Yana parker resume

yana parker resume

Resume Pro: make money writing Resumes: Yana parker

Ask why your friend liked the service and take a look at her resume. Another way is to ask for a referral from a local career center or a career counselor — they tend to know who is doing the best resume work. If you cant find someone who has received good service from a resume writer, and you cant get a good referral, then you have to do a little sleuthing on your own. A quick internet search or browse through your Yellow Pages should do the trick. Once you find some resume services that look good, your next step is to ask some sharp questions. Look beyond your local area as most resume writers work by phone and email, so it really doesnt matter if they live in your neck of the woods.

The damn good Resume guide: a crash course in Resume Writing

Find your next job at Monster today. Search thousands of local job listings from the web's premium job database. Sign-up for a free account and post your resume. 100's of retail jobs and 1000's of retail candidates! Instantly email your job to a huge database of general managers, department managers, regional managers, and. Youre thinking about hiring a professional resume writer to get your resume done. But how do you know if the writer you choose is a good one? Heres what, yana parker, author of, the damn good Resume guide, breakfast advises. How to find a professional Resume Writer a good One! The best route to finding a good resume writer is to speak with a satisfied customer. Ask around and see if any of your friends have had a good experience with a resume writer.

Make sure your cover letter is as good as your resume. Practice your job interview skills. Dont forget to follow-up presentation with a thank-you note. Finally, click on retail jobs to find suggestions of specific web sites and resume posting and submission services where you can submit your resume. Retail consumer Services - m will help you find just what looking for. Browse through more than 65,000 categories. Find all the vendors and goods you need to grow your.

yana parker resume

The damn good Resume guide, fifth Edition

Some of the more important rules are as follows: never write more than two pages. Use a format that makes the resume inviting and easy-to-read. Think about your accomplishments and make them the focus of the resume tell the truth. Use buzzwords and keywords. If possible, tailor your resume for a specific job, not just a specific industry. Include computer proficiency levels for almost business all jobs. Ensure all dates link up and leave no suspicious gaps if you are using a chronological format. If there are gaps in your work history, use a functional resume format.

Par (Problem-Action-Results) Statements: According to yana parker, author of The damn good Résumé guide, "Remove everything that starts with 'responsibilities included' in your résumé. Replace that with on-the-job accomplishments. You can do this by filling your resume with par statements. For instance, state the problem that existed in your workplace, describe what you did about it and specify the beneficial results. A good example of a par statement would be: 'Increased lagging department sales 17 percent to 23 percent each quarter in one year by redesigning displays, improving advertising, and enhancing customer service. ' keywords to Include: your Retail Resume should include specific job titles like: retail manager, store manager, retail store manager, retail sales, sales representative, cashier, assistant manager, merchandiser, buyer; and required job skills: p l management, purchasing, procurement, retail operations management. Other keywords that might be used include technology such as specific computer programs, degrees such as ba or mba and positive personal qualities. In addition to these important guidelines for constructing your resume, there are many resume tips plus simple resume formats to follow that will help you compose a great resume.

Yana parker - the damn good Resume

yana parker resume

The damn good Resume guide, fifth Edition by yana parker, beth

Organize your expertise high in a simple methodical list. Heres an example: Strategic Planning, p l management, retail Distribution, budget Planning. Merchandise displays, sales and Marketing, inventory control, procurement. Warehousing, systems Management, incentive structures, performance Standards, safety and Compliance. Team leadership and Mentoring, try to energize your job descriptions by describing how you went above and beyond your job duties. Think about how you performed in each the of your positions to develop accomplishment statements that will create a significant impact on the potential employer.

Include factors like what was expected of you and how well met those expectations; the methods you used to generate strong results; awards won if any; and overcoming obstacles that resulted in a positive outcome. Include Specific skills that Will Get you noticed. Keep in mind to include the various skills that will make the potential employer take notice your resume. Listed here are some of the important skills related to retail: administrative functions advertising budgeting buying customer service design display hiring/firing information technology skills merchandising planning public relations receiving scheduling selling shipping stock work store management supervising training your skills should evolve in accordance with. Always remember to include your continuing education, in-service training, outside seminars, courses, certifications, or any other experience that displays dedication to your profession.

There are many professional resume writers and resume services you may want to hire to help you. Sometimes their expertise makes all the difference between getting and not getting that first interview. If you decide to write your own resume, the best place to start is to analyze resume examples that utilize common resume formats. This will give you a good idea of the resume templates being used successfully today to land retail jobs. Next, look at retail-related web sites and publications to help you choose the key words you need to emphasize in your resume so that scanning software used to identify strong job candidates wont pass you.

Performance is the key to a successful career in the business world, in general and the retail world, in particular. A person could have been the manager, salesperson, merchandiser, cashier, clerk, hr professional or have performed many other retail jobs. The most important thing while searching for a job in the retail business is that your résumé needs to demonstrate how you have contributed to the company's success. Display a clear Career goal and Highlight your Achievements: be sure to include a career Summary section which will grab the employers attention immediately by highlighting your most important attributes. Avoid listing vague skills or clichés like "excellent communication and interpersonal skills". Instead, provide hard facts about your work history or training that would prompt the hiring manager to call you for an interview. Areas of skills and Expertise to include: Include an Area of Expertise section to display your qualifications and competency for the job.

