists, but resounding successes by the command-and-control goals of the state. And so we gradually transitioned from systems that were messy but full of fine-tuned hidden order, to ones that were barely-functional but really easy to tax. Suppose youre a premodern king, maybe one of the louises who ruled France in the middle Ages. You want to tax people to raise money for a crusade or something.

Practically everyone in your kingdom is a peasant, and all the peasants produce is grain, so youll tax them in grain. Shouldnt be too hard, right? Youll just measure how many pints of grain everyone produces, and. The pint in eighteenth-century paris was equivalent.93 liters, whereas in seine-en-Montane it was.99 liters and in Precy-sous-Thil, an astounding.33 liters. The aune, a measure of length used for cloth, varied depending on the material(the unit for silk, for instance, was smaller than that for linen) and across France there were at least seventeen different aunes. Okay, this is stupid. Just give everybody evenly-sized baskets, and tell them that baskets are the new unit of measurement. Virtually everywhere in early modern Europe were endless micropolitics about how baskets might be adjusted through wear, bulging, tricks of weaving, moisture, the thickness of the rim, and.

Agatha Christie, and, then, there, were, none review

Yet for some reason, these villages reviews kept failing: their crops died, their economies collapsed, and their native inhabitants disappeared back into the jungle. And again, for some reason the African governments kept trying to bring the natives back and make them stay, even if they had to blur the lines between villages and concentration camps to make it work. A favorite, seeing like a state image: a comparison of street maps for Bruges (a premodern organic city) with Chicago (a modern planned city). Why did all of these schemes fail? And more importantly, why were they celebrated, rewarded, and continued, even when the fact of their failure became too obvious to ignore? Scott gives a two part answer. The first part of the story is High Modernism, an aesthetic taste masquerading as a scientific philosophy. The high about Modernists claimed to be about figuring out the most efficient and high-tech way of doing things, but most of them knew little relevant math or science and were basically just larping being rational by placing things in evenly-spaced rectangular grids. But the high Modernists were pawns in service of a deeper motive: the centralized state wanted the world to be legible, ie arranged in a way that made it easy to monitor and control.

and there were none review

Modern scientific rationalists came up with a better idea: an evenly-spaced rectangular grid of identical giant Brutalist apartment buildings separated by wide boulevards, with everything separated into carefully-zoned districts. Yet for some reason, whenever these new rational cities were built, people hated them and did everything they could to move out into more organic suburbs. And again, for some reason the urban planners got promoted, became famous, and spread their destructive techniques around the world. Ye olde organically-evolved peasant villages tended to be complicated confusions of everybody trying to raise fifty different crops at the same time on awkwardly shaped cramped parcels of land. Modern scientific rationalists came up with a better idea: giant collective mechanized farms growing purpose-bred high-yield crops and arranged in (say it with me) evenly-spaced rectangular grids. Yet for some reason, these giant collective farms had lower yields per acre than the old traditional methods, and wherever they arose famine and mass starvation for followed. And again, for some reason governments continued to push the more modern methods, whether it was socialist collectives in the ussr, big agricultural corporations in the us, or sprawling banana plantations in the Third World. Traditional lifestyles of many east African natives were nomadic, involving slash-and-burn agriculture in complicated jungle terrain according to a bewildering variety of ad-hoc rules. Modern scientific rationalists in African governments (both colonial and independent) came up with a better idea resettlement of the natives into villages, where they could have modern amenities like schools, wells, electricity, and evenly-spaced rectangular grids.

all the forests and replace them by planting identical copies of Norway spruce (the tree) in an evenly-spaced rectangular grid. Then you could just walk in with an axe one day and chop down like a zillion trees an hour and have more timber than you could possibly ever want. The impoverished ecosystem couldnt support the game animals and medicinal herbs that sustained the surrounding peasant villages, and they suffered an economic collapse. The endless rows of identical trees were a perfect breeding ground for plant diseases and forest fires. And the complex ecological processes that sustained the soil stopped working, so after a generation the norway spruces grew stunted and malnourished. Yet for some reason, everyone involved got promoted, and scientific forestry spread across Europe and the world. And this pattern repeats with suspicious regularity across history, not just in biological systems but also in social ones. Natural organically-evolved cities tend to be densely-packed mixtures of dark alleys, tiny shops, and overcrowded streets.

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And there were none review
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