Business presentation meaning

business presentation meaning

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Cdp / dcdp : Chef de partie / Demi Chef de partie is a chef in charge of a particular section in the kitchen such as grills, sauces, etc. In standalone restaurants, he may have a wider responsibility than handling just one section. He is the third in-charge of the kitchen, the first being the head/executive chef and the second being the sous/under chef. Chaffing Dish : A dish of stainless steel or silver with a heating device fitted below it to keep food warm over an extended period of time, such as on a buffet. Charcuterie : A charcuterie is a specialized store or a space within a hotel dedicated to the cooking, curing and smoking of meats, mainly pork as well as others including game meats, game birds, poultry, veal and seafood. Products on offer are essentially served cold and usually include sausages, pâtés, terrines, galantines, roulades etc. Chaser : A drink that immediately follows another drink.

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Cambro : a us based restaurant-ware company renowned for its food beverage storage containers which keep hot food hot and cold nature food cold. Nowadays the word Cambro is often used synonymously with any brand of plastic storage containers. Cannibalization : It refers to the loss of a restaurants market share in a particular catchment on account of a similar offer coming up in that catchment, either by another outlet of the same brand or by another brand altogether. Capex : Capital expenditure is the amount spent towards the procurement of assets that increase the capacity or efficiency of a business for more than one accounting year. Assets including building, equipment, vehicles etc. Cash Flow : The movement of money into skywriting and out of a business that affects its liquidity. It is a measure of financial efficiency. Casual Dining : A restaurant which offers a casual ambience and food at moderate prices where formal dressing is unnecessary. Table service usually involves food being served either pre-plated or on platters with or without a buffet option. Ccg : Cutlery, crockery, glassware is easy to refer to in one cluster as ccg in the restaurant Business.

Byob : Bring your Own Bottle is a restaurant policy that allows guests to bring their own liquor. It is often subject to a fee / corkage. Cac : Customer Acquisition Cost, the cost of acquiring a new customer, is a metric that every business owner or leader should know. Convincing each additional customer about the value of your product write and service involves initiatives in research as well as sales marketing. So for instance, if all these costs add up to say 30,000/- for a certain period and you have acquired say 100 new customers in that period, then your cost of acquiring each new customer. Cac will be 30000/100 300/. Café : Synonymous with coffee shop, a café usually refers to a small restaurant where snacks or light meals are served with drinks which may also include alcoholic beverages. Cagr : Compounded Annual Growth Rate is a term representing the year-on-year growth of a business investment over a specified period of time.

business presentation meaning

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Bottom Line : Profit / Loss which is the bottom item of a profit loss statement and the final outcome of importance to a business. Breakeven : The thesis point where the business expenses equal the income generated, with neither profit nor loss. Broth : A thin soup made from meat or fish stock. Btl : Below the line refers to those sales marketing techniques that are more focused and measurable using mediums such as direct mailers, flyers, telemarketing, stickers, point of sale brochures, exhibitions etc. Since no commission was involved when the phrase was created, accountants back then categorised them as capital expenditure and therefore called them below the line costs. Busboy / Busser : An assistant waiter who helps lay out tables, clear dirty dishes and support the service experience, usually with less direct guest contact than the waiter. Business Model : The way in which an organisation creates delivers value to its customers and attracts them to pay for that value, in a manner that results in a profit.

Bogo : buy one get one free is a promotional offer at restaurants and other retail businesses. For instance during lean hours at a restaurant, you may offer a free pint of beer for every pint bought. Boq : The bill of quantities is an itemized statement of the cost components, including materials and labour, of a project during construction. It serves as the basis of comparison for competitive bids between aspiring contractors and also a frame of reference to measure actual itemized costs and quantities versus those budgeted. Boulangerie : a french-style bakery that specialises in baking and selling bread. Bouquet Garni : An assortment of either fresh or dried French herbs used to enhance the flavour of stocks, stews, soups, casseroles and broths. They may either be wrapped inside a cheesecloth / muslin sachet and then placed in the stock, or simply tied together and placed in it directly. Bouquet Garni typically includes bay leaf, parsley, rosemary, thyme and Peppercorn. At times, vegetables like carrots, celery, leeks and onions are also included.

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business presentation meaning

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Dogs (Low in student Popularity low in Profitability) are difficult to sell, and if sold, offer little profit. Thus these are best eliminated from the menu. Bev nap : A beverage napkin which collects the condensed droplets on a beverage glass. A small square napkin is either placed on the table below the glass as a coaster or a long rectangular one wrapped around the glass when offering to a guest. Bill / Check : Item-wise total of purchases along with service charge and taxes. Biometrics : Verifying the individual biology of a human being by measuring and authenticating his unique characteristics is known as biometrics.

They include finger prints, face recognition, voice recognition, dna, iris recognition and even blind tests for odour. It is used in restaurants to allow limited access to certain confidential data and at a more basic level to authenticate the presence of a staff member on duty, which is then linked to his salary disbursement, leave, etc. Bistro : A small informal restaurant serving slow-cooked food at moderate prices; meals along with wine. Blast Chiller / Freezer : A blast chiller is a commercial appliance, usually used by restaurants and catering companies to rapidly cool down food from 70C to 3C or lower within around 90 minutes, thereby rendering it safe for storage and future consumption. A blast freezer does the same while taking the temperature down even further to -18C in around 240 minutes. Chilling wine or freezing ice cream very quickly are examples of how it may be used. Blt : Bacon, lettuce and Tomato sandwich made with mayonnaise, is amongst the popular sandwiches in the us and.

