Review of my big fat greek wedding

review of my big fat greek wedding

Review, of, my, big, fat, greek, wedding

Critic Consensus: my big Fat Greek wedding 2 is as sweet and harmless as the original, but its collection of sitcom gags and stereotypes never coalesces into anything resembling a story with a purpose. Videos, my big Fat Greek wedding. Photos, movie info, gold Circle Entertainment and hbo present a playtone production of my big Fat Greek wedding 2, the long-awaited follow-up to the highest-grossing romantic comedy of all time. Written by Academy Award (R) nominee nia vardalos, who stars alongside the entire returning cast of favorites, the film reveals a portokalos family secret that will bring the beloved characters back together for an even bigger and Greeker wedding. Kirk jones (Nanny McPhee, waking Ned devine) directs the next chapter of the film that will be once again produced by rita wilson and Playtone partners Tom Hanks and Gary goetzman. Paul Brooks and Steven Shareshian return to executive produce alongside vardalos and Scott niemeyer.

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And then every once in a while, john Stamos and, rita wilson (a producer on the film once again) show up as husband and wife, ostensibly because theyre Greek and theyre doing due diligence. Advertisement, the one figure we can rely on to shake things up through the sheer awesomeness of her bizarre presence is Second City veteran. Andrea martin as toulas thoroughly inappropriate vodka aunt voula. Just the choices in her facial expressions and vocal intonations are good for consistent laughs. And man, for those few moments, does it feel good to laugh. Vardalos choices—both on screen and behind the scenes—arent quite so easy to figure out. Ordinarily blessed with a pleasing accessibility and quick wit, here vardalos has stripped this character she created of everything that made her endearing and turned her into a skittish, wound-up ball of codependency. Toula is a wife and a mother but more often behaves like a scared little girl as she spinelessly agrees to every whim and demand from her selfish, needy plan family. Her script is a mess, and no amount of Windex can clean. Tomatometer, audience score, average rating:.3/5, user Ratings: 20,789.

Kirk jones over-the-top tone throughout—Paris entire family shows up at her schools college fair to ensure that listing she stays in town and goes to northwestern. They bring homemade spanakopita. They pressure the admissions representative. They mug wildly for group photographs. Over and over again, this is the level of humor in my big Fat Greek wedding 2—this is the shrill note it hits. It isnt enough to show that toulas family is (supposedly) lovably embarrassing. Gags get piled upon gags with relentless frenzy and results that are overbearing rather than uproarious. You can rely on every character to behave exactly the same way every time, regardless of the situation, and that way is usually obnoxious. Even a character who comes out as gay—which, in theory, should be an important moment—arrives out of nowhere and carries zero emotional heft.

review of my big fat greek wedding

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This means there has to be—you guessed it—another plan big, fat, Greek wedding. Despite constantly harping on every young woman she meets about the importance of getting married, maria begins to question whether she wants to be someones wife anymore. And yet, we know from the title that this problem will be resolved, so there are no real stakes. At the same time, toula is having a hard time maintaining the spark with her own husband, ian (. John Corbett, more milquetoast than ever the wasp-y dude whose arrival in toulas life created a culture clash in the first film. Shes also devastated at the prospect of her 17-year-old daughter, paris (. Elena kampouris leaving home and heading off to college. Meanwhile, paris suffers from her own romantic angst as she prepares for prom and tries to deflect the pressure to date a greek boy. In one shredder particularly embarrassing scene—which is emblematic of director.

It was broad and sitcom-y but it resonated with a wide array of moviegoers, despite the peculiarities of its cultural specificity, and it made a mind-boggling 369 million worldwide in 2002. Fourteen years later, we have a sequel that it seemed nobody in particular was clamoring for, with a title thats as uninspired as the premise itself: my big Fat Greek wedding. Yes, there is another big, fat, Greek wedding. Advertisement, whereas the first film worked mainly through the massive likability of its star/writer, nia vardalos, this sequel (which Vardalos also wrote) makes the mistake of relegating her to a supporting role in one of way too many interwoven subplots, none of which are particularly. This time, vardalos sweetly self-deprecating toula must manage the chaos thats thrust upon her from a multitude of members of her wacky family. In the most contrived of these dilemmas, it turns out that toulas parents, Chicago restaurant owners Gus (. Michael Constantine ) and Maria lainie kazan arent actually married after all. The priest back in Greece never signed their marriage certificate 50 years ago.

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review of my big fat greek wedding

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Characters drink ouzo at two festive events; a couple gets drunk, and the room is shown spinning from their point of view. User reviews, parent of an infant year old Written by afranks76. August 19, 2009 age 13, teen, 14 years old Written by livvy314, january 4, 2011 age 11 best movie ever! I love this movie! One of my all time favorite movies! I have probably seen it assignment a hundred times! Great movie for sleepovers or family night.

It has some bad ref. Continue reading, teen, 14 years old Written. SwrilCD87, april 9, 2008 not rated for age, what's the story? The original, my big Fat Greek wedding was a fluke. A charming, warmhearted fluke, but a fluke nonetheless.

