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essay series

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Accessible writing, as well as fascinating psychological insight around vital issues, makes it essential reading for everyone. Joy told, pBN : "There's an incredibly important conversation we need to have - it's been happening, as some vegans have been raising the issue for years, and I want to add my voice to that conversation and to help bring about the change that. "I wrote these pieces to suggest ways to approach a dialogue, to help us have that conversation." 'Problematic interactions she added: "There's this problematic pattern that's causing the movement to lose power, causing vegans to fight with each other, and also contributing to some. A different understanding,. Joy is keen to point out that conversations about oppression and privilege have been happening for a long time in the vegan movement, but that they are only now starting to be heeded, due in part to ARmetoo (which saw sexual harassment and male bullying. What these articles offer is a slightly different approach to understanding and talking about privilege. She said: "I'm talking not simply about what privilege is, but about the psychology of privilege, how privilege is like is an entity that's hijacked our consciousness.". Hurt, describing herself as 'motivated intellectually and ethically' to create the series of essays,.

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She makes up one half of the leave band Ordinary neighbors, whose music silverfin is based on her writing, and teaches at Hope college in Holland, michigan. 2017 Essay series / Wendy. Walker Sophfronia scott, susanna Childress, essay series, curator, 2017 Essay. Advocate, academic, writer, public speaker and more -. Melanie joy (Photo: Alina mosonyi). Vegan advocate and academic. Melanie joy has launched a series of essays which are available to read. The harvard-educated psychologist - who is known for coining the term 'carnism as well as for founding the advocacy organization. Beyond Carnism and co-founding ProVeg International - describes the writing (which is based on a new book she's recently written but has not yet been released) as a 'dramatic departure' from her previously published work. The series - which includes four essays - has real power to effect positive change within the movement.

Either way, what they offer is varied, unhurried, and, perhaps most notably, no opiate for what ails, while still being rich and generative, simultaneously stimulating and soothing. Perhaps that, readers, is the real riddle. —susanna, curator bios, sophfronia scott finds herself in the stunning but gratifying position of having three books being published in the next six months. Her latest novel, Unforgivable love : a retelling of Dangerous liaisons, from William Morrow/HarperCollins, hits shelves on September. She also has on the way a memoir, This Child of faith: raising a spiritual Child in a secular online World, co-written with her son, from Paraclete Press (December 2017 and an essay collection, loves Long Line, from Mad Creek books/The Ohio state University Press (February. See more at her website. Susanna Childress has published two books of poetry, jagged with love and, entering the house of Awe, and also writes short fiction and creative nonfiction.

essay series

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The writers here contend, as thoughtful purveyors of faith are obliged to, with heavy and unwieldy truths, with layers, mysteries, labyrinthine paths toward growth or stillness or hope or help. Sometimes, all of these at once. And so it is that Sophfronia and I present you with a group of writers whose pdf bravery is not sloganeering but quiet, whose realizations, even half-realized, are hard-won. Writers who, by example, refute marxs disparaging assertion, that they, like all those around them, are drugged by their religion. Maybe that is because it is faith that propels their inquiry and longing; though they are often working within traditional religious frameworks—Judaism, buddhism, Islam, Christianity, hindu—their courage is more visible in the moves they make towards the dangerous inconvenience of the unknown, the letting. Perhaps, then, they are more equipped, with as writers, to launch out in matters of faith. Perhaps it is because they first learned to do so in matters of faith that they can fling themselves into darkness as they write.

What divides as much as it unites? Of course no hot button issue is as straight forward as it seems, and riddles often elide complicated truths; faith is not (always) the same as religion, and perhaps it is religion thats the hot button here, religion the riddles answer. Perhaps faith is more elastic, more porous, more nimble a term—or concept, or world, or realm. Our essayists wrestle with religion. But their true subject matter, every time, is faith. Several essayists here convey their coming of age, choosing faith, as it aligns or forks away from that of their family of origin. Several essayists here have occasion—by external or internal stimuli—to examine their faith, to let it seep into their understanding of and reaction to life experiences. And, true to life experience, this is rarely, if ever, quick or simple or easy.

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essay series

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Our essay series explores this expansion, seeking those glowing areas where religion and spirituality can go hand in hand, one feeding the other. We have a powerful group of writers, all pursuing spirituality in various faiths. They dove into the subject and came up with a fullness of expression touching on the ritual, the spiritual, and the visceral, showing us what faith looks like as it shows up in the everyday of regular life. The poet and mystic Rumi wrote, out beyond ideas of right and wrongdoing, there is a field. I assignment will meet you there.

In reaching for their higher thoughts, our writers represent religion to be as expansive as an open field, a place of engagement and not a limitation or close-mindedness. I invite you to meet us all in that field. I hope youll find the work challenging and inspiring. I hope it brings you to think outside the box and find the space in which you can engage with belief in whatever shape it takes for you. —sophfronia, the theme for this years anniversary series is a hot-button issue. In fact, it seems like it could be the answer to a sloppy riddle.

I was excited when Awst asked me to co-curate this years anniversary series with Susanna Childress, especially when I learned our focus would be religion. I saw it as an opportunity to open windows and bring fresh air to a topic that can be so closed. We cant discuss it in polite conversation and if we do it threatens to become a source of division rather than a source of ideas and renewal. Its as if our society has put religion in a box full of restrictions, and these restrictions are often limits weve created ourselves with small minds and little imagination. The popular phrase these days is Im not religious but Im spiritual.

But I wonder if the ones who use it truly understand the richness they are missing out on when they seek to separate themselves from what can be an important aspect of their spirituality. Why does it have to be one or the other? Why cant you be both? One of my favorite pieces of Scripture is Isaiah 55:8-9: For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways, says the lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. These words tell me the way of the spirit is expansive, hugely. And we are meant to be just as expansive when we seek god in whatever form.

