Diamond network business plan

diamond network business plan

Diamond Retailer Business Plan Sample - executive summary

In our city, the participating jeweler is located far from the classic downtown area where most of the upscale jewelers are located. Again, the scarcity of jewelers that are willing to participate in the program is the main reason. To increase rbr's strategic infrastructure business, it needs to continue adding local jewelers into its selection, within the main shopping vicinity, not outside. World Global Network - corporate, helo lx, beat your beat. Sense the feeling of the new technology upon your skin. The first and only band for your wellness with the best-in-class technology. Biozen, the sticker that breaks the rules: reduce the harmful effects of the electrosmog.

Diamond Retailer Business Plan Sample - product Offering Bplans

3.5 Technology rbr uses a hybrid of traditional brick-and-mortar with Internet connectivity, utilizing local jewelry stores to participate in leveraging the "high touch" aspects of diamond e technology model is quite simple. An eye-catching front-end, to capture the attention of the customers, and new logistics back-end to expedite the delivery of the merchandise to our network of local jewelers in the area. How does it work? For example, one customer is interested in seeing and examining a diamond for an engagement ring. After selecting up to two diamonds and setting up an appointment with a jeweler, merchandise is then shipped within 24 hours (if the order was placed before the cut-off time of 4 PM). Rbr notifies the jeweler via e-mail for an appointment. Sales will be made on the spot. This dynamic relationship of course does not come easily, although it is true that local jewelers basically have less risk or maybe no risk compared to rbr in building the partnerships. In our city, there is only one jeweler who currently participates in the rbr's program. In the greater local area, there are only four jewelers who participate. Location selection is another problem that needs to be solved by the strategic decision-makers at rbr.

This catalog is also available for customers by filling out a request form that is available through the website, free of charge. 3.3 sourcing rbr has an already long-term relationship with several diamond cutters in the world, such as levy diamond Cutters Inc. (Israel and Schumacher diamond Cutters Inc. The relationship of rbr and these diamond cutters is traced back to the owner's father, who has purchased loose diamonds directly from these sources since 1970. 3.4 Future Products As the company expands, it requires a new product category to increase its sales volume. Other players in the game (m and Bluenile) have been enjoying the growth of its popular trinkets sales, in addition write to setting sales. Although rbr has been focusing on loose diamonds in the past three years, the company now realizes the importance of variety and options. Customers want not only an excellent quality of diamond but an extraordinary design setting for themselves and their loved ones.

diamond network business plan

A sample diamond Cutting polishing Business Plan Template

Radiant, with a price ranging from 470 to 512,000 depending on the 4Cs. Pear, with a price ranging from 460 to 1,150,000 depending on the 4Cs. Heart, with a price ranging from 570 to 280,000 depending on the 4Cs. Cushion, with a price ranging from 895 to 480,000 depending on the 4Cs. In addition to our selection of fine diamonds, we also carry signature items made exclusively for rbr. These collections include the world's finest round-cut diamonds and emerald-cut diamonds, which are rare. 3.2 Sales Literature In addition to the interactive website, we also publish an annual diamond catalog that is distributed throughout our network of local jewelers. The catalog includes the diamond report and information regarding the 4Cs (Carat, Clarity, color, cut) of the merchandise. The names and addresses of rbr's network jewelers will also be printed in the annual diamond catalog.

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diamond network business plan

Diamond Plan - msh international dubai

The less color in a diamond, the better the color grade. Color grades are categorized into d (absolutely colorless, the highest color grade e (colorless, only traces of color and only detected by gemologists f (colorless, slight color detected, still a high quality diamond g-h for (near colorless, color noticeable, but still an excellent value i-j (near. Rbr does not carry the last three color grades in its inventory to maintain a good selection of diamonds. Cut: The roundness, depth, width and uniformity of the facets determine a diamond 's brilliance. Cut is the most important characteristic of a diamond ; even with perfect color and clarity, a poor cut will affect its brilliance. Carat: The weight of a diamond.

In the engagement-ring market today, usually the "dowry" is around 1 carat and above. 3.1 Product Description, rBR carries various diamond shapes in its inventory: round, with a price ranging from 360 to 970,000 depending on the 4Cs. Princess, with a price ranging from 370 to 200,000 depending on the 4Cs. Emerald, hotel with a price ranging from 270 to 550,000 depending on the 4Cs. Asscher, with a price ranging from 500 to 300,000 depending on the 4Cs. Marquis, with a price ranging from 615 to 500,000 depending on the 4Cs. Oval, with a price ranging from 460 to 240,000 depending on the 4Cs.

