Write a paragraph about your daily routine

write a paragraph about your daily routine

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Its not easy, but again, it takes practice. Accept change and imperfection. When we get things the way we like them, we usually dont want them to change. But they will change. Its a fact of life. We cannot keep things the way we want them to be instead, its better to learn to accept things as they are.

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Do some meditation, or have a bath, or a cup of hot tea, and as youre de-stressing, go over your day and examine. Dont get frustrated — youre learning. Do some deep breathing, and then go over each situation, trying to see it as a detached observer. This kind of review will help you improve in the learning process. Realize that you cant control others. Ah, one of the biggest challenges. We get frustrated with other people, because they dont act the way we want them to act. Maybe its our kids, dukkehjem maybe its our spouse or significant other, maybe its our coworker or boss, maybe its our mom or best today's friend. But we have to realize that they are acting according to their personality, according to what they feel is right, and they are not going to do what we want all of the time. And we have to accept that. Accept that we cant control them, accept them for who they are, accept the things they.

Once a day, try to recall what all your tally marks were for — and then write about those situations. Why did you get upset? What presentation did you try to do? Did it work, and if not, why not? What can you do next time? This kind of recollection and examination, after the fact, will help you learn from the process. If you arent good at keeping a journal, at least do a daily review in your head.

write a paragraph about your daily routine

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Laugh at my own incompetence. Laugh at the absurdity of online the situation. That requires a certain amount of detachment — you can laugh at the situation if youre above it, but not within. And that detachment is a good thing. If you can learn to laugh at things, youve come a long way. Try laughing even if you dont think its professional funny — it will most likely become funny. This is one of the best uses of a journal actually.

Dont try to become that Zen Master mentioned above overnight. Dont try to bite off huge chunks — just bite off something small at first. So make your first attempts to go with the flow small ones: focus on the tally marks (mentioned above) first. Then focus on breathing. Then try to get perspective after you breathe. And you might try the easier situations first — if your work problems are easier to accept than your frustrations with your kids, for example, start with work. It helps me to see things as funny, rather than frustrating. Car broke down in the middle of traffic and I have no cell phone or spare tire?

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write a paragraph about your daily routine

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So why get upset about it? Just let it go, and soon it wont be a big deal. Its important to realize that, just like when you learn any skill, you probably wont be good at this at first. Who is good when they are first learning to write, or read, or drive? No one i know. Skills come with practice.

So when you first learn to go with the flow, you will mess. You will stumble and fall. Thats ok — its part of izle the process. Just keep practicing, and youll get the hang. Someday, you may even become a zen Master and write a guest post on what youve learned for Zen Habits. Along the same lines, take things in small steps.

Thats all — just keep tally. And soon, because of that little act, you will become more aware of your anger and frustration. When you feel yourself getting angry or frustrated, take a deep breath. This is an important step that allows you to calm down and do the rest of the things on this list. Practice this by itself and youll have come a long way already.

This always helps. I get angry over something happening — my car breaks down, my kids ruin my microwave — and then I take a deep breath, and take a step back. You know how youre watching a movie and the camera zooms away and you can see much more of the world on the screen than you could before? How it goes from closeup to a larger, panoramic view of things? Thats what happens in my minds eye. I start to zoom away, until Im pretty far away from things. Then whatever happened doesnt seem so important. A week from now, a year from now, this little incident wont matter a single whit. No one will care, not even you.

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Not might happen, but will. There are things that we cannot control that will affect every aspect of our lives, and we must must must accept that, or we will constantly be frustrated. Meditate on estate this for awhile. Ive mentioned this step in previous articles on other topics, but thats because its extremely important. You cant change things in your head if youre not aware of them. You have to become an observer of your thoughts, a self-examiner. Be aware that youre becoming upset, so that you can do something about. It helps to keep tally marks in a little notebook for a week — every time you get upset, put a little tally.

write a paragraph about your daily routine

Realize that you cant control everything. I think we all know this at some level, but the business way we think and act and feel many times contradicts this basic truth. We dont control the universe, and yet we seem to wish we could. All the wishful thinking wont make. You cant even control everything within your own little sphere of influence — you can influence things, but many things are simply out of your control. In the example above, you can control your morning routine, but there will be things that happen from time to time (someones sick, accident happens, phone call comes at. That disrupts things, etc.) that will make you break your routine. First step is realizing that these things will happen.

want it. Flow with whatever is happening and let your mind be free. Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate. A reader recently asked me to write more about going with the flow, so this is my attempt to share some of the things that work for. As always, i dont have any claims to perfection, and Im learning as i improve, but the tips below should help anyone.

Youve structured your mornings so that you do things that bring you calm and happiness. And then a water pipe bursts in your bathroom and you spend a stressful morning trying to clean up the mess and get the pipe fixed. You are disappointed, because you didnt get to do your morning routine. You are stressed from all these changes gender to what youre used. It ruins your day because you are frustrated for the rest of the day. Not the best way to handle things, is it? And yet if we are honest, most of us have problems like this, with things that disrupt how we like things, with people who change what we are used to, with life when it doesnt go the way we want it.

Daily routine in english essay

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Dont resist them that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. lao-tzu, by, leo babauta, no matter how much structure we create in our lives, no matter how many good habits we build, there will always be things that we cannot control — and if we let them, thesis these things can be a huge source. The simple solution: learn to go with the flow. Smile, breathe and go slowly. Thich Nhat Hanh, for example, lets say youve created the perfect peaceful morning routine.

Write a paragraph about your daily routine
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  3. Write a paragraph about hoseholding duties of your family members. In the uk there are daily. I completely agree with Baggio, reading your blog regardless of the subject matter is my daily routine.I don t really like the blogs that have just a short paragraph. Emerson on the hobgoblins who come here just to write fart jokes. The first decision is what to write about.

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