Diary of a wimpy kid dog days the book summary

diary of a wimpy kid dog days the book summary

Diary of a wimpy kid: Dog days (2012) - imdb

Jefferson's computer, sending an email to his mother that said "help help get me out of here these people are driving me crazy". Jefferson is angry at Greg for sending that message. Mr Jefferson got a repeat message saying that family vacations are challenges and asked if Greg was being good (most of his bad behavior was on the e-mail). Later on, Greg went on the Cranium Shaker which made him feel dizzy and queasy, and then after spending time in the arcade went pranking people with a one dollar bill but then a random kid caught. Greg went to bed with Rowley before 8pm (and before the sun goes down and then shocked Rowley with a zap of static. Rowley got revenge by zapping Greg back.

Diary of a wimpy kid: Dog days (film) - wikipedia

However, the fireworks at the country club started then. Greg also finds a back to school advertisement in the newspaper leaving him concerned and put out about a near-future all day shopping trip with his mom. Greg later tries to impress heather Hills, but he failed. When someone randomly vomited under heather's chair, there was heather waiting for Greg to do something but that was way ahead of what Greg thought he was supposed. Greg never went to see heather again. At the end of summer, she went to college, so their long-distance relationship will never work out. The heffleys run into the jeffersons and Greg's mom agreed about the idea about taking Greg on a beach trip with the jeffersons and then says Greg would, before robert Jefferson could shut the idea down. When Greg gets to rowley's beach house he notices that there's nothing fun to do except read, which he dislikes. On the bright side, summary he also finds out about how great the dinner was, but dessert he found awful as there was spinach in the brownies. He had a nasty surprise when he notices they have to share a bed and Rowley knocks him out of bed by having scary "chicken dreams". The next morning, Greg fiddles with. .

Even though Greg wanted a dog for a long time, he quickly becomes annoyed at Sweetie, who drools on his pillow, sleeps on his bed, interrupts his privacy in the bathroom and won't stop barking at the television unless a certain advertisement with gophers comes. Sweetie finally kisses Frank, greg thinks it is because Frank had potato chips on his breath. . On the 4th of July, the heffleys go plan to the town pool. However, it is way more crowded than it was last year. Greg also tells about being in the baby pool whenever there was a rest break but stopping when he hears a toddler claim to be peeing, and jumping on the diving boards when Rodrick said there was a clown up there. They go to the picnic area where they hand out free watermelon, which Greg also has a fear of because rodrick said a watermelon will grow in his stomach if he swallows the seeds. When the fireworks were about to start, the show was cancelled because the fireworks got soaked the last night in the rain.

diary of a wimpy kid dog days the book summary

The diary of a wimpy kid: Dog days quiz: 10 questions

Heffleys visit leisure towers to spend the day with Greg's grandfather. Greg felt bad about his dead fish. There, frank tells of how his dog named. Nutty ran away to a butterfly farm. Greg's grandfather reveals that he had actually accidentally ran over the dog in the driveway. Greg's father takes off in a state of anger, and then buys a dog. Manny, rodrick and Greg try to give the dog a proper name, but Manny can only thing of Elephant or Zebra aka zeb, rodrick wants to name the dog Turtle or "Turd" for short and Greg wants to name him Shredder or Ripjaw. Frank sends Rodrick to the mall to buy a dog bowl with Sweetie's name printed on it but Rodrick comes back with Sweetie's name misspelled "Sweaty".

Diary of a wimpy kid: Dog days Summary & Study guide

diary of a wimpy kid dog days the book summary

Dog days (Diary of a wimpy kid Series 4) by jeff Kinney

Ladybug " cell phone but it is far from what he expected, as he views plan the ladybug cellphone as junk and not a "real" cellphone because the ladybug only allows him to call home and 911. Greg goes to the next room to cut the cake, but becomes even more upset when Uncle joe's dog, killer eats his cake and vomits it in front of Greg, thus making his birthday a bit of a disappointment all around. After Greg's birthday, greg's mother allows. Rodrick and Greg to each get a fish for a pet, to make greg feel a bit better after Killer ate Greg's cake. Greg picks out an angelfish and Rodrick decides on a fish, because it is labeled "aggressive.". Manny picks out fish food, but eats half the container before they get home. When the family goes to the.

Slipslide water Park, it begins to rain and then they leave. Susan had a headache so she lay down in the back. When they got to a gas station, Greg's mom left the car to go to the bathroom and the heffleys forgot about her until they came home. After some thinking, they went back to the gas station books where they stopped for gas, where susan was there. Afterward, rodrick's aggressive fish ate. The next day is Father's day, so the.

