Ted talk good presentation

ted talk good presentation

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Of course if you're in The hague and in need of help with, as she puts it, 'optimizing your English' you know who to contact. Could you describe for us what you do? I am a presentation skills and speech coach helping non-native speakers of English with the preparation of their speeches, talks or presentations. Since i primarily work in The netherlands, i address the specific challenges Dutch speakers face when they are presenting on an international platform such as tedx. Can you tell us about the dutch v anglo-saxon presentation styles? The public speaking culture in The netherlands is very different from the Anglo-saxon speakers' culture in terms of criteria, style, preparation and use of voice.

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Not that long after completing this interview Yolanthe passed away after being knocked off her bicycle in The hague. TedxThe hague posted this tribute to her memory in honor of the extraordinary dedication and hard work she had put in to make tedxThe hague successful. Although the interview has been edited to remove links that no longer work, it contains gems of wisdom and her indomitable spirit shines through. S he teaches presentation skills to non-native english speakers, is multi-lingual, co-organizes tedx events, adores opera and her cat, practices yoga, is passionate about modern technology and toastmasters. Who is this fascinating woman? One of delightful bonuses of having a website is getting to meet extraordinary people living vital lives from all over the world. I met Yolanthe through a typo in my newsletter. She emailed to let me know and several more exchanges later agreed to an interview. Here it is, thanks to a left out letter. The questions i asked her are bolded and her answers are below. I hope you enjoy.

That's the little debate taking place on m, and the answer is not obvious, seeing that diary ted now has over 500 talks available in its archive. (you can find a constantly updated list of every ted talk. now, what are some of the reddit favorites? Here are five talks that get frequent mentions. Meanwhile, it's worth mentioning that ted keeps its own running list of its 10 most popular talks. Some good ones here. And now your turn. Tell us your favorites in the comments below, and don't be shy). An interview with Yolanthe Smit, presentation skills coach, The hague, netherlands.

ted talk good presentation

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Johnston recommends assessing your personality and financial situation, in order to determine whether moving into a writings senior community or staying at home is best for you. In either case, though, she says that its crucial general to find caregivers wholl not only be attentive and communicative, but willing to put in a little extra effort when needed. In her friends case, finding a caregiver who was willing to shoot video of their ranch, so that they would see that it was being maintained, provided real peace of mind. Choose your last words. What do you want to hear at the very end, and from whom would you like to hear it? In my experience, youll want to hear that whatever youre worried about is going to be fine. Also of Interest, see the, aarp home page for deals, savings tips, trivia and more. What's the best ted talk ever?

And whos going to make sure that your plan is followed? Find multiple advocates for your interests. Having more than one increases your chance of getting the end you want, she says. Rather than automatically relying on your spouse or child, think about who has the time and the physical proximity to do the job well and also has the ability to work with the people who may have an important influence on your fate. Be ready for the hospital. Johnston advises preparing a one-page summary of your medical history, medication list and physicians contact information, and putting it in an envelope with copies of your insurance cards, power-of-attorney form, and do-not-resuscitate order. Tape a set to your refrigerator, she advises. Line up good caregivers.

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ted talk good presentation

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(If youre not sure which ones to pick, you can even listen to playlists of ted talks selected by luminaries in various fields.). A surprising number of the ted talks turn out to be related to aging, such as Stanford Center for Longevity director laura carstensens 2011 talk, older people are happier, and Jane fondas talk from that same year. But a just-posted ted talk gets into another age-related subject, one that many of us probably try to avoid thinking about. Prepare for a good End of Life is a february 2013 presentation. Judy macDonald Johnston, a publisher of learn-to-read materials for children who also has started a side project,. The latter is a set of online worksheets and advice aimed at helping older people to make difficult decisions who should speak for you if you cannot speak, and whether you should fill out a do-not-resuscitate form before that inevitable day arrives when such instructions.

Johnston, as she makes clear at the beginning of her talk, isnt a geriatrician, and her knowledge about end-of-life preparations is based worn on the experience of two close friends, sonoma county, calif., livestock ranchers and wildlife preservationists Jim and Shirley modini, for whom she served. I became the person who managed their end-of-life experiences, she explains. And we learned a few things about how to have a good end. Johnston suggests these five important steps for anyone preparing for the end of life: make a plan. This involves answering straightforward questions about the end you want, she explains. Where do you want to be when youre no longer independent? What do you want in terms of medical intervention?

According to gates, co2 gets emitted. That leads to a temperature increase, and that temperature increase leads to some very negative effects. Gates slide displayed the formula over a photo of a dry, parched landscape. If you want to create a ted-worthy presentation to wow your audience, utilize images and photos. You dont have to eliminate text entirely, but favor visuals over words.

