World war 1 and world war 2 summary

world war 1 and world war 2 summary

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With confidence in our armed forces - with the unbounded determination of our people - we will gain the inevitable triumph - so help us God." President. Roosevelt - 8th December 1941 "Before we're through with them, the japanese language will be spoken only in hell! Admiral Halsey - december 1941 "With Malta in enemy hands, the mediterranean route would be completely closed to is tiny island was a vital feature in the defence of our Middle east position." General Hastings Ismay - 1942 "The assault on Malta will cost. I consider it absolutely essential for the future development of the war. If we take malta, libya will be safe." count Ugo cavallero - italian Chief of Staff "you are doomed. You have already cut rations by a t your prestige and honour have been upheld" General Homma - speaking of General MacArthur - january 1942 "I'll come back as soon as I can with as much as I can.

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And besides, what kind of conferences are these? For five hours i am forced to listen to a number monologue which is quite fruitless and boring." Benito mussolini - (To his son in law) - 10th June 1941 "This war is not an ordinary war. It is the war of the entire russian people. Not only to eliminate the danger hanging over our heads, but to aid all people groaning under the yoke of Fascism" Josef Stalin - 22nd June 1941 "The red Army and navy and the whole soviet people must fight for every inch of soviet soil. Onward, to victory!" Josef Stalin - july 1941 "We secured peace for our country for one and a half years, as well as an opportunity of preparing our forces for defense if fascist Germany risked attacking our country in defiance level of the pact. This was a definite gain to our country and a loss for fascist Germany." Josef Stalin - 3rd July 1941 - (Speaking of the 1939 non-aggression pact between the ussr and Germany) "The russian colossus. Has been underestimated. Whenever a dozen divisions are destroyed the russians replace them with another dozen." General Franz halder - army Chief of Staff - august 1941 "A gigantic fleet. Has massed in pearl Harbor. This fleet will be utterly crushed with one blow at the very beginning of hostilities. Heaven will bear witness to the righteousness of our struggle." rear-Admiral Ito - chief of Staff of the combined Fleet - november 1941 "As a result of the cold, the machine-guns were no longer able to e result of all this was a e battle.

How long will this one last - two, three weeks?" Hermann Goring - june 1940 "like so many plan of our people, we have now had a personal experience of German barbarity which only strengthens the resolution of all of us to fight through to final. Victorious Italian troops crossed the Greco-Albanian frontier at dawn today!" Benito mussolini - (to Adolf Hitler) 28th October 1940 "Nothing would please me better than if they would give me three months and then attack here." General douglas Macarthur - supreme Allied Commander of south-West. Could only be taken after a siege by an army of at least 50,000 men. Its not considered possible that the japanese. Would embark on such a mad enterprise." Winston Churchill - 1940 "In my opinion the limit of endurance has been reached by the troops under my command. Our position here is hopeless" Major General Freyberg vc - (Shortly before the evacuation of Crete) - may 1941 "We did not intend to fight enemy t we took up the fight. The crew have behaved magnificently. We shall win or die." Admiral L├╝tjens - commander of the bismarck's naval Squadron - 25th may 1941 "I should like to pay the highest tribute for the most gallant fight put up against impossible odds" Admiral tovey - (After the sinking of the bismarck). These conferences called by a ringing of a bell are not to my liking; the bell is rung when people call their servants.

world war 1 and world war 2 summary

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We should be able to carry on the war single-handed for some time if not indefinitely.". Sir Hugh Dowding - raf fighter Command - may 1940 "We must be very careful not to assign to this deliverance the attributes of a victory. War's are not won by evacuations.". Winston Churchill - to parliament - 4th June 1940 "Dunkirk has fallen. With it has ended the greatest fuller battle of world history. My confidence in you knew no bounds. You have not disappointed." Adolf Hitler - order of the day - 5th June 1940 "Mussolini is quite humiliated because our troops have not moved a step forward. Even today they have not succeeded in advancing and have halted in front of the first French fortification which put up some resistance." count ciano - italian Foreign Minister (written in his diary) - 21st June 1940 "my luftwaffe is d so now we turn.

