Highest paying travel nurse assignments

highest paying travel nurse assignments

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If you are someone who can have fun and make home anywhere for a few months, its a fantastic way to save money. Or if you have a fellow nurse or loved one to travel with, its even more appealing to take unconventional assignments because you can have fun exploring a new place together. You might be interested in: sky high pay for Ultra Specialized Nurses. Work the holidays, if you are open to working the holiday season, you will be able to cash in on some great holiday rates (typically.5 to 2 times your typical hourly travel pay). Another perk of working holidays is the flexibility of taking a short contract. Because a lot of permanent staff take vacation time off between the end of november and the beginning of January, hospitals are more likely to offer short-term contracts between 4-6 weeks to cover for staff. If you want to explore a new place without 3 months of commitment, and earn some impressive paychecks in the meantime, consider working through the holidays. Work overtime, if you can find the energy to squeeze in some extra shifts while on contract, it will pay off quite literally.

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By Brittany hamstra bsn, rn, lets be honest, one of essay the biggest draws of travel nursing is the impressive amount of money you can make. There are tons of memes floating around the internet of travel nurses drying their work stress tears with stacks of cash, and although it is a total exaggeration, the job is lucrative. But travel nursing pay can vary drastically depending on a multitude of conditions. Heres a quick list of 10 tips to earn over 100,000 on the job:. Follow the money, if you want to make big bucks in winter, youll have to trade places with the snowbirds. While everyone is trying desperately to escape the harsh winters in northern states, that opens book big opportunities for travel nurses who are willing to brave the cold. If you have what it takes to head north in winter, you can earn very high pay as a travel nurse in states like wisconsin, Alaska, north dakota, and Illinois. Some hospitals will even offer special winter rates or bonuses in anticipation for winter shortages. Be open to small towns. Although the glamour of nyc or Malibu might be drawing you in as a traveling nurse, if you want high earning potential, you should consider looking towards small towns and rural locations. Frankly, the least appealing locations and the underserved areas of the us are not able to recruit travel nurses easily, so they offer enticing pay packages.

Dont wait until your hospital finally begins to value your hard work. Join us and begin your successful career as a travel nurse. Live and work on your own terms! Fastaff Travel Nursing understands that travel nursing is more than a job; its a calling. As the leading Rapid Response nurse staffing the agency, fastaff Travel Nursing can offer you exclusive traveling nurse jobs with the highest pay in the industry. In addition to partnering with prestigious facilities, our travel nurses enjoy 48-hour workweeks and flexible-length assignments. New travel nursing jobs arrive daily, so check back frequently or sign-up to receive job notices. We can match you to a travel nurse job with a true purpose.

highest paying travel nurse assignments

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You should never pass on a strike contract if your agency picks one for you. If you want to keep receiving travel nursing assignments that pay extremely well, you must continue to get nursing licenses in as many states as possible. It will keep you in demand, you will not be limited to just the three states where you have been licensed. You will have better opportunities to choose from. When you will have a nursing license for most states, you will be able to choose from the nursing jobs available in different states. Then, you can select the state that pays higher than others. Every state has different rates depending on their fiscal policy. So, when you are choosing a job from different states, along with selecting accommodation and other comforts of the sort, you should also compare the per hour rate each assignment state offers. Travel Nursing offers a rewarding future for you and your families.

This generally happens in homecare cases. After surgery, nursing care plays a key role in the patients recovery and families pay a huge sum of money when their loved ones retain their health due to your efforts and care. You must be prudent while registering with any nursing agency. Always, make sure the agency will take care of all your travel costs. Sometimes, the agency covers your boarding and lodging but doesnt make arrangements for your utility expenses. Just be very clear about your needs when getting into a contract with a travel nursing agency. Working in hospitals where the nursing staff is on strike is another way to ensure a high remuneration for your services. The hospital is in dire need when its own staff goes on a strike. In such scenarios, hospitals are likely to offer a very high bill rate for nurses who can fill in to care for their patients.

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highest paying travel nurse assignments

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Steve swan, ceo check signer, are you an allied traveler? Tesco česká republika g, tesco česká republika. Travel nursing has become the new trend in the healthcare industry. Instead of being employed by the hospital, travel nurses register themselves with nursing agencies and travel across the country where they are needed the most. This wonderful field has some of the highest paying jobs.

You just need to know which ones will benefit you the most. The foremost option for a high compensation is that you extend your expertise in positions that are not very easy to perform. For instance, nursing a patient on dialysis, pediatric nursing or psychiatric nursing are the kind of positions where there is a high turnover of hospital-employed nurses. Eventually, hospitals find it costly to hire people frequently for such positions. As a travel nurse, that opens a door of opportunity for you. Since, you are hired for a particular expertise and generally kept on standby for that position due to high turnover, hospitals offer very high rates for your hiring. Another area of expertise that will get you a high income is medical surgery.

Your Dream Travel Nursing Assignment Awaits you! Search our available jobs by clicking the search Jobs button below. See what we are about! Investigate our company and learn about all our available travel nursing jobs, no-cost medical dental benefits and an amazing 401K package. Chat with your recruiter not just about the who, what, when and why, but also you as a person and clinician, so we can match you with your perfect assignment. Your job is hard enough, let us take care of you.