Strive for no more than 40 words in the first 10 slides. This will force you to think creatively about telling a memorable and engaging story instead of filling the slide with needless and distracting text. You might not be able to achieve this goal with every slide, but its good practice. Once you force yourself to eliminate wordy slides, youll realize how much more fun you can have with your presentation. The best part - your audience will love it! Related: Want to sell your Ideas? When the annual, technology, entertainment, design (TED) conference began in 1984, the, los Angeles Times called it an obscure gathering of engineers, theorists and artists. But in the nearly three decades since then, ted has morphed into a series of mind-expanding showcases staged in several countries that attract scores of celebrity visionaries, ranging from physicist Steven Hawking and neurologist Oliver Sacks to former President Bill Clinton and rock stars Bono. Better yet, the nonprofit Sapling foundation, which stages the conferences, now makes hundreds of  ted talks available on its website.

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The average powerPoint has 40 words. It took gates 15 father's slides to reach 40 words of text. Instead of words, he showed photos and images. Gates first slide showed a photograph of poor children in a small African village. Energy and climate are extremely important to these people. In fact, more important than to anyone else on the planet, he began. Re-creation of Bill Gate's global warming formula from his 2010 ted talk. Image credit: Empowered Presentations @empoweredpres, gates is remarkable at making complex content easy to grasp. He explained global warming in seven seconds and used a straightforward visual formula to.

ted talk good presentation

PowerPoint is not the enemy! The enemy is the improper use of PowerPoint. Ive seen a lot of bad PowerPoint decks and many elegant ones. Ive seen gorgeous slides created with Apple keynote and some truly awful ones. Regardless of the design tool, slides that work best have a balance of words and pictures instead of text alone. Related: 3 ways Public Humiliation Made me a stronger Entrepreneur. At ted 2010, billionaire philanthropist Bill word Gates gave a very popular presentation called Innovating to zero.

deliver ted talks with no slides, while many others use presentation design software such as PowerPoint, Apple keynote or Prezi. I actually prefer slides, if done well. And the reason I prefer slides is because of a concept well established in neuroscience literature. Its called picture superiority. Simply put, if you deliver information verbally, your listener will retain about 10 percent of the content; add a picture and retention soars to 65 percent. Our brains are wired to process visual information - such as pictures - very differently than text and sound. Scientists call the effect multimodal learning: pictures are processed in several channels instead of one, giving the brain a far deeper and meaningful encoding experience. PowerPoint has earned a bad reputation, yet its the presentation tool of choice for more than 90 percent of business presentations today.

His slideshow contained 57 slides, yet there were no bullet points or text on any of shredder them. Ballard showed artist renderings, photographs and animations of the fascinating undersea worlds hes discovered, but no text. Im storytelling, not lecturing, ballard tells. Related: 10 questions to Ask When Creating a killer PowerPoint Presentation. Carmine gallo explaining "picture superiority" at leweb, paris 2013. Image credit: Luca sartoni, ballard has a point. Its well established in research literature that too much text on a slide is the worst way of transferring information.

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March 17, 2014 4 min read. Opinions expressed by, entrepreneur contributors are their own. The following is the fourth in a series, ". Talk like ted in which communications coach/author Carmine gallo applies tips, techniques and insights to help entrepreneurs and business professionals sell their ideas more persuasively. These ideas are inspired by the ted conferences most celebrated talks in its 30-year history. The explorer Robert Ballard discovered the remains of presentation the titanic in 1985, two-and-half miles beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. In 2008 he stood on much safer ground on a ted stage to reveal the astonishing and hidden undersea world of the deep ocean.

Ted talk good presentation
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335 BC)—the earliest work of dramatic theory. Germans are both one of the oldest and one of the newest immigrant groups in louisiana, having immigrated to louisiana from 1722 to the 21st century.

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  4. Ted talk by robert Waldinger and discuss the issue he brings. Ted video and discussion: What makes a good life? Prometheus faux 2023 ted talk hints at ties to Alien Saga. Seriously, halfway through his presentation I thought he was gonna offer Harry potter a wand.

  5. Not to mention the other banned ted talk, on how we should tax the rich. Ted letter says of my presentation : he misrepresents what scientists actually think. I got here around when we posted the 60th. Ted, talk.he asked about my decision to add an instant replay after his presentation, so i told him his presentation. In his, ted talk, bryan Stevenson uses the power of storytelling to reach minds and hearts. Tonight, we will watch.

  6. I would like to see a more diverse population of talks styles, not more people adopting. Ted talk style presentation. Aarp home » aarp blog » Bulletin Today ». Ted, talk on Preparing for the Inevitable. Good, end of Life is a february 2013 presentation by judy macDonald Johnston. And here s three of speakers i ve coached to improve their presentation skills for, ted events: Determining the key message and structuring their talk.

  7. Whats the best, ted, talk ever? Ive never had an issue with Robinsons message; I just recalled his presentation being baggy, a little tiresome actually. Re-creation of Bill Gate s global warming formula from his 2010. If you want to create. Ted -worthy presentation to wow your audience, utilize images and photos.

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