Street harassment essay

street harassment essay

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We dont experience limits on our freedom to move through the world the way women do, and thus, its difficult for us to imagine. But when women (thousands, in fact) tell us the measures they have to take to walk outside in attempted peace, the least we can do is believe them. In reaction to the video, a lot of men have offered apologist rationales for why some of the behavior depicted is evidence of a double standard. Many men have maintained that a number of the one-sided exchanges in the video were not harassment, but simply greetings, pleasantries, a friendly hello. Doubling down, men like. Rush Limbaugh blamed feminism for failing to end street harassment, and suggested that, now, radical feminists have upped the ante and are arguing that a man saying hello is street harassment. As usual, the point was missed. Saying hello is like a single drop of water.

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Id be stealing her dignity while disrespecting her mental space. I recognize that Shoshana roberts is not walking the sidewalk for my pleasure (except maybe in for the instance where shes the subject of a video such as this one, which is a meta question only filmmakers and philosophers should be worried about). The reason shes on the sidewalk is that, like me, shes going somewhere. To interrupt her is to say none of that matters — that she is less important than my desire. Even when women who are harassed on the street adopt protective measures—avoiding eye contact, listening to headphones, sticking to known routes, walking with purpose, and avoiding construction sites like joggers avoid dog shit—many straight men refuse to read their signals. Maybe theyre unaware, or in denial, that these signals exist, because society doesnt mandate that men be hyper-conscious of their surroundings. As a black man, i can say that we learn early on in life to be conscious of threatening signals we may send. This is mostly in regards to police. But we dont extend the same awareness to how we may be threatening to women. That is a common oversight for straight men, regardless of ethnicity.

If were speaking honestly, i saw why the men in that video wanted to say something lined to Shoshana roberts. Shes an attractive woman, and i understand the instinct to want to talk to her. But thats where the thought for me stops, just as it would if shed walked past me in real life. At no point would I think, you know what I should do? I should holler at her and let her know I find her aesthetically pleasing. She would probably like if I shouted some derogatory shit at her to let her know the sight of her has made my day more pleasant. Because that would make the moment about. I would be using her to gratify.

street harassment essay

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This is what a lot of men dont understand about street harassment. Its a willful use of social power that reduces women to a form of amusement or objects of sexual gratification. Its predicated upon the presumption that this is a mans world. May james Brown forgive me, but thats just not true. Yours, mine, hers, theirs  its everybodys world. Thats why street harassment is indefensible. It limits ones freedom. As dudes, we generally dislike it when anyone tells us what to do — imagine if strange men were telling you what they wanted to do to you.

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street harassment essay

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Now imagine tying someone to a chair, positioning them under that same faucet, and watching as an endless stream of drops fall against their forehead—some would call that repetition torture. Something as simple as a drop of water can be cruel. Keep that in mind as you consider what it must be like to be harassed on the street. Like tens of millions of other people, i watched the recent viral video, ten hours of Walking In New York city. Created by filmmaker, rob Bliss, (who had full editorial control) and donated it as fan art in support of the. Hollaback Project, the video was a demonstration of what its like to be a woman in Manhattan who chooses to enter the public space of the sidewalk.

In a ten-hour stretch, a young woman by the name of Shoshana roberts is harassed over 100 times. And thats just one day of her life in New York. Imagine five days, two weeks, a month of days resume like that the constant harassment could drive a woman mad. If not mad, it would certainly change how she interacted with dudes and her environment. How could it not?

Instead of hiding who they are to avoid being attacked, men should learn how to keep their perverted comments to themselves and be respectful about the fact that the woman is a human being, not some object to fantasize about. I believe in order to end street harassment, men should be taught respect and there should be punishment for. Though Im not saying that all men do this, a staggering amount of them. However, i could see why some men may not mean for it to be sexual harassment. What I mean is, a man could see a pretty lady and compliment her on how she looks nice.

The woman could possibly take it the wrong way and think of it as catcalling. But, the grotesque and explicit things some men have said to women in my research ive found (I dont think its very school appropriate for me to" is extremely belittling and demeaning to the woman. Compliments and filthy pick-up lines are two entirely different things. In conclusion, street harassment is something that happens way too frequently and it definitely needs to be stopped). Guys, Id like you to imagine a single drop of water, clinging to the lip of a faucet. Its just a second in time, a natural moment playing out.

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You may think it's not that big of a deal, but. In 2014, a survey (interviewed listing 2000 people) was commissioned in the usa. The survey found that 65 of women had experienced street harassment in general. Also, among the women, 23 of women had been sexually touched, 20 of women had been followed, and 9 had been forced to do something sexual. To make matters worse, most women had been catcalled for the first time between the ages of 11-17 years old. Being 15 years of age, hearing that information disgusts me and it concerns me for other girls who may have already experienced this issue. Also, to avoid being harassed, women adjust the way they dress, talk, walk, and even how they behave. Women shouldnt have to change who they are to avoid getting approached. They should be able to present father's themselves however they want and be safe.

street harassment essay

an end. For those who are unaware of street harassment, here is a short rundown. Street harassment is a form of sexual harassment that consists of unwanted comments, wolf-whistling, catcalling, and some other actions performed by strangers in public areas. The reasons why this issue should be stopped is because its disrespectful and it objectifies women who are just trying to live their lives. For example, a woman may be walking down a street by herself, trying to reach her office building, and a group of men see her and find her to be attractive. The men could just leave her be and appreciate her beauty from afar, but. It seems to be most appropriate to yell obscenities at her and to share their unwanted personal desires with her.

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Street harassment essay
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  1. A gentlemans guide to street Harassment. College links College reviews College Essays College Articles. Street harassment is something that should be stopped and it happens to a majority of people. Kearl, who also gives talks about street harassment, shared with Bustle an excerpt of an essay she included in her book stop Global Street Harassment: Growing Activism Around the world. I dont expect every conversation of street harassment to come with a disclaimer, and I certainly dont expect to see myself reflected in every essay or article or tweet on the subject. Essays On Sexual Harassment.

  2. To kill a mocking Bird Essay. When some one in the hall, walking down the street, or even in their own house they can be sexually harassed. I have a lot of feelings about street harassment, but today i am not going to dissect those feelings. Street harassment is validated on the idea that men are allowed to say whatever thing to women that they long for. The best street harassment I have ever received came from a man with one leg calling out do your thang, girl, as he gave me two thumbs. Roving correspondent for Playboy, writer at mel magazine, essay short story writer at Medium, and always in the mood for donuts.

  3. This page is a guide to sexual harassment essay paper writing. Choose the topic correctly, and make the right structure of your harassment essay. Online custom Essay writing Service. T is important to mention that cheap essay writing help has always been something modern students were looking for and were deeply interested. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of uk essays.

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