Real estate market report

real estate market report

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real estate market report

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real estate market report

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Price Edwards company has been conducting market reports in the oklahoma city market since its inception in 1988. We contact each property owner to gather data, assimilate it into meaningful statistics and add a market narrative based on our many years of experience in the oklahoma city commercial real estate market. We conduct the office and retail reports semi-annually and conduct the industrial and multifamily reports annually. We are the only source that provides and publishes specific data on each building in the market. You can view all of this information at no cost.

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This number has been increasing since the beginning of presentation 2013, from.8 in January,.19 in February. Putting all of these factors together, you might make the assumption that the market is slowing. However that's simply not the case. There is such a short supply of houses on the market, list so there are less homes being sold. That's not just indicative of what we're seeing locally, but nationwide. One of the other internal indicators we have inside our office here at m is overall traffic and inquires. Homebuyers' inquiries are up over 20 over last year at the same time, and it looks like that number will move increasingly higher over the next few months. Positive news continues to improve confidence in the real estate market and for the first time since the 2007, an interest in buying is outpacing available housing.

real estate market report

Another number we have not seen in years was that of the average cumulative days on the market. In March of 2013, that number was 236, the highest it has been in a while. This was an increase of almost 32 from February of 2013, and more than a 14 increase from the prior year. The question remains: Is this a hangover as a result of Hurricane sandy? Here is what I do believe: On many occasions over the last quarter, banks have ordered reappraisals of not just hurricane effected homes, but all homes in Staten Island that were on their way to the closing table. The delays have staten Island's real estate market locked in a holding pattern. The real issue here is whether or not delays to closing are causing a considerable amount of anxiety amongst homebuyers who are looking to lock in low interest rates. The amount of months it would take to sell the 2260 homes.61, which is considerab ly lower than in March of 2012, by more than.

estate market is the average listed price to actual closing day sales price.  The good news is that homebuyers were covering a greater percentage of a home's listed price this past March,.96, as compared to the previous year, where homeowners were paying on average.76 of a home's marketed listing price at the time of contract. This is actually the greatest percentage of list to sell prices paid in March since e percentage dropped from February of 2012, where homebuyers were covering.11 of the home's list price.  This may not mean much, though, since the percentage of ask-to-sell prices has not moved much over the past few months. These percentages go hand-in-hand with the average prices for homes being listed and homes being sold, as they are calculated using the two numbers. Both the average listing price and the average selling price rose a little more than 8 from February of 2013, where the average listing price in March was 440,933 and the average selling price was 414,303. Comparing them to the previous year, the two numbers declined. From March of 2012 to march of 2013, the average listing price dropped almost 5, while the average selling price dropped over. The number of homes on the market for March of 20Not only was this a 23 decline compared to march of 2012, it was also the lowest number of homes we have seen on the market in any given month in many years.

Please see our privacy statement for details about how we use data. If you take a look at the residential sales over the months following Hurricane sandy, you can see that the storm definitely had an impact on the amount of homes being sold. In november of 2012, home sales had dropped almost. The next month seemed to make up for the lack of homes being sold, with 244 home sales-an increase of over. After December, however, there seemed to be a steady decline in the number of homes being sold. by march of 2013, that steady decline showed up at 20 from the beginning of the year, with only 179 homes being sold. However, this seems to be rather paper normal for the number of homes being sold in March, though that number has been steadily decreasing over the past four years. Looking back at the data from 20, it seems that the months following March follow a trend, where home sales drop in April, but begin to rise over the next couple of months.

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Real estate market report
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  4. Real - estate market. Bay area real estate market cooling off, new report indicates. Nyc commercial real Estate report - q3, 2012. Download our latest market analysis reports on foreclosures, sales and other real estate trends.

  5. The buyer/Seller Ratio rose this week - conditions improved for sellers. April s real estate market report for Staten Island. Posted by Anthony licciardello on Thursday, april 11th, 2013 at 9:51am. Heres why the 2008-09 cycle could soon repeat itself in the miami condominium market. Steven Fischler is a co-founder and principal of New Gables Capital, a real estate private lending company. Pending home sales continue to suggest strength in Mass.

  6. Industry report real estate. Real, estate, market, report - daily Show Episode 205-2013. Real estate for sale in Tenafly new Jersey - mls 1501727. The detroit real estate market was one of those hit hardest by the housing crisis. According to that report, one out of every 108 housing units was in foreclosure. Market, report, real, estate, brokers For Sale.

  7. 2015 Mid-year Industrial Survey summaryDownload Current Industrial Surveythis report covers only multi-tenant, investment grade industrial buildings. This increased multi-tenant availability opens the market for more expansions and. About, real, estate.mitigate the impact of future cre crashes on the financial system while ensuring that cre lending is not over-regulated to the point of stifling healthy market activity. Insights into residential real estate market in the United States. Residential property in London in the United Kingdom (UK) - statista dossier.

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