The parents' guide to what's in this movie. Positive messages, the importance of family and a connection to traditions. Finding a balance between independence and remaining connected to your roots. Positive role models representations, toula learns to take control of her life from her well-intentioned but meddling parents and extended family. Ian readily accepts a culture different from his own because it's the culture of his bride-to-be.

Comedic pratfall - a flirting man who isn't paying attention to where he's going walks into an elderly woman, falls to the ground, and is struck on the face repeatedly with a handbag. Lots of kissing and one mild sex scene; no nudity. Some innuendo/discussion among family members of "making babies.". Language "Ass "jagoff "bite." The bride-to-be's Greek brother has her non-Greek groom-to-be say phrases in Greek that actually mean "I have three testicles" and "nice boobs." A 6-year-old girl asks another 6-year-old girl if the food she's eating at lunch is "moose caca.". Consumerism, windex is mentioned frequently. Drinking, Drugs smoking, drinking at parties, dinner.

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Its tough to watch good actors, especially Andrea martin as Aunt voula, rinse-recycle-repeat the same jokes. Going back to the well too often helped end. My big Fat Greek life, the 2003 sitcom Vardalos developed from her movie, in two short months. What once bubbled up from a sincere love of Greek family has now congealed into the all-too-familiar Hollywood tale of milking a cash cow until best cries for mercy. My big Fat Greek wedding 2 talks plenty about the need to change margaret with the times. But no way does this movie buy into the concept of practice what you preach. Jump to navigation, common Sense says, pG 2002 95 minutes. A lot or a little?

review of my big fat greek wedding

Her mom Maria (the ever-feisty lainie kazan) is getting tired of his act. Vardalos tries to add a feminist subtext: toula wants to support her daughters desire to leave home, get into nyu, and escape her suffocating family. And Maria thinks shes found an out when its discovered — plot-stretcher alert — that her marriage certificate to gus was assistant never signed by a priest. But the threat is toothless. My big Fat Greek wedding 2 is really about getting toulas parents remarried. Cue the big family reunion. But how can they be?

mean, really pushing. The appealing Vardalos returns as toula portokalos, now settled into marriage with hunky ian (John Corbett a school principal. Raising their teen daughter Paris (Elena kampouris) has crowded sex out of their relationship, though toulas Greek family still crowds into every corner of her existence in Chicago. Loud and overbearing, theyre lovable until theyre not. It doesnt help that Vardalos has written them variations on the same gags she used the first time. Her father Gus (Michael Constantine, 88, and still eloquent just by shrugging his shoulders) keeps using Windlex as a cure-all and claiming that the Greeks invented everything, this time updated to include facebook.

You cant go home again, at least in this movie. You can feel the strain all over this sequel to dates 2002s. My big Fat Greek wedding. The charm of the original snuck up on us 14 years ago. The films star nia vardalos carved the script out of her own life as a woman who defied her Greek parents, had a makeover and married a non-Greek adonis. Actress Rita wilson, also Greek, loved the concept and with her husband Tom Hanks, produced the film with Vardalos in the lead. On a chump-change 5 million budget, the movie took in 368 million worldwide to become the highest-grossing romcom of all time.

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Details: 2002, usa, cert pg, 95 mins. Direction: joel Zwick, essays genre: Comedy romance, summary: Tensions and comedy are provoked when a girl from a staunchly Greek family in the us marries a non-Greek man. With: John Corbett, Michael Constantine and nia vardalos. Our review, peter Bradshaw, peter Bradshaw: It's had couples laughing and swooning with delight in the auditorium and cinema managers cooing with life-affirming pleasure over the till receipts. User reviews, read user reviews, my big fat Greek wallet, my big Fat Greek wedding came from nowhere to become one of the most profitable films ever, right up there with Star Wars. Gary susman on a story of dogged determination and sheer luck. My big Fat Greek wedding is a feelgood film that trots out every ethnic stereotype for laughs. His neighbours loved it but for joe queenan it was a big fat letdown.

Review of my big fat greek wedding
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  1. I think people who gave this move bad reviews just didn t get it, because, they are. Film review: my big Fat Greek wedding. This 14-years-l ater sequel is every bit as sitcom-ish and saccharine as its predecessor, but. Critics Consensus: m y big Fat Greek wedding 2 is as sweet and harmless as the original, but its. Even those who have spent the last 14 years pining for a sequel to my big Fat Greek wedding — by most accounts, the highest-grossing. My big Fat Greek wedding is a feelgood film th at trots out every ethnic stereotype for laughs.

  2. A charmin g, warmhearted fluke, but a fluke nonetheless. It was broad and sitcom-y but. Read the Empire review of my big Fat Greek wedding. Find out everything you need t o know about the film from the world s biggest movie destination. My big Fat Greek wedding (2002) on imdb: movies, tv, celebs, and more.

  3. Cute romcom has some innuendo, a little language. Read Common Sense media s my big Fat Greek wedding review, age rating, and parents guide. In the spring of 2002, an indie comedy film from nia vardalos beca me an unexpected theatrical hit. The tom Hanks co-produced my big Fat. The original my big Fat Greek wedding was a fluke.

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