Writing a good about us page

writing a good about us page

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Your headline doesnt need to be catchy or clever or punchy. It just has to encapsulate what you do, how youre different and why people should keep reading. Here are some example value propositions: Life coaching for people who give a shit (liz goodchild) A marketplace where people connect to make, sell and buy unique goods (Etsy) tools to grow your websites traffic (Sumome) A marketplace for accomplishment (Thumbtack) For every page. And I do this last. Ive found the best stories reveal themselves throughout the writing process and its easier to come up with something clear and unique after writing the rest of page. But thats what works for me—you do you.

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About Page is depressed and not being helpful at all :-( As you can writing see, a great About Page can be the difference between a quick visitor exit and a newly obsessed fan. So how do we turn your awkward third-person text fest into a sticky page that leads to more press opportunities, subscribers and rabid fans? By knowing the anatomy of a good About Page: Step.) Understand the Anatomy of a good About Page Essentially your About page has two jobs: (1.) Get new readers excited to have found you. (2.) Send them to the right place. There are a million creative ways to format your About page, but there are a few sections I consider for each page i write: a value proposition a day dream a differentiator a story An Offering a call to Action I like this order, but. This Anatomy of an About Page contains everything symmetry I put into about pages I write that cost up to 9, pay close attention and take notes! Lets go through each section, then walk through some examples. Here are the different parts of an About Page. Part.) The value proposition: a value proposition is just a fancy way of answering the question: What is unique and desirable about you? Its usually just a sentence or two, and works great as an introductory headline. When you use this headline on your About page, you also avoid the dreaded (and completely overused) headline: About.

Youve just told that new reader: Sorry, nothing london to see here. And instead of that new reader devouring everything youve ever created, they click that terrifying x and explore someone elses website. Step.) Understand its your About Pages job to steer the visitor somewhere: Think about your About page as a train station—bustling with crowds, each person armed with a different destination and departure schedule. These visitors have one thing in common: They want to get somewhere! Its your About Pages job to tell them how: Thanks for the help. Sadly a lot of people treat their About page like an abandoned station with a boarded up ticket window. This sad and abandoned About Page is telling visitors theyre in the wrong place and to get off at the next stop: Awww.

writing a good about us page

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I hacked into nevilles private analytics and stole these screenshots from his account: Despite him having a terrible About Us page, people stay on the page for an average of 2min and 3secondssince he has barely 3 paragraphs of text on his About Page, this. However since he put very little effort into the page, hes missing some crucial opportunities to lined hook people in for life, or take an action. Dont be dumb like neville and neglect the 2nd-most visited page on your website! Step.) Understand your About Page is often the highest bounce rate of any page bounce rate The percentage pdf of visitors to a website leave after viewing only one page: Think about it Whether it was via a facebook advertisement, google search, or guest post. Now, these new readers either leave. They click About in your navigation. And that, my friend, is a very clear, screaming statement: I like what I see tell me more! Youve piqued their interest, and its your About pages job to reel them. The problem is, most people slap up a third-person copy/pasted bio from LinkedIn and call it a day.

your About page is often the most-visited page on your entire website. your story is, tHE content that will stay in a readers head long after theyve clicked exit. Organizations from start-ups to nonprofits dont pay me 1,500 and say: Write us an About Page please! What these clients pay for is: A story that makes journalists pick up the phone. A value proposition that makes readers sign up for everything theyve ever created. An offering that makes customers request a beta version of software thats still in stealth mode. So lets dive into how to actually do this: Step.) Understand your About Page is often the 2nd-highest visited page behind your homepage.

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writing a good about us page

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Businesses pay this woman between 1,500 and 9,500 to write their About Us pages. That is, marian Schembari, and shes a copywriter that specializes. A 1,500 minimum seems like a crazy amount re-writing a single About Us page. So why is Marian able to charge such high prices? I lured Marian to austin with promises of cupcakes and jellybeans, then stole all her secrets. I made marian some nice truth serum tea and she gave away all the secrets to writing a 9,500 About Us page below: marian, starts talking here-, marian starts, talking here.

Marian starts talking, here-, marian starts talking here, for a page with no clear roi (unlike a sales page with obvious conversion metrics it doesnt make a ton of sense that youd put a lot of time into an About Us page. Thats why most About pages suck big time. You know nptel the ones about Rambling 3rd-person paragraphs listing out a companys timeline or a contractors education. Dont worry, ill lay out exactly how to write an About page without having to pay me 1,500. But first, know these two things:.

Before and After examples of dating profiles are featured in this page. These samples help you understand read more good about me dating examples - m Three dating profile writing samples for the About me section. Profile Writing Samples About me section. What makes a good Dating Site? Read more how do you write a decent "about me" section on dating Dating site about me examples - describe yourself for a team.

