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roger ebert reviews

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I thought I had seen an emperor without any clothes. In response to the films many accolades and awards, Ebert says just as a bad novel can be made into a good movie, so can a boring movie be made into a fascinating movie review. Ebert criticized kiarostamis directing style as too slow-paced and monotonous to be effective. He said the style was unnecessary for the material. Kiarostamis subtle, minimal approach to this story, which could have been told in a more straight-forward, more dramatic style, was a mistake in Eberts opinion. Its interesting that many of the same things that Ebert is critical of in his review are some of the same things that Ebert defends in the films of directors such as Béla tarr and Andrei tarkovsky.

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Ebert: They all elevate their dialogue to an arch and artificial level thats distracting and unconvincing and slows down the progress of the film. Granted, and the dialects in raising Arizona can be over-the-top, but again, thats a comic choice the coens decided on, and it works beautifully. Raising Arizona probably wouldnt work without. Taste of Cherry (1997 richard Corliss of Time magazine named it the best film of 1997. At the cannes Film Festival, it tied with Shohei imamuras The eel to win the coveted Palme dOr. It won the national Society of Film Critics Award for Best Foreign Language film. Iranian director Abbas kiarostamis Taste of Cherry had many admirers. Roger Ebert, who awarded the film one star, was not one of them. Ebert found the film excruciatingly boring. In his review, he describes an argument he got into with fellow critics Jonathan Rosenbaum and dave kehr over the film. Both believed they had seen a masterpiece.

Instead of another thriller, raising Arizona was a bizarre, live-action business looney tunes cartoon about love, family and crime set in the American southwest. The film has an almost boundless comic energy; its in every way the exact opposite of Blood Simple. In his one and a half star review of raising Arizona, its clear that Roger Ebert has several problems with the films demented comic style. Ebert states that the movie cannot decide if it exists in the real world of trailer parks and 7-Elevens and Pampers, or in a fantasy world of characters from another dimension. The film cannot, Ebert goes on to say, decide if it is about real people, or comic exaggerations. For many audiences and critics, it was this very go-for-broke, anything-goes approach that makes raising Arizona so memorable. Another issue that Roger had with the film is that every character, as he says, talks funny.

roger ebert reviews

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The films central theme about how evil things can happen in a seemingly quiet and peaceful town is an idea to which david Lynch returns again and again in his projects (for instance, in the television program Twin peaks). Eberts main problem with the film, then, is the main point that Lynch is trying to make. In the films opening sequence, for instance, he shows us moments of small-town life in a town reminiscent of leave it to beaver, and later shows us the horrific things creeping and waiting just below the surface. In his interview with david Lynch entitled my problem with Blue velvet, Ebert writes: I believe lynch is a talented director, and that in Blue velvet, he has used his talent in an unworthy way. The movie is powerful, challenging and made with great skill, and yet it made me feel pity for the actors who worked in it and anger at the director for taking liberties with them. Ethan and joel coen followed their dates brilliant 1984 directorial debut, Blood Simple, with the comedy classic raising plan Arizona. Even then, the Brothers coen refused to be pigeon-holed in one genre.

Featuring a brilliant ensemble cast, The Usual Suspects is a nearly-flawless, diabolical crime caper, and remains director Bryan Singers best film. Blue velvet (1986 david Lynchs Blue velvet was a landmark 1980s American film. It was his first post-Dune motion picture, and Blue velvet was the movie that established Lynch as a major filmmaker, not just another talented writer/director. It was this film, along with his Oscar-nominated work in hoosiers, which helped resurrect Dennis Hoppers stalling career. The film received rave reviews and several awards, including the best film of the year award from the national Society of Film Critics. In addition, lynch was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director (the films only Oscar nomination). In one of his most controversial reviews in an illustrious career, roger Ebert gave the film a rating of one and a half stars. Ebert found the passages involving star Kyle macLachlan and Isabella rossellini powerful and disturbing, but he felt that the power and darkness of those scenes was contrasted by sequences of day-to-day life in the fictional town of Lumberton. He found the shift in the films tone distracting and inappropriate to the darker sequences featuring Rossellini.

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roger ebert reviews

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The Usual Suspects (1995 roger Ebert disliked this classic nineties crime film enough to give it one and a half stars; although, to his credit, he did watch it a second time to see if perhaps he had been wrong. His main issue with the film was the plot itself, which he felt to be a whole lot of complexities that add up to less than nothing. This is the review where Ebert famously wrote: to the degree that I do understand, i do not care. The point that is missed in his review is that the film itself is a game of cat-and-mouse between kevin Spaceys small-time thief Verbal Kint and Chazz palminteris the police officer dave kujan. The films plot twists and turns sometimes feel like smoke and mirrors because thats crucial to the final plot reveal.

If the story had been straight-forward, the last con would not have worked. Ebert was also less than amused with this last twist, which he feels changes the nature everything we have just witnessed; again, that was the point. In his review, Ebert wishes the filmmakers would have focused more on the characters and less on the surprises. Regarding the ending, he writes I prefer to be amazed by motivation, not explanation. Probably due in large part to that final plot twist, The Usual Suspects won two Academy Awards: Best Original Screenplay for Christopher McQuarrie and Best Supporting Actor for kevin Spacey.

