If you lived 100 years ago essay

if you lived 100 years ago essay

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I can only imagine what like would be like in 2113; i am not even sure you would still usomputer to write letters like this anymore. I would like to share with you what its like or what it was like during the timas around. Currently in 2012; life travels fast; everything seems to be like information overload with the use of iPhone, ipads and general technological advances. I still drive a very normal; but nice car and would think that will be the case for many years to come. I have a two year old who plays with toy trains; but also knows how to play games on my ipad; which is somewhat surprising. I enjoy playing golf and traveling the world; which I have done a fair share. I have worked and lived in Egypt for nearly three years ; I have also lived in Canada; which was really cold. At one point in time i even worked in the caribbean.

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Why did I have to go to church every sunday? Why is it so important? I asked my grandmother these questions and her only response was, It's because jesus died on the philosophie cross for. But I still had the question lingering in my head: Why? My mother and father never went to church with. My mom would drop us off a religion classes but that was about. When i asked my mom why she'd never gone to with us she write had said, i don't believe that you have to go to church every sunday to show your appreciation for God. That really had me thinking, if my mom and dad never went, did I really have to go? What It Was like 100 years Ago Essay. Subject: what it was like 100, years, ago, dATE: 4/30/2012 i am writing this letter on the 30th of april 2012 oarm sunny day in houston, texas. By the time you read this letteill have long passed and hopefully madifference in the world.

Of course, i only did all those things because i thought I was supposed. I just thought it was something that everybody in the essay world did. But, as I got older I learned that it was all just a part of my religion. I also learned that not everyone had the same religion as I did. There were many different religions. There were even some people that didn't have a religion. Once i realized all of those things, i started asking questions. Why was I catholic?

if you lived 100 years ago essay

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Loftus 1 How Religion Has Affected. Life, i've been going to church with my grandparents for as long as I can remember. I've always been a with part of church related activities. We assignment always said grace before we ate a meal. I said my prayers before i went to bed. I was baptized when I was born. I had my first communion. I was a very religious little kid and i always had God in my life.

The population will dwindle in all the advanced countries-it has already taken effect in many a developed nation. Marriage of convenience will be more sought after. The strong ties of family is bound to erode and there will be professional homes to bring up children like we have old age homes More and more women will be working and the gender gap will close. . Gene banks will be common and man will place a lot of emphasize on super-intelligent and disease free kids. Genetic engineering would remove all traits of a host of genetically transmitted afflictions. Biomedicine and biotechnology will advance fast.   Man would have succeeded in conquering the ageing process and the average age of man will. Essay on Women 100 years Ago and Women Today.

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if you lived 100 years ago essay

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Essay about Life in 100 years. In about 100 years, organized tours will be frequent to the space and moon. The tourism industry will be more vertical than horizontal. . The internet would have already taken every nook and corner of desert the earth in detail to the drawing rooms of peoples homes. Family structure will erode. Very few women will opt for permanent marriage or child bearing. Pregnancy and its complications will seek them for renting wombs and resort to artificial insemination.

O, this is already in vogue, right? May be cloning will replace. But the chances of the latter is less. Nobody wants exact replicas. Diversity will be more attractive. . The holy or divine purpose of marriage reproduction of children in the image of god will give way for sexual pleasure.

People who dont have time will eat such things as beans. It will contain enough nutritive value. It is easy to buy at the supermarket. My family will live in seoul, but Ill take the super airplane daily to my work office. Itll take 30 minutes from seoul to new York.

My wife will go to her office in London. We have a plan to eat dinner in Paris. Linguists in the world will worry that their languages will disappear. Everything is connected by Internet, so many people will use English. English will be the language of all the countries in the world, so people in the world can. You may also find These documents Helpful.