They have given the polish government an assurance to this effect. I may add that the French government have authorized me to make it plain that they stand in the same position in this matter.". Neville Chamberlain - 31st March 1939, this morning the British Ambassador in Berlin handed the german government a final note stating that unless we heard from them by eleven o'clock that they were prepared at once to withdraw their troops from Poland, a state. I have to tell you that no such understanding has been received and that consequently this country is at war with Germany. Neville Chamberlain - 3rd September 1939 "This is a sad day for all of us, and to none is it sadder than. Everything that I have worked for, everything that I have believed in during my public life, has crashed into ruins. There is only one thing left for me to do: That is, to devote what strength and powers I have to forwarding the victory of the cause for which we have to sacrifice so much. I trust I may live to see the day when Hitlerism has been destroyed and a liberated Europe has been re-established.". Neville Chamberlain - 3rd September 1939 "My strength has now been reduced to the equivalent of 36 squadrons.

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world war 1 and world war 2 summary

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And it wants peace also owing to the realization of the simple primitive fact that no war would be likely essentially to alter the distress in Europe. The principal effect of every war is to destroy the flower of the nation. Germany needs peace and desires peace!". Adolf Hitler - 21st may 1935 "Germany has solemnly recognized and guaranteed France her frontiers as determined after the saar plebiscite. We thereby finally renounced all claims to Alsace-lorraine, a land for which we have fought two great wars.". Adolf Hitler - 21st may 1935 "Germany neither intends nor wishes to interfere in the internal affairs of Austria, to annex Austria, or to conclude an Anschluss.". Adolf Hitler - 21st may 1935 "The league of Nations is still strong enough by its collective actions to avert or arrest aggression.

There is no room for bargaining or compromise.". Foreign Commissar Litvinoff - 21st September 1938 "I have no further interest in the czecho-Slovakian State, that is guaranteed. We want no czechs". Adolf Hitler - 26th September 1938 "In the course of my life i have very often been a prophet, and have usually been ridiculed for. During the time of my struggle for power, it was in the first instance only the jewish race that received my prophecies with laughter when page I said that I would one day take over the leadership of the state and with it that of the. Today i will once more be a prophet: if the international Jewish financiers in and outside europe should succeed in plunging the nations once more into a world war, then the result will not be the bolshevising of the earth and thus the victory. Adolf Hitler - speech to the reichstag - 30th January 1939 "Czechoslovakia has ceased to exist adolf Hitler - 15th March 1939 "In the event of any action which clearly threatened Polish independence and which the polish government accordingly considered it vital to resist with.

Welcome to the, famous"s, section! In this section I have collected together a large number of World War 2"tions made before, during and after the war. Some of these from war leaders and statesmen such as Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, benito mussolini, josef Stalin and oosevelt you will probably recognise. On the other hand, those made by field Marshals and other ranks you might not. However, one thing Im sure of is that you will find this section thoroughly absorbing. I know I did.

"I speak in the name of the entire german people when i assure the world that we all share the honest wish to eliminate the enmity that brings far more costs than any possible benefits. It would be a wonderful thing for all of humanity if both peoples would renounce force against each other forever. The german people are ready to make such a pledge.". Adolf Hitler - 14th October 1933 "The assertion that it is the intention of the german reich to coerce the austrian State is absurd". Adolf Hitler - 30th January 1934 "Germany neither intends nor wishes to interfere in the internal affairs of Austria, to annex Austria, or to conclude an Anschluss.". Adolf Hitler - 21st may 1935 "Germany has concluded a non-Aggression Pact with Poland. We shall adhere to it unconditionally. We recognize poland as the home of a great and nationally conscious people.". Adolf Hitler - 21st may 1935 "National Socialist Germany wants peace because of its fundamental convictions.

