Essay on fire station

essay on fire station

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Photo: Firefighters from the washington, dc fire department tackle a burning building with hoses and a "hook and ladder" truck (a fire truck equipped with huge onboard ladders and other rescue equipment). One way of using a truck like this is to attach a fire hose to the top of an extended ladder. The hose can then be operated safely by firefighters standing at the bottom, who pull on a cable or swivel the turntable ladder to direct the water. In this case, it's safer because the firefighters don't have to stand so near the flames and heat from the burning roof. Photo by dave hyatt courtesy of us air Force and Defense Imagery. Fire ambulances Ambulances are like miniature hospitals inside, allowing paramedics to give rapid treatment to casualties at the scene. Firefighters tackle three quarters of all medical emergencies. Fire ambulances carry equipment to deal with common fire injuries.

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Firefighters wear jackets made from synthetic materials such as, nomex and, kevlar. They are fireproof, insulate against heat, and paper resist many different chemicals. Helmets, made from carbon-based composite materials, are hard-wearing and shockproof. A special mixture of glass and plastic protects visors against high temperatures. A fire truck (sometimes called a fire engine) has to carry firefighters and equipment to burning buildings. It also has to pump large volumes of water, sometimes over long distances, to extinguish the flames. Typical fire trucks carry about 1900 liters (500 gallons) of water and draw bigger supplies from hydrants (like giant faucets positioned on streets—described more fully below) near the scene. They also carry assorted portable extinguishers for tackling smaller or more unusual fires. Rescue vehicles Firefighters don't just put out fires. Most fire departments have dedicated rescue trucks designed for tackling automobile accidents, which carry hydraulic jacks and airbags for lifting overturned vehicles, a punch for breaking windscreens, and high-temperature gas torches that can cut people free from crashed cars. One new tool is a steering-wheel cover to stop a car's airbag from inflating and injuring firefighters as they work.

Note the thick, insulated rubber boots the firefighter is wearing to to protect against heat, cold, and resist oils, chemicals, and salt. They also have steel toecaps to protect against impacts. Photo by rebecca layman courtesy of us air Force and Defense Imagery. Photo: Fire trucks as they used. This is a horse-drawn fire cart dating from 1880. Note the primitive, bucket-style fire extinguisher pump on the left. It's currently an exhibit at the national Trust's Lanhydrock country house in Cornwall, England. What turns an ordinary man apple or woman into a firefighter? Apart from heroic bravery and determination, it's the clothes they wear and the equipment they use.

essay on fire station

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They're constantly trained in new firefighting techniques. Firefighting is a stressful job with long periods of waiting. Often firefighters pass the time at the station by playing games like table football. Amazing vehicles, photo: A closeup of the pump panel inside an airport fire truck. You can connect several different hoses at once and guaranteed each one has separate controls. There fuller are stopcocks to turn the water on and off and dials to tell you the water pressure. The big silver connection is where the engine hooks up to a fire hydrant (an on-street water supply).

Photo by liam Kennedy courtesy. Extraordinary people, photo: Fire has a voracious appetite for oxygen and, when it burns materials such as plastics, it can give off highly toxic chemicals. That's why firefighters often have to wear breathing apparatus. It's worth remembering that firefighters often have to work in darkness and thick smoke, which makes their job even more difficult and dangerous. Photo by courtesy. Us department of Energy (DOE). Firefighting is a dangerous and demanding job that calls for total teamwork: it can take several people just to hold a powerful fire hose working at full pressure. Men and women make equally good firefighters, but must be no younger than 21 and usually retire. Firefighters have to pass strict medicals and physicals and also take written theory tests.

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essay on fire station

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They may be volunteers, or they may be paid for doing this (known as retained firefighters in the uk). In some places such as large us cities, it is common for the fire department to run the emergency medical services. In those responsibilities departments, such as the new York city fire department, most of the fire department's calls are medical emergencies rather than fires. Although these are usually dealt with by full-time paramedics, many firefighters are trained in first aid and they may assist in medical emergencies, even bringing the fire engine to the scene. Retrieved from " ". Last updated: november 29, 2017. Fire gobbles its way through trees and buildings like a hungry animal—and in a sense that's exactly what it is: a living, breathing animal.

Fire is a chemical reaction that feeds on fuel and oxygen. Give it plenty of both and it'll keep on burning indefinitely. Thank goodness, then, for firefighters, those brave men and women who set themselves the job of stopping fire in its tracks. Fire fighting is one of the toughest jobs there is and it calls for some equally tough equipment. Let's take a closer look at how to tackle those flames! Photo: Firefighters wear all-over aluminum suits to tackle the worst blazes; suits made of fireproof Nomex and kevlar are used for less severe fires.

These vehicles can pump water and foam to put out fires. Fire engines also carry ladders, cutting tools and lots of different types of rescue equipment. Most carry first aid kit s to help people who are injured or hurt. Firefighters wear heavy clothing to protect them from the heat when they are fighting with a fire. This is called bunker gear or turnout gear. They may wear a breathing apparatus to protect themselves from breathing in smoke.

