Seize the opportunity essay

seize the opportunity essay

Essay on Differential Opportunity Theory of Crime

The first opinion in body paragraph 1 and the second opinion in body paragraph. Coherence and Cohesion The childcare essay is well-organised and structured. There is a good introduction that introduces the topic and clearly identifies the two arguments. The writer then gives their opinion (this can be left until the conclusion but it can be a good idea to present it upfront so no confusion arises). A topic sentence introduces the main idea of the first body paragraph: Those that support care through grandparents cite several reasons for this. Two supporting arguments are then provided.

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Parents will have to pay to place their children in a childcare centre, and with the financial burdens that families face these days, using relatives to care for children would be a considerable cost saving. Despite these benefits, there are clear advantages of using professional carers. First and foremost, staff members at most theory centres are fully trained in early childhood education so they understand child development and will be able to nurture the childs growing skills in the best way. Not only this, since there are a mix of instructional activities during the day such as painting, singing, and storytelling, childrens creativity and learning will be developed. Last but not least, children can benefit from the opportunity to socialize with other children, which they might not get to do with a relative caring for them at home. To conclude, i am of the opinion that the advantages of using childcare facilities to look after pre-school children clearly outweigh the benefits of using relatives. This is because the environment they are brought up in will result in children who are well-educated, creative and sociable. Comments This childcare essay would achieve a high ielts for the following reasons. Task response The question has been fully answered. The writer has clearly provided their opinion. This can be seen in: The introduction The second body paragraph The conclusion The two opinions have also been discussed.

Write about the following topic: Some working parents think that childcare centres provide the best care for children who are still too young to go to school. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge. Write at least 250 words. Although it is common for parents these days to place their children that are pre-school age into childcare centres, some people criticise this and argue that children will receive a better level of care from relatives such as grandparents. Personally, i would argue that the best choice is to send children to a childcare centre. Those that support care through grandparents cite several diary reasons for this. Firstly, they claim that this is the safest option due to the fact that they are family members so they can be trusted at all times to put the health and safety of the child first. Another important consideration is costs.

seize the opportunity essay

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This is important to make sure you fully answer the task. In this childcare essay, you must do three things : Discuss looking after children at home with relatives. Discuss looking after children at childcare centres. Give your opinion, remember to also check carefully who is being discussed in the essay. In this case it is children too young to go to school. So you would not be talking about older children or teenagers. Now take a look at the childcare essay model answer and the comments below. Childcare Essay model Answer, you should spend about 40 minutes paper on this task.

The first is that it is better if pre-school children are looked after at home with relatives such as grandparents. The second opinion is that children should be looked after at childcare centres. You also have to ensure that you give your own opinion. This is the essay question: Some working parents think that childcare centres provide the best care for children who are still too young to go to school. Other working parents think that family members such as grandparents will be better carers for their children. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Analysing the question, you must always make sure you analyse the question carefully before answering.

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seize the opportunity essay

Ielts essay ideas: Female Staff in Senior Positions

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For questions relating to this web site or for further information email email protected, no material on this web site may be duplicated electronically or in print form, essay retransmitted, redistributed or otherwise used for commercial ends. Any user who duplicates electronically or in printed form, retransmits, redistributes or otherwise uses material on this web site shall be solely responsible for any violations of copyright proprietary or other personal right, including libel or slander, or any other personal injury, and hereby agrees. Knight foundation harmless from any loss or damage, including attorneys' fees, arising out of any claim or proceeding instituted on the grounds that any of the foregoing rights have been violated. The name magic of Music is used throughout with the permission of The magic of Music Inc., which creates special moments through music for thousands of critically/terminally ill and handicapped children and adults throughout the United States. This is a model ielts childcare Essay. In the essay you have to discuss two sides of an argument.

