Book report about the winter room

book report about the winter room

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De winter were heading back to manderely on fire. Then the novel ended. T find this part satisfying at all because it left me hanging. I wanted to know what was going to happen and why manderely was on fire. The ending left me with many questions. 5) I was not able to predict the ending because i thought that Maxim would go to jail for Rebecca?

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Also, i never expected Mrs. S costume to be the exact same as Rebecca? Because of these points, i found the episode with Mrs. S costume very interesting. S ending was very good and pdf satisfying, right up to the last two paragraphs. The happy ending I was hoping for came true. T get caught for Rebecca? S murder and Maxim and Mrs. De winter were starting fresh and they were closer than ever before. But then I read the last two paragraphs of the novel. At the very end, maxim and Mrs.

I found this novel extremely interesting for many reasons. First of all, i was always anxious to find out what was going salon to happen next. This part was very suspenseful. I wanted to know what was going to happen to maxim? S relationship as a result of this little episode. Another reason was that this part was very ironic. I never expected that Mrs. Danvers, the maid, would be so cruel and set Mrs. De winter up like that.

book report about the winter room

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De winter had her dress made in London and she was so happy because she looked great. She apple made a grand entrance in front of Maxim, his best friend, his sister proposal and her husband, which were the only people that were close to maxim. S large smile turned into a frown because everyone looked shocked and upset. Maxim was extremely angry and he told Mrs. De winter wore was the exact same exact costume that Rebecca, the old Mrs. De winter, had worn the last dress ball. Danvers had known this and she had set Mrs. De winter up because she loved Rebecca, and hated Mrs.

police have an investigation and come to the conclusion that Rebecca committed suicide because she was ill. De winter put Rebecca behind that now and start off on a clean state. De winter go back to manderely to see that there beloved home is on fire The most interesting part of the novel had to be when Maxim saw the dress that the new Mrs. De winter wore to the fancy dress ball. De winter wanted to keep her costume a secret, so she didn? T tell anyone about her costume. Danvers, the house maid knew because she had suggested the costume. The costume was from a picture that hung in the gallery.

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book report about the winter room

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All the staff and townspeople compare the new Mrs. Rebecca, maxims first wife. They say how Rebecca was perfect. manderely desk has a fancy dress gall to make people feel like manderely is the same as it was before rebecca died. Unknowingly, the new Mrs. De winter wears the same costume rebecca wore at Manderely? She runs upstairs and changes.

maxim and the new Mrs. De winter are on the verge of breaking up because rebecca is getting between them, but they don? De winter that he really never loved Rebecca because she was not as perfect as everyone thought, she was really evil. maxim says he shot Rebecca on a boat and sank it with her body on it, because of her evil ways. S boat and body is discovered in the water and the case of her death is reopened. S cousin, and lover, say that Maxim killed Rebecca, but. S name is later cleared because there is no evidence against him.

If Maxim and the new Mrs. T lived in Manderely, then the new Mrs. T have lived. De winder would not have felt like rebecca was watching them. In addition, the isolation of Manderely was very important because it allowed no one to ever know what was going on in Manderely.

No one knew that Maxim killed Rebecca because manderely was nowhere near town. Important events in the Plot, maxim, a very rich man, meets the future Mrs. De winter in a hotel. De winter and they leave monte carlo. Winter goes to maderely, maxim? S well known mansion, for the first time.

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The west had an even larger room, a reviews gallery and a beautiful banquet hall. The bedroom on the west wing overlooked the ocean. This bedroom was not in use because it was where rebecca and Maxim slept when Rebecca was alive. The setting of Rebecca was extremely important. The location of the mansion being very close to the beach, was very important in Rebecca? The ocean at the beach was where maxim had killed Rebecca and sank her boat. If the beach wasn? T so close then the murder would have father's been different. Also, manderely is where rebecca and Maxim live together before she died.

book report about the winter room

The mansion had beautiful gardens all around. There were pathways through the father forest that lead to manderely? There were iron gates that opened up to the long twisted driveway. The beginning of the driveway was surrounded by tress and shrubs. Then the shrubs disappeared to reveal blood red rhododendrons, that East wing and a west wing. The east wing had a morning room, which was where the characters sat after breakfast, an ante room, a library and a large double bedroom. The double bedroom overlooked Manderely? S beautiful rose gardens.

reference to what may happen. The novel makes me think that I should "expect the unexpected". Section b setting and Plot 1) The setting of Rebecca takes place in Maxims ancient family home. This enormous mansion was called Manderely. Manderely was very well known throughout most of Europe, which was where the novel takes place. T specify where in Europe rebecca takes place. Du maurier stated that Manderely was driving distance from London, England. Manderely was far away from town.

Du maurier has so triumphantly defied classification? She satisfied all t questionable criteria of popular fiction, and thesis yet satisfied too, the exact requirements of "real literature something very few novelist." Daphne du maurier died in 1985, at the age. Her novel Rebecca is now considered to be a modern classic. 2) I chose this novel because i had heard wonderful things about. Someone recommended this novel to me and when I read the back, i could not help myself. The summary on the back made the novel seem so intriguing. The cover design caused a mysterious affect. On the cover is a single house. The sky is very dark and gloomy, but then lightens up near the back of the house.

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Book report On Rebecca Essay, research Paper. Novel study, section a background Information 1) In 1907, a popular writer named Daphne du maurier was born. She wrote her first novel, loving Spirit, in 1931. Other novels that du maurier wrote were rule Britannia, my cousin Rachel, The king? Scapegoat, jamaican Inn and many more. Margaret Forester held high praises for du maurier. Forester had said, "no other popular writer.

Book report about the winter room
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  5. I am omitting here reports by jewish escapees, for example the Vrba-wetzler report, as well as the. The, winter, room, mass Market Paperback january 1, 2009. Enjoyed listening to this book about a boy as the seasons go by from the family farm. M ski in Bulgaria bulgaria ski info center Borovets Borovets Hotels Festa. You can read more about the booking process.

  6. Although few dramatic events happen to this family, the book is one of paulsen's. This question leads to paulsen's exciting, newbery honor book, the, winter, room. The one thing I didn't like about the book was the ending. This fun lapbook resource will create a book report project for any novel - use for independent reading. Grammar - grammar Dots, room. As a follow-up to tuesdays post about the majority.

  7. For updates about our program activities and our Annual. Report, see the other links on this page. For more information about the contributors to the. Related Titles and a free quiz. The, winter, room by gary paulsen.

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