Phd thesis word limit

phd thesis word limit

HPS: PhD students guide: The, phD thesis

While overseas, the candidate must continue to be enrolled at the University. Supervisors The senate shall, on the recommendation of the relevant head of Department, appoint at least two supervisors, (who may be supported by a departmental advisory panel or one supervisor supported by a departmental advisory panel of two or more members, to oversee the work. One of the supervisors must be an appropriately qualified member of the academic staff of the University. In the case of a dispute between a candidate and a supervisor, the senate shall have discretion to replace that supervisor. top of page Progress Reports While a candidate is provisionally admitted to the degree programme, progress reports signed by the candidate, supervisors, head of Department and relevant Pro-vice-Chancellor shall be submitted to the doctoral Office at six-monthly intervals from the date of initial admission. Once confirmation has been granted, progress reports signed by the candidate, supervisors, head of Department and relevant Pro-vice Chancellor or nominee shall be submitted annually.

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Additional Papers In certain cases a candidate may be required or allowed to take one or more prescribed papers in addition to the want programme. No candidate may take any other paper or course additional to the programme without first obtaining the approval of the senate, which must be satisfied that taking any such paper or course will not materially delay the completion of the candidate's research. Duration of the Programme a candidate shall pursue a programme of study and research under supervision for a period normally equivalent to 3 full-time years. The minimum period of study shall be equivalent to 3 full-time years and the maximum period shall be equivalent to 4 full-time years. Exceptions shall be permitted only with approval of the senate. No programme shall exceed the equivalent of six years of full-time study from the date of first admission. A candidate shall be enrolled continuously for the entire period of the candidacy, up to the submission of the thesis, except that a candidate may apply to the senate for permission to withdraw temporarily from study. top of page location of Study and Research Candidates are normally expected to be resident and studying in New zealand while enrolled for the degree. Candidates proposing to study overseas may be approved to do so on a case-by-case basis by the senate. Normally such study must be deemed necessary for the candidate's research.

Such a student's programme of study must be approved by both the board of the faculty of Medicine and the Graduate research Committee. top of page, full-time and Part-time Study, a candidate may apply for admission on a full-time or part-time basis, but may, with approval, change that status for any semester as long as that semester lies within the current or next calendar year. Holders of divisional teaching Assistantships shall be deemed to be full-time candidates, and Assistant Research Fellows may also be so deemed. Notes: (i) A full-time candidate shall count as 1 Equivalent Full-time Student (efts) per annum (also see note (iii) proposal below). (ii) A part-time candidate shall count.5 efts per annum. (iii) The University expects that full-time candidates will devote the majority of their working time to their studies. It is not recommended that full-time candidates accept employment for more than ten hours per week on average over a period of twelve months. When progress is significantly hampered by work exceeding this recommendation, the candidate may be required to reduce work commitments or change to part-time enrolment.

phd thesis word limit

Steps in the process leading to the defense of your

Such evidence shall include: a bachelors degree with first or upper second class Honours (with an average grade in Honours papers at book or equivalent to at least b at the University of Otago) or equivalent (including business a research component) with an average grade. A candidate for a master's degree may apply to transfer to candidature for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, and may have the date of admission backdated as is considered appropriate. Initial admission to the degree programme shall normally be provisional, and shall be confirmed on receipt of a supervisory agreement and a satisfactory progress report after no less than six months and no more than 12 months of full- or part-time study. If admission to the degree programme is not confirmed, then either provisional admission may be extended for one period of up to six months or the candidate shall be required to withdraw or to enrol for another degree. If admission is not confirmed after a period of extension, the candidate shall be required to withdraw or to enrol for another degree. Notwithstanding regulation 1(b) above, a medical student who has completed a year of study for the degree. Bachelor of Medical Science with Honours but has not been awarded that degree may be accepted as a candidate for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy and have the date of admission backdated as is considered appropriate.

Regulations for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (. Phd nature of the degree, candidates for the degree of the doctor of Philosophy are required to pursue an approved programme of advanced study and research under supervision as enrolled students of the University. The degree of Doctor of Philosophy is awarded on the basis of the submission of a thesis. The thesis, which may include a nominated creative component, should give evidence of the candidates ability to carry out research, that the candidate has shown originality and independence, and that the candidate has made a significant contribution to the advancement of their particular field. The research should be of a kind which a diligent and competent student might reasonably be expected to complete within three years of full-time study. Admission, admission to the degree programme shall be subject to the approval of the senate. Note: Applications may be made at any time. Applications must be approved before the candidate begins the research work. Every candidate must be a university graduate and produce evidence of ability to undertake research in the area of proposed study.

Style and format: Graduate research School: The

phd thesis word limit

Preparing a thesis - flinders University

The examiners are asked to report whether the thesis demonstrates both a thorough knowledge of the literature relevant to its subject and general field and on the candidates ability essay to exercise critical and analytical judgement of that literature. The critical review of the literature in the introduction is therefore an important component of the thesis, although it may be dealt with in different ways in different disciplines. Important Note : When including material from publications in a thesis, students should be aware of the copyright policies of journals. It is recommended vows that students request journals to vary their normal copyright agreements to allow material from an article to be included in a thesis (as the thesis will be publicly available through the Universitys Library). For more information on copyright, please go to the Universitys Thesis Information page. top of Page Proof-reading of Theses guidelines Thesis Masters and doctoral candidates may use a third party as a proof-reader at any stage during their candidature provided that certain guidelines are followed. These guidelines are available on the PhD webpage.

Contact Details, regulations for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (. Phd the doctor of Philosophy phD ) is the highest degree offered by the University of Otago. It is awarded on the submission of a thesis which must meet rigorous standards. It requires highly developed academic ability, independence and perseverance. Most students take between 3-4 years of full-time study to complete their. Contact Details, website, doctor of Philosophy, top of Page.