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Cork (The verey gallery, eton College 27 April 10 September 2017). The Brookings Essay is a multi-platform, long-form product that we hope will engage our audience in open dialogue and debate. Show More, about The Brookings Essay, in the spirit of Brookings's commitment to high-quality, independent research, we have commissioned works on major topics of public policy by distinguished authors, including biography Brookings scholars. Like other products of the Institution, The Brookings Essay is intended to contribute to discussion and stimulate debate on important issues. The views are solely those of the author. Get daily updates from Brookings. Sophfronia scott and Susanna Childress graciously agreed to curating this year's essay series. Sophfronia contributed an essay to last year's series and Susanna helped us launch the press with our first chapbook. Below are thoughts on this series.

essay series

Click here for more information. Chung has been involved in the printing arts as a textual scholar, book historian, and archivist. She is a practical printer, bibliographer, and information specialist (preservation, archives). Rebecca is particularly interested in the materiality of printed texts and images, as well as their history of textual transmission (in all media including digital). If you have goodman an essay in preparation or if you would like more information about Impressions, please download the informational. Pdf (April 2018) or email Rebecca. Expanded and revised from Andrew McNeillies essay the last Surviving King of Elmet, or Wildness Regained that introduced two shows by norman Ackroyd: Just be a poet (The fine Art Society, london, 2016) and. The western Shore from Shetland.

tears: Essays on the Art and Craft of Paper is expected by the end of 2018. Topics for Volume 1:   papermaking in India (Radha pandey)   papermaking experiments to replicate the first western wove paper (Cathleen baker)   interviews with people who make equipment and tools for papermakers (Aimee lee). Western European papermills (Peter Thomas)   history of dieu donné papermill (Susan Gosin)   tracing the history of ganpi paper (kyoko ibe). Editor: Tatiana ginsberg is Studio collaborator and Production Manager of the dieu donné papermill in New York city. Her background is in Japanese and Western papermaking, printing, teaching, and collaborating with artists. If you have an essay in preparation or if you would like more information about Papermaker s tears, please email Tatiana: Impressions Essays on the Art of Printing Rebecca. Chung, editor Impressions encompasses all the printing arts, including relief, intaglio, lithography, and serigraphy, as well as related arts, such as stamping, stenciling, and pochoir. Call for Essays: The first volume of Impressions will be devoted to women and printing: historical and current.

Topics for Volume 6: tacketed account books, anabaptist bookbindings the origins and future of the University of Iowa bookbinding model collection increasing visibility and access to historical binding collections a late-coptic binding with bridled leather boards 18th- and 19th-century Indian. Volume 7: an Americana theme, this volume barbing will be dedicated to the theme of American bookbinding, both colonial and post-colonial. Although many essays in the previous volumes in the series have addressed aspects of American bookbinding, it is our belief that this continues to be a rich area for more research. The assumption has long been made that North American binding (including Canada and Mexico) was largely influenced by four binding traditions: those of Great Britain, France, germany, and Spain. While the assumption is true for early colonial binding, we still need to document many of those early bindings for similarities and differences rather than giving in to the dismissive attitude often applied to colonial or provincial work. Distances from supply sources and a make-do response have had a telling effect on which directions North American bookbinding practices, materially and structurally, have taken over the centuries, and it is important to document them. Editor: Julia miller has written extensively about the history of bookbinding. Her background is in book conservation and in teaching historical structures.

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In 2013, The legacy Press published the for first volume in the series, suave mechanicals: Essays on the history of bookbinding. This project came about after discussions between Cathy baker, the publisher, and Julia miller, bookbinding historian, about the need for a journal-style publication that would not only feature published scholars, but would also provide a forum for those who have not been published. The goal for suave mechanicals was to encourage authors to explore areas of the history of bookbinding that had not been addressed previously, and to add to the body of established scholarship on some of the more well-known binding structures. And since 2013 three more volumes of suave mechanicals have appeared to critical acclaim. A few years ago cathy decided to publish two new series, papermaker s tears: Essays on the Art and Craft of Paper and Impression: Essays on the Art of Printing. Editors for these new series are working on their first volumes, and more information about each of The legacy Press series is described below. Suave mechanicals, essays on the history of bookbinding. Julia miller, editor, volumes 5, 6, and 7 are in preparation: Topics for Volume 5: history and structure of tintype albums in America a follow-up pictorial essay on Samaritan bindings from selected special collections a study of a 12th-century limp tawed binding.

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Essay on internet a boon or a curse essay about experience in flood why should someone go to college essay philosophy in a new Century: Selected. From September on, all essay prompts will require. The lady asked:.

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  1. Expanded and revised from Andrew McNeillie s essay the last Surviving Kin. An ideal companion to his contribution to the Clutag five poems series. For the full text please visit On diversity in teaching an d learning; a compendium (pdf). On diversity in teaching and learning;. Today begins a series of 23 essays contributed by various apologeti cs bloggers from across the web.

  2. Vegan advocate and academic. Melanie joy has launched a series of essays which are available to read on Plant Based News. Conscious Freedom Essay series. In January 2011, the month after we launched this website, we published a three-part essay series, conscious Freedom. Every two weeks we publish a new long-form essay which seeks to offer insight and reflection upon. Then look no further than our Selected Essays series.

  3. In 2013, The legacy Press published the first volume in the series, suave mechanic als: Essays on the history of bookbinding. This project came about after. Sophfronia and Susanna share their thoughts about this year s essay series. This essay collection contains contributions from leading scholars in the fields of economics, psychology, social science, and philosophy. The Brookings Essay is a multi-platform, long-form product that we hope will engag e our audience in open dialogue and debate. More on this Series.

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