Greg clears the lawn individually, although he struggles over the areas covered in dog poop. Greg finishes the clearing of the lawn, but Mrs. Canfield finds the service "lousy" and refuses to pay greg the thirty dollars she promised, and Greg gets frustrated that Mrs. Canfield won't even drive him home. Greg, tries to find other ways to pay that bill, and tries to contact Rowley about them, but Rowley was at the movies with his father, and Greg became very annoyed that Rowley did not tell him he was going to take the day off. After Greg's fight, Greg's mother quickly gets to know about the conflict and attempts to make greg happy.

This, however does not please Greg, as his mother tries to make greg happy in ways such as inviting Fregley over, a person Greg isn't fond of at all, and encouraging father-to-son bonding, something that also displeases Greg, the same amount if not more. Susan takes Greg to the bombshells beauty salon again, and she hears that he and Rowley had a falling-out. The barber says that she's seen Rowley and his father together playing tennis and other stuff. The last time Greg and his dad had a father-son bonding, it ended up with Greg pulling Frank out of a creek as he wrongly interpreted the word "duck". For Greg's birthday, all of his relatives come over. Unfortunately, his mom confiscates Greg's birthday money to pay off the 83 bill for Rowley's father. Greg is also frustrated that his relatives have not given him a single gift that he wanted and received all gifts he doesn't like very much, such as books he hates/doesn't read and clothes he doesn't really need. Greg also gets a ".

Diary of a wimpy kid: Dog days - movie review

Afterwards, all the boys left the club until there is only one member left: Greg. . The reading program, however, is put to a stop when. Jefferson arrives with an 83 bill that Greg and Rowley spent on drinks at the country club, namely fruit smoothies, and he forces the two to pay it off. Greg, at first hand attempts to pay back the bill by mowing first lawns with a team he calls the vip lawn Service, and their first customer. Greg and Rowley end up in some difficulties in operating, in ways such as the gasoline spilling over. Before the two boys start, Greg states that Rowley should clear it for him, whilst Greg starts working on his so-called "business plan". Rowley however, gets quickly annoyed at the idea, and states that Greg should help him clear the lawn too. Greg tries to find a chance to manipulate rowley, but then Rowley, plan unable to tolerate Greg's way of working, decides to leave.

diary of a wimpy kid dog days the book summary

The barber also tells Greg about the town gossip. Susan picks him up in the middle writing of a story. Peppers and his new wife who is twenty years younger than him. Later, Greg and, rowley have a sleepover together, and watch a horror movie called. Hello, you're dead taken from Greg's older brother, rodrick. After the movie, greg and Rowley soon became scared and borderline paranoid of a muddy hand (from the film) that might strangle them. Unfortunately for Greg, susan finds out about the movie and starts. Reading Is Fun club because she thinks he needs to be well read, in which he is the only participant after several weeks. People were into this so they bring their favorite book, however, susan disallowed all the books and gave them "classic" books instead as the books they brought aren't actually "real books".

the lack of money, so Greg's family goes to the town pool, which he dislikes because of older, hairy men showering in the open shower stalls. Susan takes Greg to get a haircut as she thinks he looks "shaggy but instead of his regular place, she takes him. Bombshells beauty salon, where susan and her mother get their hair done. While he is there, he reads a tabloid and remembers that Gramma reads tabloids. One thing Gramma read that may have come from a tabloid but also possibly from the internet or something said cordless phones erase the memory of the elderly, so she didn't answer her phone, causing Mom to get worried and come to her house. Gramma said the information was from. The new York times. Greg fishes a tabloid out the trash can and "learned" North America will be underwater in six months, which takes the pressure out of him to do well at school.

Please fill your email to form below. This article contains major plot spoilers! Read at your own risk! The wiki is not responsible if you read the article without looking at this message and get upset that the plot was spoiled for you. Diary of a wimpy kid: Dog days dates is the 4th book in the, diary of a wimpy kid series. It was released on Monday, october 12, 2009 and then released tuesday, october 13, 2009 in Canada. The story begins with Greg Heffley explaining how his mom wants him to get some sunlight in the room while Greg is playing video games. Greg also explains how he and Rowley jefferson invited Trista, a girl they met in the ending of The last Straw to rowley's country club, but she met a lifeguard and hung out with him, so Greg and Rowley started hanging out without her.

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Diary of a wimpy kid dog days the book summary
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