It is also known as a quarter plate and in many cases side dishes or starters are placed in it for consumption. Back burner : As putting a pot on the back burner implies that it isnt actively being attended to, just simmering; so also tasks put on the back burner would be the ones that are low priority for the moment. Back of the house : Usually consists of office, kitchen, stores and pot-wash. Bain-Marie : A water bath or double boiler that comprises of 2 utensils: a smaller one placed inside a larger one with a liquid (usually water) in between. It may be used for cooking custards, whipping mousses, melting chocolate etc. Or for keeping food warm as with chaffing dishes on buffet counters or even in a cold version as in the case of a salad counter.

Barista : Italian for bartender, a barista is a person proficient in the art of preparing and pulling espresso-based and other beverages at a coffee shop or any other type of restaurant. Bcg matrix : A 4-quadrant tool for restaurant menu engineering, named after a business consulting firm called the boston Consulting Group where its original avatar was first created. Each item on the menu is mapped to 2 parameters: profitability and popularity. The standardised recipe card provides us with details on profitability (selling price less recipe cost) while the pos data provides us with the number of units sold per dish, indicating its popularity. Stars (High in Popularity high in Profitability) are the best menu items, ideally our signature dishes to be up-sold. Plowhorses (High in Popularity low in Profitability with their selling price slightly increased could become stars, thus bettering business. Puzzles (Low in Popularity high in Profitability) are difficult to sell, sometimes even if their selling price is reduced. It may be worth considering altering these dishes, whether by taste, presentation or name, with a view to enhancing their popularity. If unsuccessful, treat as a dog.

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Auv : average Unit Volume refers to the volume of sales per outlet in a chain of stores. Basically, it is total sales of the chain divided by the total number of outlets. Auv is a metric that reflects the year-on-year financial performance, as well as the customer sentiment towards a brand. It also serves as a benchmark against which new store sales may be projected and online measured. Average bill per head : The total sales per day divided by the total number of visitors that day. B b plate : Bread and Butter Plate is a 6 inch side plate placed to the left of the dinner plate. In a fine dining restaurant, it would be used to place bread to be buttered and consumed.

business presentation meaning

Apéritif : An alcoholic drink taken as party an appetizer before a meal. Appetizer : A small portion of food or beverage taken before a meal to stimulate the appetite. Asset Register : A register that lists the restaurants assets including land, building, machinery and equipment, their purchase date, purchase price and a few details necessary to compute the depreciation and tax on these items. It also helps keep track of smaller items such as furniture, computers etc. And their physical condition during internal audits conducted usually by the finance and Accounts department. Atl : Above the line refers to sales marketing techniques that promote the awareness of a brand through media channels including television, radio, print, cinema, the internet, and even out-of-home mediums like billboards. Since the agencies involved used to charge a commission when the phrase was created, accountants back then categorised them as operating expenses and therefore called them above the line costs. Audit : An examination of stocks, systems or processes such as inventory management, financial transactions, customer experiences etc. With a view to correct or improve.

sauces, Bread butter, salads etc. Are usually placed at the table. Possibly the only style of food service wherein service is from the right side of the guest. Amortise : When a business gradually writes off the initial costs of its assets or repays its loan regularly over a period of time, it is said to be amortising the capital costs or loan. Angel Investor : An investor who provides capital and sometimes even guidance to start-up businesses in return for a shareholding or equity in the company. Considering the risk they take in first time entrepreneurial ventures, they usually expect high returns. Referring to them as angels, might just stem from the fact that they invest at a stage prior to proof of concept.

Previous Chapter, table of Contents. Next Chapter, restaurant Startup guide, ravi wazir, 2015 86d : When an item on the menu is assignment unavailable for sale, it is referred to as 86d. A drunk customer or even an exhausted colleague, is also deemed to be 86d. À la, au / Aux : French terms referring to the style or manner of cooking, or what the dish is served with. À la carte : A type of menu where each item is separately listed, described and priced. À la minut : Referring to a dish cooked to order. Al Dente : Literally means to the teeth / to the bite. The term is used when evaluating the correct degree of doneness of dishes, particularly vegetables and pasta. It is considered just right when biting into an item offers a slight resistance without being hard.

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Citation from "The cop reaper (tv, 2007 season 1 Episode 8 censored in hope of resolving. Google's penalty against this site). Adam Colgate, how to void a check - avoid Fraud and Unauthorized. A check is physical, legal contract that effectively represents a promissory note to pay the amounts indicated in numeric and written values, to the payee essay designated in the "pay to" section. Your signature authorizes the amount indicated. Restaurant Startup guide: Restaurant Jargon / Restaurant Terminology. The food beverage business, helping Entrepreneurs Succeed.

Business presentation meaning
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  6. First, make sure that you believe in your message and the importance of what you are saying. The business case was an adequate tool for referencing the history that the presenter focused on during his presentation. Welcome to your, staples. Enter customer id, user id, and password to log. A list of slang words for business (related to). Find words with this meaning on The Online Slang Dictionary's slang thesaurus (urban thesaurus).

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