Yana parker (Author of The damn good Resume guide) - goodreads

Delivered periodic presentations of results and works in progress, to staff of Cancer Research Institute. Innovation/Exploration Pursued unique opportunities for experimentation, for example: -researched and worked out procedures for in vitro immunization of human lymphocytes; -explored and experimented with hybridoma production, using lymph node cells of a cancer patient; -experimented to induce animals' immune system to respond to a weak. Lab skills sds-page electrophoresis Radiolabeling of Antibodies Tissue culture Affinity Chromatography Immunoblot Strip Assay hamster Egg Penetration Test Electroblotting lyophilization Isotyping employment history 2004-present Lab Technician schilling cancer research inst., berkeley 2000-04 Full time student us santa database barbara 2003 summer Research Asst. Uc santa barbara biology dept. 1999 youth counselor rainbow river day care program, los Angeles 1998 Emergency med Tech seals ambulance, costa mesa 1997 teaching Asst. School, redondo beach education. A., cell biology physiology - university of california, santa barbara, 2004 Related coursework: Immunology lab, biochemistry, virology, microbiology. Before you begin writing your retail resume, make sure that you really want to do this on your own.

yana parker resume

Highlights of qualifications, highly inquisitive, creative and resourceful. Excellent skills in communication and collaboration. Skilled in all phases of hybridoma production. Good working knowledge of immunology. Excited by the challenge of research and experimentation. Relevant skills and accomplishments. Applied Research, successfully developed new antibodies for use in breast cancer research therapy: -experimented with antigen preparation and immunization routines, resulting in the desired immune response; -carefully monitored the antisera to ensure presence of desired B-cell population; -tailored screening strategies buy using elisa, ria and immunoblot. Developed, in collaboration with others, a novel assay which identifies the antibodies' ability to bind to live, intact tumor cells.

inst. 1998 Certificate, abatement work in schools under Asbestos hazard Emergency response Act, hager Labs. 1997 Abatement Supervisor Training, georgia inst. 1995 Certificate, welder First Class, southern Alberta Inst. Other sample resumes, sample functional Resume 2, yana parker's Comments: Education and training stronger than work experience. John is relatively new in his scientific profession and, although he has recent experience in a lab, he wanted to draw on some important projects from his summer internship a few years back. By organizing his information in a functional resume, he highlighted his school projects under skill headings that define his job objective. John bridges 97 foothill Lane, berkeley ca 94705 (510) 123-4567, objective: Research Associate position with a biotechnology firm / basic research lab focusing on immunology and product development.

Since 1996, specialist in asbestos abatement, including job management and crew supervision. Work history 2005-present, general superintendent, spray systems environmental, phoenix,. Superintendent for asbestos abatement contractor at Chino mines of Hurley,. Supervise 30-person crew, set up jobs, oversee safety, order materials, assure that job is done on time. Current job involved setting up freestanding asbestos containments around 70-foot-high boilers in a working margaret copper smelter. This has been accomplished with no disruption to plant operations or personnel. Superintendent, bcp construction, phoenix, az asbestos abatement for schools, hospitals, and office buildings from Kentucky to california. Ran crews of one to four workers. Supervised complete asbestos abatement project for three floors of a highrise building (Mera bank) in Phoenix,.

Resume tips from Yana parker - jobStar

Local jobs, resumes, career guides, dates salary Info, hidden Jobs. Ask Electra, search Site, california, los Angeles, sacramento, san diego, san Francisco, about JobStar, privacy policy, contents. E-mail Electra what where job title, keywords or company city, state or zip jobs by, is this the right type of resume for me? Other sample resumes, sample Chronological Resume 2, yana parker's Comments: Emphasizing Employer loyalty. By placing the employment dates on the left and separating them from his job titles, Brian allowed his chronological resume to highlight his loyalty to each of his employers, a quality that will be valued by any hiring manager. JobStar Recommends for Great Resumes 150 Templates - 800 Sample Elements. Sample resume by permission of the author. Brian briarsson 7667 West Highway 421, silver City, nm 98765 (123) 456-7890, summary. Experienced in pipeline and oil field construction work.

Yana parker resume
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  1. A resume is a marketing piece — not a career obituary! — yana parker, author the damn good resume guide. A free 32-page downloadable workbook by well-known resume expert Yana parker.

  2. ormonde, richard Parker, olga pekova, marjorie perloff, holly pester, bern Porter, michal Rehus, jakub Repicky, joan Retallack, william. First written by yana parker in the 1980s and updated most recently by beth Brown, this book has stood the test of time. The hands down winner is The damn good Resume guide by yana parker (Ten Speed Press). According to yana parker, author of The damn good Résumé guide, remove everything that starts with 'responsibilities included' in your. A crash course in Resume Writing yana parker, beth Brown on Amazon.

  3. Yana, parker 's Comments: Resume after a layoff Josie lost her job when the co-op supermarkets folded. Yana, parker 's Comments: Education and training stronger than work experience john is relatively new in his scientific profession and. A resume for writing yana parker, john customer service resume sample to patronize. look at, yana, parker s Damn good Resumeswith 200 examples of ideas on vocabulary, format, and related informationthen write a draft. brenda Aguilar, melissa Aritza, beatriz galvez, carolina cardoso-fabbri, yana goranova, yashleen Kheterpal, nathalie wetherington.

  4. We have a great one! Resume, guide by, yana, parker and Beth Brown. Heres what, yana, parker, author of The damn good. Yana, parker 's Comments: Emphasizing Employer loyalty by placing the employment dates on the left and separating them from his job. Yana, parker 's Comments: Emphasizing Work history Chronological resumes work best for candidates with a strong work history related.

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