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But we should not wait for opportunities since they are almost unrecognizable and come in database any form. Orison Marden says this thus dont wait for extra ordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great. Weak men wait for opportunities, strong men make them. A man who is gender drowning in the floods clutches at a straw which is a great opportunity for him. Even in dire straits, there is a silver lining which is visible at times but invisible most of the time. As a hindu proverb goes, a man who misses his opportunity and monkey who misses his branch cannot be saved.

seize the opportunity essay

Decriminalization is a gradual process by which the crimes associated marijuana are lessened over a period of time. This decriminalization is the only way to prevent a disaster from happening. Other nations around the world have experienced success by gradually introducing marijuana into their mainstream culture the netherlands has reduced its crime to a fraction of earlier rates. Now this is a specific example in a liberal country with a very small population. Whether this policy or similar ones would work in the United States can not be determined by citing the netherlands as an example. In my opinion marijuana is a harmless substance that has become the scapegoat of modern politics. Tobacco and alcohol lobbies have flooded our government with the funding for the war against drugs an evil suppressing an evil for the purpose of profit. Quot;s About Opportunity, opportunity is the chance that knocks our door occasionally and it is left to us to identify it and make the best use. When opportunity and our preparation are combined together we are considered lucky.

government were to regulate marijuana transactions large corporations would make enormous amounts of money. Like the cigarette industry advertisements would lure potential users and clutter our visual environment with useless slogans and catch phrases with seductive models scantly clad with marijuana associated apparel. If the government were to regulate marijuana society would never be completely satisfied. Every step toward leniency on the part of the government would always be coming too late to suit the needs of users. Their motivation is that if people were smoking marijuana they would be less likely to smoke cigarettes or drink beer. In the most recent years local legislations have been following an unspoken policy of decriminalization.

Marijuana is seen as a reckless expenditure of adolescent rebels or as a habit of minorities that consumes their lives and forces them into the common stereotypes of poor huddled masses that contribute nothing to society except for their wasteful consumption? If marijuana were legalized there would be an initial overwhelming mass consumption by any person whom had ever considered using the drug. With no legal database restraints on the flow of this drug huge legal quantities would always be available to who ever wanted to use. This constant availability would encourage over use and reckless use. Social productivity would probably be affected. It is still under debate weather or not marijuana affects performance but any new change in lifestyle (such as drug use) has been linked to drastic changes in lifestyle. New users would also be overwhelmed by their use. Every aspect of their lives would be affected both positive and negative changes would occur. The adjustment to the new changes would cause the new user to make changes in their lives and this adjustment might be just as detrimental to them as the use of the marijuana.

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Legalization Essay research Paper, the legalization of marijuana, the legalization of Marijuana. For the last fifty or so years it has been a crime to possess consume or distribute marijuana. Any rapid change in legislation toward legalization would be impossible in today? Due mostly to the overwhelming popularity of this drug it could never possibly be legalized. Any process of legalization would create unrealistic demands upon society that would affect every facet of life london both domestic and abroad. Marijuana is the most widely used illegal substance in the world and in America nearly a third of all citizens have admitted to being exposed to it at one point in their lives. Some people have been subject to harsh criticism by admitting to using marijuana even once in their lives. This guilt that is associated with the use of marijuana is probably the only reason for its illegality.

Seize the opportunity essay
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  1. Seize common occasions and make them the floods clutches at a straw which is a great opportunity for him. Seize opportunity to succeed pm tells young malaysians. Office of The Prime minister of Malaysia, pejabat Perdana menteri malaysia, putrajaya, malaysia, perdana putra. Energy management: Can Utilities seize the Opportunity? In the news In the news. Read insights from.

  2. If marijuana were legalized many people would seize the opportunity to profit from its distribution. Essay, essay, research Paper Andrew Mattus 12/10/00 English Mrs. Seize your opportunity and qualify as one of 200 leaders of Tomorrow for the 44th. Gallen Wings of Excellence Award, the worlds largest and most renowned essay competition of its kind. In this childcare essay, you must do three things : Remember to also check carefully who is being discussed in the essay. Browse, opportunity"s and famous"s about, opportunity.

  3. All that was necessary was a group of entrepreneurs bold enough to seize the opportunity. The result was an American revolution in print. We can write a custom. Essay on Fascism for you!.000 armed nazi party members called Storm troopers marched on Munich in an attempt to forcibly seize control of the government. Seize,"s from Brain", an extensive collection of"tions by famous authors, celebrities, and newsmakers.even more wasteful is thoughtless caution which prompts inaction and promotes failure to seize opportunity.

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