When papers based on work completed as part of the PhD thesis are submitted, are in press, or in print, it may be possible to modify and include material from them as chapters in the thesis, providing that the thesis as a whole presents. Italicised phrases below are from Instructions to Examiners. The examiners are asked to report on whether the thesis comprises a coherent investigation of the chosen topic. There may be instances where inclusion of published material as chapters is desirable. Normally, however, when published material is included in the thesis, it should be modified in order to remove redundancy and achieve coherence. Inclusion of unmodified manuscripts as chapters in the thesis will not normally meet the coherence criterion and this practice is discouraged by the Graduate research Committee.

The significance of the supervisors contribution often justifies co-authorship of submitted or published work. An appropriate level of independence on the part of the student is expected. The examination rules specify that if parts of the thesis are based on published work under joint authorship, the supervisor should provide a statement about the extent to which this is the candidates own work. The examiners are asked to report on whether the thesis meets internationally recognized standards for the conduct and presentation of research in the field, and whether it contains material suitable for publication in an appropriate academic journal. The best demonstration is to show that the work is indeed publishable in a leading academic journal. Published papers separate from the material included in the thesis may be presented in an appendix, although this is unnecessary if the papers are already in the public domain.

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Research is not summarising or remote repeating uncritically the ideas of others. Candidates should also be extremely cautious about depending heavily on review articles for their Literature review. While these are often very helpful, they can also lead to undue reliance upon both the ideas and actual words of other workers. Students have a responsibility to be aware of acceptable academic practice in relation to the use of material prepared by others, and for taking all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that no breach of acceptable practice occurs. Any student found responsible for plagiarism shall be subject to the University's dishonest practice regulations which may result in various penalties including, in extreme cases, exclusion from the University. The Universitys Dishonest Practice guidelines are available at /study/plagiarism. Further information about plagiarism is available. top of Page Inclusion of Material gender from Published Papers The submission of papers for publication during the course of thesis research assists the students progress, it clarifies for the student the objectives and discipline-specific requirements for presentation of the research, it contributes to the Universitys.

phd thesis word limit

Various styles are acceptable; the important point again to remember, is that having decided on a particular style, you should retain this style throughout the bibliography. There may be a preferred method within your discipline; check with your supervisor. The library contains various authorities for consultation on styles of footnoting and bibliographies. Plagiarism, plagiarism (including being party to someone elses plagiarism) is a form of dishonest practice. It is is defined as copying or paraphrasing another's work, whether intentionally or otherwise, and presenting it as one's own. In practice this means that plagiarism includes: any attempt to present as one's own work the work of another (whether of another student or a published authority"ng word -for- word, or near to it, from a source and failing to insert"tion marks around. In such cases of direct copying, it it not adequate to merely cite the source; using forever data or interpretative material without acknowledging the sources or the collaborators. Thesis candidates should note that the Introduction/Literature review in their thesis must demonstrate evidence of their own scholarly work. PhD thesis, the literature review goes beyond a mere literature survey and candidates should avoid therefore the temptation of merely regurgitating the work of others or of piecing together sections of the work of others into a new whole.

as an appendix. top of Page, citing of References. There are three principal methods of citing references in a text: footnotes, the author-date and the reference-number system. Consult your supervisor as to the method favoured in your subject area. There are particular rules for each, and it is important to be consistent in the application of the method you decide upon. Footnotes may be used for purposes other than citing references, namely to provide cross-references, to acknowledge indebtedness and to explain or supplement material that is included in the text. Bibliographic style is important, and considerable time will be saved if all the necessary data for each citation are collected at the time of consulting the works concerned.

Format of the, thesis, the format of the thesis should essay be agreed to by the department, supervisor and the student, during the earlier stages of the writing. Any changes which may need to be made later are to be agreed to again by these parties. Drafts of all chapters should be submitted to the supervisor(s) for comment. Reasonably prompt feedback should be provided on substantive issues. Most supervisors also give feedback on style, grammar, etc, but students are encouraged to get additional feedback from other readers. There are certain physical requirements to be adhered to which are set out in thesis information pamphlets available from the central Library or Departments and in the regulations pertaining to the presentation of theses. The following two documents provide further information about the presentation of theses: PhD theses are limited to 100,000 words of text, excluding appendices, footnotes and bibliographies.

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Username password stay signed in, help? Latest blog posts top 10 posters, copyright 2018. All rights reserved, postgraduate forum, masters Degrees, phD Opportunities. Language, theses will normally be written in English and must conform to proper standards of linguistic presentation. Should the examiners book find that the thesis falls short of such standards, they may request that it be corrected before the examination proper is undertaken. Candidates intending to write their thesis in mäori should contact the doctoral and Scholarships Office at the Graduate research School for advice. Candidates wishing to write their thesis in a language other than English or mäori will need to seek approval, at the time of admission, from the Graduate research Committee. Such approval will only be given in exceptional circumstances.

Phd thesis word limit
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  4. PhD theses may not exceed 100 000 words but. Presentation of theses regulations - section 14; PhD theses are limited to 100,000 words of text, excluding appendices, footnotes and bibliographies.

  5. Theses may not exceed 100,000 words of text, excluding appendices. How not to write. In this guide, tara Brabazon gives her top ten tips for doctoral failure. They note word limits. At the end the minimum length is what has to be in the thesis, enough words to demonstrate that you made a contribution. For further advice about the style and format of your thesis you can attend one of the Graduate research.

  6. A, phD thesis should be presented. You should not feel that your thesis must necessarily be as long as the maximum word limit allowed, theses which exceed the. This is an important consideration given that you should be aiming to complete your. The upper limits for theses. The doctor of Philosophy (. PhD ) is the highest degree offered by the University of Otago.

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