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By advances in transportation, people can move to other places easily, so dividing up the land is meaningless. People will mini move not only to other regions of the earth but also to other planets in space because the earth is already full. What kinds of car will we be driving in the future? We dream of a car which can move by electricity and which is clean on the environmental side. The future car will have a device on seats, which can be changed to fit adults and children instead of the current fixed ones. It won't need a driver. There will be no car crashes, because computer-controlled cars will safely find out an adequate way. What drivers will have to do is to inform the car where its destination is and then the computer can to do the rest. The food of Mercury, venus, mars, and Jupiter will become popular, so many people will go to a food institute to learn about the foods of external worlds.

if you lived 100 years ago essay

Free essays on Life 100 years Ago - m 2018. Everything is going to change statement more in the next ten years than it has in the last hundred, so its difficult to think about 100 years in the future. To think about an indefinite future is very interesting. No one knows the world of 100 years in the future. I just guess about it; however, i think it will be better to live then than now. After 100 years, i think that borders will disappear by the development of science and technology. In other words, the world will be united into one.

a responsible adult you. Cloning would be an option for parents, and many parents would adopt this way of having children creating genetically perfect children, but this method would be costly and some people would like to have their children in the natural way, this would lead to immense. Because many people cloned rich/famous people without their knowledge by obtaining their dna from many sources like garbage (tissue paper) and then later claimed their property the constitution would me amended to deny this right of inheritance. Pathogens would become more and more resistant to medicines. Robots would be heavily regulated predominantly because of the trauma which I mentioned of before. Robots during this time, because of the lapse in technological advancement would not be as complex as we would have imagined, but complex enough to be highly regulated by the government. They would put self destruct codes within the robots program. Other than this I believe this Atlantis would be more of less similar to the ways of life in the. S with little improvements in every imaginable field.

We will write a custom essay sample on The world 100 years from now specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, summary we will write a custom essay sample on The world 100 years from now specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on The world 100 years from now specifically for ypu. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, there would be no countries, as the. S would be the only country which would have the economic and scientific resources to build this Atlantis, as I mentioned before there would be this lapse in technological advancement for a certain period of time as we adapt ourselves to underwater life, more over. The destruction of our lifestyle on the land would make people cautious in perusing certain technological routes. Education would be the first priority of this society. Religion Ceremonies/ ethics would gradually be killed leading to small pockets of tyranny.

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A hundred years form now we would business be living underwater in a city like atlantis. The 2 main factors which would have contributed to this situation would be the raising temperatures. E global warming and uv radiation. Because of this enormous change in lifestyle which had to take place, many other scientific projects would be suspended, like the space program for example. Most our scientific efforts would be directed towards the improvement of human life underwater. Some people in America, europe and Japan predominantly chosen because of their wealth, scientific ability and uniqueness would be the only persons allowed to live in this Atlantis, as it would not be spacious enough to accommodate everyone. The remaining 4 billion people would eventually perish. The main source of oxygen for this Atlantis would be the algae, and the predominant source of food would be fish. Most of the power would com from nuclear reactors.

If you lived 100 years ago essay
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  1. People compare how life was 100 years ago to the year 2014. There are many pros and cons to each time period. If I lived 100 years ago essay. Written by ielts mentor. Ielts writing Task 2/ ielts essay : you should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

  2. Women 100 years Ago compared to women. If we talk about life 100 years ago, it was simple. People had limited work options and opted for government jobs, they were not very ambitious (that does not mean that they were not hard working) and lived a stress free life. Because it is interesting for d i wanted to live with them. I lived 50 or 100 years ago maybe my life would have been better.

  3. Essay on Women 100 years Ago and Women Today.Life After 100 years Person like you, me and many others in this earth has many thoughts and wonders in our mind that what will be the living life of human being after 100 years. Editor's Note: As part of the daily courier's 100 th anniversary, local youth were invited to write essays on what life was like 100 years ago. I wasn't living 100 years ago, so i will use my imagination. Below is an essay on "After 100 years " from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. My family will live in seoul, but Ill take the super airplane daily to my work office.

  4. Life now is better than it was 100 years ago. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Some people argue that living nowadays is better than living in a century ago. This essay partly agrees with the argument. But sometimes people can ask if these changes are enough relevant to consider it we live better today than many years ago. Out of 100 Scores by essay e-grader:.33 Out of 6 - note: the e-grader does not examine the meaning of words and ideas.

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