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Between 80,000 and 140,000 people were killed or golf fatally wounded. Three days later, a second bomb fell on Nagasaki. About 35,000 people were killed. The following day japan sued for peace. President Truman's defenders argued that the paper bombs ended the war quickly, avoiding the necessity of a costly invasion and the probable loss of tens of thousands of American lives and hundreds of thousands of Japanese lives. His critics argued that the war might have ended even without the atomic bombings. They maintained that the japanese economy would have been strangled by a continued naval blockade, and that Japan could have been forced to surrender by conventional firebombing or by a demonstration of the atomic bomb's power. The unleashing of nuclear power during World War ii generated hope of a cheap and abundant source of energy, but it also produced anxiety among large numbers of people in the United States and around the world.

world war 1 and world war 2 summary

But Japanese Americans living on the pacific coast were relocated from their homes and placed in internment camps. The dawn of the Atomic Age. In 1939, Albert Einstein wrote a letter to President roosevelt, warning him dog that the nazis might be able to build an atomic bomb. On December 2, 1942, Enrico fermi, an Italian refugee, produced the first self-sustained, controlled nuclear chain reaction in Chicago. To ensure that the United States developed a bomb before nazi germany did, the federal government started the secret 2 billion Manhattan Project. On July 16, 1945, in the new Mexico desert near Alamogordo, the manhattan Project's scientists exploded the first atomic bomb. It was during the potsdam negotiations that President Harry Truman learned that American scientists had tested the first atomic bomb. On August 6, 1945, the Enola gay, a b-29 Superfortress, released an atomic bomb over Hiroshima, japan.

and in other campaigns in the south Pacific. From 1943 to august 1945, the Allies hopped from island to island across the central Pacific and also battled the japanese in China, burma, and India. Japan agreed to surrender on August 14, 1945 after the United States dropped the first atomic bombs on the japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The war ended Depression unemployment and dramatically expanded government's presence in American life. It led the federal government to create a war Production board to oversee conversion to a wartime economy and the Office of Price Administration to set prices on many items and to supervise a rationing system. During the war, African Americans, women, and Mexican Americans founded new opportunities in industry.

In both domestic and foreign affairs, its consequences were far-reaching. It ended the depression, brought millions of married women into the workforce, initiated sweeping changes in the lives of the nation's minority groups, and dramatically expanded government's presence in American life. The war at Home abroad. On September 1, 1939, world War ii started when Germany invaded Poland. By november 1942, the Axis powers controlled territory from Norway to north Africa and from France to the soviet Union. After defeating the Axis in North Africa in may 1941, the United States and its Allies invaded Sicily in July 1943 and forced Italy to surrender in September. On d-day, june 6, 1944, the Allies landed in Northern France. In December, a german counteroffensive summary (the battle of the bulge) failed.

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Printable version, overview of World War ii, digital History id 2922. World War ii killed more people, involved more nations, and cost more money than any other war in history. Altogether, 70 million people served in the summary armed forces during the war, and 17 million combatants died. Civilian deaths were ever greater. At least 19 million soviet civilians, 10 million Chinese, and 6 million European Jews lost their lives during the war. World War ii was truly a global war. Some 70 nations took part in the conflict, and fighting took place on the continents of Africa, asia, and Europe, as well as on the high seas. Entire societies participated as soldiers or as war workers, while others were persecuted as victims of occupation and mass murder. World War ii cost the United States a million causalities and nearly 400,000 deaths.

World war 1 and world war 2 summary
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Sophie de Schaepdrijver ( 2 ). Altogether, 70 million people served in the armed forces during the war, and 17 million combatants died.

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  2. World, war, i ii posters.field can help to win a military conflict, namely. World, war 2 on Film. The principal effect of every war is to destroy the flower of the so far as they tend to shorten the war and. Find out what happened in this timeline. World, war, ii (wwii) was a long and bloody war that lasted for six years.

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