Give us 5 minutes of your time and we will find your 13-week dream travel nursing assignment. Let the adventure begin! Explore your new assignments city and start making friends! Feel free to reach out to us for advice about your new city. We are here for you every step of the way. "The most caring and easiest to work with, valley healthcare Staffing recruits the most clinically competent travel nurses and further, does whatever it takes to make sure they are happy.".

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Our Travel Nurses are first in line when it comes to new assignments, join us and become part of the team! We match your perfect balance of lifestyle and income to ensure your travel nursing book assignment is not just a job, but a gateway to adventure. We also aim to be the last company you ever travel with going to great lengths for your future. Valley offers the highest paying travel nurse assignments, no-cost medical benefits to include vision and dental, and we match all of your 401K contributions presentation up to 5! Experience Travel Nursing With Valley! Whether you want to help crush grapes in Napa, ski and snowboard in Tahoe, golf in Palm Springs, learn to cook at the culinary Academy, scuba dive for lobsters in Catalina or relax on Laguna beach, we help create a long term plan that blends. Where do you want to go?

highest paying travel nurse assignments

We staff top trauma centers, oncology and heart hospitals, childrens hospitals, outpatient care centers and more. Browse All Hot Jobs, today's Hot Jobs - critical needs - higher pay. valley healthcare Staffing travel Nursing Agency. Where will Life take you? Our Mission, valleys mission is to be an innovative provider of clinical staffing services, intuitively subscribing to our noble cause of placing others above self. Our vision is to genuinely and intuitively use report teamwork to solve problems, feel free to search our website to learn more about the valley healthcare experience. Autonotify advanced staffing technology, be the first in line for the job. After years of evolution in the travel nurse staffing space, weve produced cutting-edge technology that rapidly connects highly skilled travel nurses with our clients and their hospitals.

find you a travel nurse job to suit your lifestyle needs. We have thousands of postings across all 50 states and the virgin Islands. Search Our Travel Nursing Jobs by Specialty and State ». You choose when to work - you decide on your start date and include time off in your contract as desired, so you have the time for important family engagements and vacations. Nurses receive high pay and benefits - annual earnings for travel nurses can be as high as 110,000/year, far surpassing the rn median annual income of 67,490/year reported by the. You also receive free private housing or a housing stipend and comprehensive group health insurance - including day one options - when traveling with American Traveler. Here's a sample of today's best-paying positions: When hospitals have critical needs, they often offer fast starts and higher pay. American Traveler has top-paying travel jobs at prominent facilities across the nation.

(If you love it, why not stay a while?). As a traveler, you will enjoy top nurse salary and receive free private housing or a generous housing stipend, comprehensive health and dental insurance - including day 1 options, 401(k) matching, travel and license reimbursements, and more. American Traveler is proud to have earned high ratings from many working RNs; we are committed to continuously improving our customer service. Travel Nurses Can Earn up to 110,000 Annually. What is travel nursing like? Travel Nurses have freedom and Flexibility. You choose the facility - whether you would like to work in a rural critical access facility or an urban university type teaching hospital, American Traveler has travel nurse job for you. We staff 65 of hospitals ranked "The best" by the.

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What do travel nurses margaret do? Travel nurses are skilled healthcare professionals just like you. Traveling is an excellent career choice for nurses who have a minimum of 12 months recent acute care clinical experience and want to advance their careers, salaries, or lifestyles. Traveling gives you the opportunity to build your clinical competency through assignments at award-winning facilities - while traveling to exciting new locations across the country. RNs are in high demand, and there are often seasonal shortages or critical needs in certain specialties. Hospitals hire travelers to meet those short-term demands, usually in 13-week blocks, although the assignment may be shorter or longer. Many travelers enjoy their assignments so much, they renew again and again.

Highest paying travel nurse assignments
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  1. Nurses can easily find the highest paying jobs in travel nursing and settle on a job in the kind of environment they like best. a range of climates and natural phenomena to behold, its easy to understand why california is an in-demand travel nurse destination. Travel nurses enjoy some of the highest paying job opportunities in the country. Travel nursing has become the new trend in the healthcare industry. Instead of being employed by the hospital, travel nurses register.

  2. Our recruiters will help you find the highest paying jobs in California! offering the highest paying packages in the travel nurse industry, mssi is happy to offer medical/dental/vision on all assignments that. It is because of the fact that a lot of nurses dream to be one of this highest paying job. with the highest - paying assignments, like california and New York, can take more than a month to process your application, so the. Earn what you deserve as a traveling registered nurse with Fastaff Travel Nursings highest paying travel nurse jobs in the industry. Competitive salaries: you can count on some of the highest paying assignments in the industry.

  3. Offers the highest paying travel nurse assignments, no-cost medical benefits to include vision and dental, and we match all of your 401. come to mind for highest paying travel rates, especially certain hospital systems (Kaiser Permanente) and in certain regions (bay area. Learn more about these mobile rns who work on short term assignments at hospitals across the. Find out more about pay and lifestyle. Pair this with the highest paying jobs in travel nursing, and youll see why nurses choose fastaff. You can also see that our two highest paying assignments were in completely different areas on opposite sides of the country.

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