Depending on the country, the agency firefighters work for is called a fire department, fire service, fire and rescue service or fire brigade. Fire departments are usually government agencies that are funded by taxes and look after a local area. Some sites employ their own firefighters, such as airports and some factories. Some fire departments employ firefighters who work full-time and wait at the fire station to be called out. Villages and small towns usually have part-time firefighters who have other jobs outside of the fire service. These firefighters will drive from their home or workplace to the fire station when their help is needed.

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Some stations are staffed by a mix of full-time and on-call firefighters. Gallery edit pdf historic edit historic Toronto fire services Fire hall Modern edit see also edit references edit External links edit. From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to navigation, jump to search. Firefighters, firefighters or firemen are people whose job is to put out fires and rescue people. Besides fires, firefighters rescue people and animals from car wrecks, collapsed buildings, stuck elevators and many other emergencies. Firefighting is a job which requires bravery, strength, quick thinking and a wide range of skills. Firefighters are based at a building called a fire station (also known as a fire hall ). When their help is needed, they drive a vehicle called a fire engine or fire truck to the scene.

essay on fire station

In modern times, agencies such as the national Fire Protection Association have argued that these pose a safety hazard. 1 Modern fire stations are more likely to be built with the living quarters on the same level as the garage. An occupied station will usually have a station alarm system to alert the firefighters of an emergency call, and to give some indication of where and what the emergency. In some small fire departments, the only alarm may be a telephone for receiving calls. Unoccupied stations edit some fire stations are not regularly occupied, with the firefighting carried out by volunteer or retained firefighters. In this case, the firefighters are summoned to the fire station by siren, radio or pagers, where they will then deploy the fire engine. These fire stations may still have office space for the firefighters, a library of reference and other materials, and a "trophy wall" or case nursing where the firefighters display memorabilia.

inspection and cleaning of the apparatus and equipment, and continuing education in the fire service. Weekly or bi-weekly routine typically includes various drills in which firefighters practice their skills; some fire stations have a drill tower for practicing high-rise rescue. Some fire companies also host public activities at the fire station during events such as a "fire prevention week and the facility may also be used for fund-raising by the "firemen's association " fire buffs or "fire auxiliary". In a single story station, a tower-like structure is sometimes used for hose hanging. Occupied stations edit, if the station is occupied full-time by career firefighters, it will contain living quarters and work areas, where they wait until a dispatch is called. Career firefighters are usually able to sleep during a night shift, so these stations will also have dormitories. Many fire stations were built with the living quarters above the garage. This arrangement is common for fire stations built in a crowded city, and also allows for a raised area to hang hoses to dry to prevent damage. The fireman's pole was invented to allow firefighters to quickly descend to the garage.

A fire station (also called a fire house, fire hall, or essay firemen's hall ) is a structure or other area for storing firefighting apparatus such as fire engines and related vehicles, personal protective equipment, fire hoses and other specialized equipment. Fire stations frequently contain working and living space for the firefighters and support staff. In large us cities, fire stations are often named for the primary fire companies and apparatus housed there, such as "Ladder 49". Other fire stations are named based on the district, neighborhood, town or village where they are located, or given a number. Facilities edit, american, mutcd sign W11-8 warning of a fire station. A fire station will at a minimum have a garage for housing at least one fire engine. Most firefighting equipment will be stored in the fire engine itself.

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For the canadian performing arts centre, see. "Fireman's hall" and "Firemen's hall" redirect here. For the hall in Alfred, new York see. Fireman's Hall (New York). For the hall in New York city, see. Firemen's writing Hall (New York). For other uses, see. Fire stations of varying sizes and architecture.

Essay on fire station
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  3. We all know that a fire station is a structure with areas set asid e for. Activities in a fire station include regular inspection and cleaning of the. We ve visited the fire station a handful of times in the last few years. We most recently went for a scheduled tour with our church playgroup. Most fire departments have dedicated rescue trucks designed for ta ckling automobile accidents, which carry hydraulic jacks and airbags for. Fire station definition: A fire station is a building where fire engines are kept, and where firefighters wait.

  4. College essay( fire dept) essaysI decided to join the fire department a year and h alf ago as a way to aid the community in which ive lived all my life. Essay on Fire Brigade. A fire station is also called a fire brigade and they consi st of firemen, who act in critical and emergency situations. Read this full essay on The fire Station. I was sitting at my dinner table and sud denly the tv program was erupted in with an irritating noise.

  5. A fire station is a structure or other area for storing firefighting apparatus suc h as fire engines and related vehicles, personal protective equipment, fire hoses and. Firefighters are based at a building called a fire station (also known as a fire h all). When their help is needed, they drive a vehicle called a fire engine or fire truck. Free essay: I was sitting at my dinner table and suddenly the tv program was. I walk up the cement ramp towards the door of the metal-sided fire station.

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