Take the time to talk with top income earners in your company about how they prospect. Read books, listen to cds, and attend teleconferences and web conferences. Become a sponge for information about prospecting. Decide which methods are going to fit you and your life best, and put them to work every day. If you work consistently and persistently, you'll soon have a network full of diamonds).

Rbr's main product is loose diamonds, from emerald-cut to round-cut diamonds, with brilliant color and v vs 1, meaning Very, very Slightly Included, or an excellent quality diamond. All of rbr's diamonds are gia certified (Gemological Institute of America) with laser inscription inside. Rbr was positioned as a diamond wholesaler rather than a retailer in the past. Rbr had been supplying local jewelers in the area for more than twenty years and maintained very strong relationships. In the diamond business, we determine the price of a diamond according to the "4C" criteria: Clarity: The most expensive diamond is the one that is absolutely clear in clarity, but many of them have inclusions (scratches or trace minerals) that can detract from the. Clarity has several categories that affect the price of a diamond : fl (Flawless, no internal/external flaws vvs1, vvs2 (Very, very Slightly Included, an excellent quality of diamond vs1, vs2 (Very Slightly Included, not visible to the eye s1, S2 (Slightly Included, may be visible. Rbr does not carry the last two clarity grades in its inventory. Color: A diamond can divide light into a spectrum of colors, and reflect light as more or less colorful, depending on the color grade.

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You'll be working with people already interested in operating a home business, so all you have to do is present your company. Most of the lead companies provide you with scripts, and some even offer phone training. One place to start looking. A number of top network marketers have built their large networks through advertising. They place small classified ads in newspapers, business magazines and on the internet. The ad shares a few of the benefits of a network marketing business -fire your boss, time and financial freedom, travel, great tax benefits-then directs the respondent to either call and listen to a recorded message or visit a website. The message and site will continue to create curiosity, so that the prospect will move on to the next step-a phone call to you. There are many, many methods for prospecting.

diamond network business plan

Beyond your warm market, there's a whole world full of diamonds. All you have to do is sift through the dirt to find them. Even better would be if they found you. That's called attraction marketing. You set yourself up as an estate authority, and high-quality prospects come to you. One of the best training programs on attraction marketing is called. It will teach you how to set yourself up to attract quality prospects. Another great way to find diamonds is through purchased leads. There are a number of companies that do the advertising for you, and some even do the prequalification.

business. Unfortunately, this usually turns out to be disastrous, because as a new networker you probably aren't prepared to handle your prospects' questions and objections. However, if you're prepared and know how to prospect, you can get through to your warm market. Instead of calling the people you know and telling them all about your company, spend time finding out about their life. Use form-that's family, occupation, recreation and money. In your conversation, ask them questions about time with the family, how their job or business is going, what vacations they have planned and how they're preparing for their financial future. As you ask these questions, listen for areas that are causing stress-working too many hours, not spending enough time with the family, the possibility of a lay-off, no time or money for vacations, no savings or extra money for investments, etc. Make note of those areas. When you have two or three stress areas written down, it's time to present the concept of your business with a question like: "you have several areas that seem to be causing stress (mention each one briefly and I'm wondering if you'd be open.

My friend Collette was a single mom with five children. She had no education beyond high school, was working as a part-time secretary and had a mountain of debt. On the outside, collette didn't seem like a diamond, but she had a big reason to succeed-she was the sole supporter for her five kids. The first quality of a diamond is a big purpose, or a "why.". Today, collette is the top income earner in the network marketing company she represents. Beyond the big "why diamonds like collette are also open to coaching, they schedule daily time for their business, they're positive and upbeat, and they feel grateful to have found the right business. Now let's discuss how literature you can find those diamonds. You may have diamonds right in your backyard. They could be your parents, children, other relatives, friends, co-workers, pastor, accountant, attorney, hair stylist and.

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Learn how to recognize, interest and attract the people who will become your biggest sellers. November 21, 2006 5 min read. Opinions expressed by, entrepreneur contributors are their own. If you talk with the top income earners in network marketing, they'll all say that prospecting is the key to success. It's just like prospecting for diamonds: diamonds are very valuable, so you don't have to find very many of them to become wealthy. In network marketing, it's the same-all you have to do is find a few real, live diamonds. So how do you do that? First, let's examine what a network marketing diamond looks like. Quite often, they'll surprise you.

Diamond network business plan
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  6. Let s examine what a network marketing diamond. How do i become. To set up an electronics business before realising that. Starts as a dealer in order to build up the vital network. Business plans; favorites by app.

  7. Rocks by request diamond retailer business plan. In the diamond business. We also publish an annual diamond catalog that is distributed throughout our network. Diamond Business, communications provides quality network support, managed it, cyber security, and it services in Hamilton and Trenton, new Jersey, and Central nj small businesses. How to attract great network marketers to your network marketing business.

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