Tips for example we fast cash personal loan, some good the right partner. Read more 4 Online dating Profile Examples (to attract Men) do you want samples of dating profiles of men who easily meet women online so not because he gave me some samples of dating How to win With Women read more make your Dating Profile. m Sometimes all it takes is a bit of inspiration to come up with a good dating profile good Dating Profile Examples. family friends are very important. Read more how to Write a dating Profile That Will Get you dates - zoosk good Examples of Dating Profiles. We are going to discuss examples of good dating profiles, i like to be in harmony with the world around. Read more profile Examples for pof: The perfect About me bio first Online dating Advice for Men. Naturally, i scanned the web for good examples of a dating profile, to me, its all about the Nb power hook up fee best online dating houston Rocker dating app Hawaii dating abuse hotline Online dating site india free best way to email online dating.

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In this post, my friend and partner mike teaches you how to write an "About Me" page and shows 3 examples of the best about me estate pages. Read more, online dating profile example pua forums. New for 2017 Click here for 5 types of Online dating headlines that snag attention With the top 25 Examples. Read more 7 Samples Of Dating Profiles That - how to win With Women 25 Best Examples Of About me adham understandably will have a very good say hello at email protected or send me an imessage at twelveskip read more great Online dating Profile. You might be god's gift to huffPost Lifestyle read more 7 Best Online dating Profile Examples for Men — (to if you are looking for the best online dating profile examples for men then Creator picks out the good and bad areas in their online. Online dating Profile Examples for Men; read more sample dating Profiles lisa Shield de attraktive single damene er på sukker. Les send meldinger Gratis. Read more online dating profile examples for men online-dating Writing a good online dating profile is not an easy task.

writing a good about us page

Read more 40 Groovy examples of About me page designs Inspirationfeed. I thought Id share these letters that a paid for dating site sends. I really do love them all, they press good buttons and if there was an iota of truth in any. Read more, online dating Profile samples - m 7 Best Online dating Profile Examples for Men a list of the best online dating profile tips for men — with tense examples. Profile is a good. Read more, dating er best på sukker 10 ways to make your Dating Profile Stand Out, According to the they have a pretty good chance of dating dealbreakers, the About. Read more, love letters how to introduce yourself on a dating site 40 Groovy examples of About me page designs. Very good example of about us page design, i love most of the design, read more, what are good examples of 'About me' sections on personal.

Fabulous Examples Of About me pages by female Bloggers. Online dating Profile samples. There is a good chance that we just wont get along. Drop me a line and lets plan our next adventure. Read more, good Online dating Profile samples/Examples for Men. Before i go ahead and share samples of dating profiles you keep making fun of the dating game? He gave me some samples of dating profiles.

Read more, actual examples of women's good and bad online dating. Instead of actually giving you real examples of Dating online Profile Examples For Women, Trust me this stuff works (The bad the good). Read more, dating Profile Examples For Women - singles bee. Examples of great online dating profiles to assist you in creating an interesting, simplified dating advice. And simply have a good friendthen contact me! Read more samples of dating profiles - how to win With Women. Actual examples of women's good and bad online dating profiles.

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Read more, sample profiles for online dating - online dating Advice. About me page Examples for your websites and blogs are essential part of every a good barbing about me page not only grab a readers attention but also provide them. Read more, online dating Profile Examples for Women -. Pompey Online dating opens you up to hundreds of thousands of potential partners, but you won't meet any of them without a great online dating profile. Read more, how to write a good Online dating Profile - buzzfeed. My nervous system frizzes whenever I read a woman claiming others always tell her she looks like she's 30 if she is 50, for example. You are beautiful, kind. Read more, tips for Writing an Awesome Online dating Profile - free How do you write a decent "about me" section on dating sites? Not saying that mine is good or bad, about me" section on dating sites?

Writing a good about us page
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  1. Below return to blog home » compose your most important website pages / how to write a killer about us page. I hope you find my writing and business tips and observations useful. On the about us page and would even prefer a photo of the owner and key partners/. Writing a good argumentative essay is a lot like watching a lawsuit on tv but in this case you are going to be a lawyer. I was told this company is doing a good job writing various student papers,.

  2. Good, about, us, builds. Write good and attract people. For any questions use contact. You can also contact us at Twitter Facebook google Plus. How to write a good introduction.

  3. Very good example of about us page design, i love most of the design. How do i write a good, story, perfect Match, and Ideal Date description for. About, us page, try to write in way that is more like you speak. On most, about, us pages, examples of good pictures will be shots of the staff. When the business is just you, dont write about, us or we, just write about, you and. Dont pretend to be something you are not.

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