I want to write a poetry book

i want to write a poetry book

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I don't think it's real. Vampires are not drop dead glorious and werewolves aren't sexy either. I don't think it's cute when a vampire or werewolf are trading their lives away for a single girl who doesn't even have her feelings in order. I don't think it's romantic when your stalking a girl you hardly even know. There are stories that glorify the negative things in a relationship and that's not real. Rape is not a plot and it's not romantic, your boyfriend being clingy and abusive is not cute and being kidnapped should not be a thing you want happening to you from a bunch of boys in a band. These stories i avoid, because they are unreal and frankly taking something negative into something that is a power or to fuel the romance is something I don't want to read.

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The Black panther, a superhero by marvel, is probably my favorite superhero. A black man with a kingdom in Africa, they could have created a character from Africa that was raised in poor conditions or put on the boat to be a slave and they didn't do that. It was a superhero that was king to his land, advanced in technology, strong to boot and was married to Storm at one point before they broke the couple. I enjoyed that, a legitimate black couple together. A lot of stories i've read is always an interracial couple as if two black people can't get along. I grew up in a household where my parents were at each others throats and it would almost make me sad because i never got to see a good relationship between two black people, it was written the off as if it could never be real. My dad raised me, his only daughter but second child, when my mother was no where around. Yet there are stories were the black man can't even take care of his kids and that's not true. The mother in the relationship is not always the hero sometimes dad has to be hero when mom is messing. I try to avoid certain things when I write because.

Of course i am not the best writer but i try, i read tips and advice on how to improve on blog sites and Wattpad, a place for writer of all kinds. My best friend is an artist, i think he'd make a great comic book artist. I found his work on deviantart, i liked the way he drew and the fact he could draw in anime styles and was a black guy that could do this very well. I like his artwork a lot. Over the years his style of art changed, shredder it improved and that was something I wanted to do and that was improve my writing in a way. But i don't think people will read. I tend to always write where people of color, asian, black, indian, are at the center in a way. Supernatural powers or abilities or something based off culture.

i want to write a poetry book

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In some way,. Divine was a bit of inspiration. I enjoyed the story and the plot. I liked the main character, it was interesting and it made me want to write something like. I thought if i ever got a book published, they wouldn't like it cause no one was going to read about a black protagonist in a harry potter scenario. Eventually, i tossed away the negativity and started working on my own series. I wrote about something i enjoyed, something i liked or something i wanted to see written.

I remember in my second year of high school I decided to read a book. Divine because i saw one of the book covers that caught my eye. In truth I didn't think the Drama high Series was worth reading because the covers gave me the idea that it was another book about a young black female character going through the struggles of life. I picked up the. Divine, street Soldiers: Drama high. The cover is what made give the book a chance. The book was more than what i thought it was, there was drama involved but once there was talk about the protagonist with supernatural abilities, i became more interested in the book.

I m writing a book of poems

i want to write a poetry book

How many poems do i need to make

You are working on your book, when should we expect that? The book should be released before summer of 2015. Its something I want to take my time with and give it my all. Where can we find out more about you? My twitter handle is @theresa_lola. I have a poetry and fashion blog which. Thank you so much.

I like to read stories, the good stories, mostly ones like harry potter. I don't like vampires much or werewolves even, in fact i think they've gotten a bit boring now. One thing I truly enjoy is reading a book where the protagonist is black, like me, and there are but they involve people of color going through struggles of living in a poor neighborhood or something crazy. Because there were no real good books that I could relate to in a way with a black protagonist, i stopped reading and writing for a while. I enjoy writing, i may not be the best but i try. When i first started to write i was writing about white protagonist since i had no real examples of a black protagonist.

Finding my own style and finding my own voice in poetry as I got out of my shy shell were similar journeys growing. Both have blossomed at the same time which is why there are interchangeable tools for. Fashion is just as powerful, a symbol of an expression. A colour can tell you different emotions based on how a person is wearing it, the same way two poets can write about the same thing, but from different angles. Theresa lola, tundun Adeyemo, any message for those who want to be like you?