Rogers four-star review heralded the film as the beginning of a new age in American cinema, and he was right. All through his career, roger Ebert was a champion of films and filmmakers. On their television program, Ebert and his co-host Gene siskel brought small films to the attention of their audience, including Steve james hoop Dreams (which Ebert said was not only the greatest film of 1994, but also the greatest movie of that decade) and Spike. Roger Ebert was also a mentor to a generation of young filmmakers, writers and critics. In his reviews, Eberts prose could be witty, sarcastic, mournful, triumphant, giddy, intellectual, silly or downright angry.

Each review got to the heart of the film, to its nuts and bolts. Ebert could reveal the real emotional truths of a movie, or expose a film for the piece of garbage it was. Even if you didnt agree with his opinions, you could still understand where he was coming from. Just like anybody, occasionally roger Ebert got it wrong. Compiled below are ten films, ranked in absolutely no order, which Roger Ebert hated. Many audiences deemed them to be great or worthwhile, in one way or another. All of the films in the following list are movies that Roger Ebert awarded less than two stars (except for the last entry, which he awarded two stars but clearly detested).

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Above all it makes me want to watch some of these great movies again. Or for the first time. Ebert 's goal and he hits the target with sureness and grace. If you love movies, if you love intelligent and insightful writing, and, above all, if you miss. Roger, ebert, then you owe it to yourself to read this collection.more. Roger, ebert, tomatometer-approved critic, movie, reviews, only. On April 4, 2013, the world lost one of its most prolific daddy and talented writers: Roger Ebert. From 1967 until his death, roger Ebert was the film critic for the Chicago-sun Times. Eberts first important review was a few months into his stint at the sun-Times, for the groundbreaking film Bonnie and Clyde, directed biography by Arthur Penn.

roger ebert reviews

No matter your method, you will come away both missing. Roger, ebert and grateful that today his "voice" is still with us in print. This book makes me appreciate the movies I love even more, makes me realize some movies that I never want to watch, and. Also makes me appreciate that both sorts can be connected in a way that makes my own viewing richer. This just happened in reading. Ebert 's comparison between the noir masterpiece sunset boulevard (much loved by me) and the japanese existentialist film The woman in the dune (in which simply reading the description was enough, thank you very much). There are some reviews which I won't read now because those movies, such as jean Renoir's The Grand Illusion, are on my list to watch. Ebert can't fully discuss these as "great movies" without giving spoilers, so i will deny myself the pleasure of knowing his reasons for recommendation. It is enough to know that I can come back to his discussion when i am ready.

way he was unafraid to champion movies others despised. He began this with early support of 2001: a space Odyssey and later won my heart with his embrace of Abraham Lincoln Vampire hunter. This is something few movie critics achieve. The Great movies collects a series. Ebert 's of critical appreciations of movies which deserved a deeper look than a simple review. It ranges across time and genres to choose the best of the best, movies which make you want to grab your friends and force them to watch. This is one of those books not to read from beginning to end but to flip open and see what catches your eye. Or to pick and choose from the table of contents, either the films you love or the films you never heard.

Through their tireless championing of emerging diverse filmmakers and how they have dedicated their lives to movies, we are honored that Chaz will be present to accept this award on behalf of both her and. with the advocacy of the Eberts, festivals like black harvest would not be celebrating their 20-year history of presenting filmmakers from the African diaspora, said. Aubin, the siskel Centers executive director in a statement. I miss, roger, ebert. Even when I disagreed with his online personal remote journal entries, which happened fairly frequently, i still loved reading him. Most importantly, of course, i miss reading his movie reviews every Friday. They were the anchor against which I measured all other critical opinions of a film. Again, i might disagree with him because his range and experience and desires when watching a film were often different from mine. Again, it didn't matter.

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A very special event will happen at the opening night of the 20th annual Black database harvest Film Festival at the gene siskel Film Center of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. At the 6:15. Ceremony Friday night, Chaz, ebert and her late, great husband and Pulitzer Prize-winning Sun-Times film critic. Roger, ebert will be presented with the deloris Jordan Award for Excellence in Community leadership. The honor will be presented. Deloris Jordan herself, in her role as president of the james. Jordan foundation, named in memory of nba legend. Michael Jordans late father.

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  2. Roger, joseph, ebert (June 18, 1942 April 4, 2013) was an American movie critic. Ebert s reviews appear in newspapers such as the Chicago sun-Times from April 3, 1967 until his death. On April 4, 2013, the world lost one of its most prolific and talented writers: Roger Ebert. From 1967 until his death, roger Ebert was the film critic for the Chicago-sun Times. Ebert s first important review was a few months into his stint at the sun-Times, for the groundbreaking film Bonnie and.

  3. Roger Ebert s four-Star, reviews. A very special event will happen at the opening night of the 20 th annual Black harvest Film Festival at the gene siskel Film Center of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. At the 6:15. Ceremony Friday night, Chaz. Ebert and her late, great husband and Pulitzer Prize-winning Sun-Times film.

  4. It is creepy, eccentric, eerie, flaky, freaky, funky. The venerable film critic died Thursday at age. Kevin Fallon curates his finest reviews —from Casablanca to titanic —and his most memorable takedowns. Read movie and tv reviews from, roger Ebert on Rotten Tomatoes, where critics reviews are aggregated to tally a certified Fresh, Fresh or Rotten Tomatometer score. Awake in the dark: The best. Roger Ebert (2006) a collection of essays from his 40 years as a film critic.

  5. The Great movies has 1,861 ratings and 112 reviews. Julie said: I miss, roger Ebert. Even when I disagreed with his online personal journal entries, which. Note: This was the last movie review Roger Ebert filed. To call it weird would be a cowardly evasion.

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