Write as much as you can to get your mind into the habit of opening. Be persistent, network and prioritize. Everybody has enjoyed the poem about the Chibok girls you wrote why did you write it? I was first approached by the media platform called Word On The curb to write about a current issue. Upon finding out the youngest girl kidnapped was about 9, i felt an even stronger urge to write a poem Bring Back our Girls on the Chibok girls. I felt different emotions, sadness, anger and remorse not just for the girls but for their families.

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Are you looking forward to Christmas? I biography am very excited. Christmas, its such a roles joyful time of the year. Its a family tradition every year for us to come together as a family to play games, cook, open presents and just have fun. Is there a link between poetry and fashion? I see you like fashion as well. I love fashion; both are ways in which i express myself.

i want to write a poetry book

Being successful in the world santa of both spoken word, and written poetry is also my main dream. Theresa lola, tundun Adeyemo, what inspires you? Everything my eyes have seen or my ears have heard, or my hands have touched. Past experiences, along with my childhood and my perspective on life are huge inspirations. My poems are also a reflection of social and political issues in the world today. The desire to be an added voice to these issues inspires me to write about them. Tell us something about you that you haven't told anybody before? Hmm hahaha, i once took karate classes when I was 12, but after noticing the tall people in the karate class and seeing my own small skinny body, i decided to quit.

few that are in the uk are doing great things with their work and are setting a path and standard for those coming into the spoken word scene. Theresa lola, tundun Adeyemo, who is the most famous artiste you have worked with? As of now, most of my collaborations have been with either filmmakers or producers. I frequently work a music producer from London known as Kente Kwame who has produced music for the likes of Fifi rong, Elijah Benoit and The wordstress. In the future, i would love to collaborate with other poets. Where are you going with your poetry? Is this what you wanted to be when you were younger? I  have always wanted to be a writer. I would love to release  a book and someday and hopefully perform full time.

Apart from me, there are a lot of people doing all they list can to keep the Bring Back our Girls campaign alive so people really connected with the emotions in the poem when they heard. Who is your favourite poet? I have a few who i admire for different reasons. Three of my favourites are w arsan Shire, aja monet and, zora howard. What books are you reading now? "Imagine This" by sade Adeniran, "Americanah" by Chimamanda Adichie, " She Sweats" by Aja monet. Are there enough female African poets or spoken word artistes?

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Theresa lola, tundun Adeyemo, why poetry? How did you get into poetry? I developed an interest in writing while in primary school after entering a story writing competition set up by the school. In my teenage daddy years, as I began experiencing more things in life, i began to focus on poetry as I felt it was a more intimate and powerful way to express myself. What is the most that has generated most acclaim for you? The, bring Back our Girls poem has so far generated for me the most acclaim. Its a poem written for the girls kidnapped by boko haram in April 2014.

I want to write a poetry book
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  3. Here are 12 great ideas to write your next poetry about. Also check our article on the fifty-five ways to write poetry! Jerz writing creative poetry. Jerz, poetry is for the ear Whatever poetry you write or read, learn to listen with the ears of your audience. In this book i would explain Mallarmés poetry by placing it in the tradition of the writings of western mystics as presented by william James. 5.0 out of 5 stars lovely poetry with deep meanings.

  4. In others, among them Poland, they draw an audience that doesn t treat poetry as an aesthetic experience only. Overall, this was an okay book of poetry. Being successful in the world of both spoken word, and written poetry is also my main dream. Finding my own style and finding my own voice in poetry as,. Ever had trouble coming up with a theme?

  5. You may join a poetry writing group, where you workshop your poems with other poets and work on your poetry together. Literature: an examination of gullivers travels (1946) riding down from bangor (1946) some thoughts on the common toad (1946) the prevention of literature (1946) why. I write (1946) lear. How to, write, concrete, poetry. The manifesto states that concrete poetry communicates its own structure: structure content If you want to add details like this, think about what the most. Poetry, contest Educator of the year Contest Fiction Contest Travel culture contest Environment Contest Community service Award Contest Winners Other teen Ink goodies Summer Program Links College links.

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