Food bubble writing

food bubble writing

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Dont forget to send your poem. Include your name, age, year and name of school. You can include your teachers name and email. You have until Thursday july 4th 5pm. This entry was posted in poetry and tagged food poems, poems by children, poetry challenge, starting points on June 18, 2013 by paula Green. Leave a reply people are already talking about the food in my new book of poems (The bakers Thumbprint).

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Hunt for delicious words games that make the food simmer and steam in the poem. Write a poem with your least favourite food in it! Hunt for words that show us why you dont like the taste. Write a list poem with food in it (food beginning with the same letter, all vegetables, all cold things, all hot things, summer food, winter food, what your dog eats, what your cat eats, what you eat when you go to stay with your grandparents. Write a poem with food in it that makes you remember someone (your aunt, uncle, nana, granddad, mum, dad, brother, sister, friend ). Write a food poem that makes you remember a place you visited. Write a poem with food in it that takes you to a different country. Write a disgusting food poem or a funny food poem. Find some good similes for food. Write a poem that has husband no more than twelve words about the most delicious thing to eat in the world. Write a poem about what is in your lunch box.

You must be joking, replied Jill, i rather fancy sumpkin poup! I love spaghetti i love spaghetti it tastes deligetti. I love lasagna it tastes delisagna. I love macaroni it tastes deliconi. I love fish it tastes delicious! paula Green Macaroni moon plan Random house 2009 This entry was posted in poetry and tagged food poems, macaroni moon, poems for children on June 21, 2013 by paula Green. Leave a reply here are some starting points (or ideas) for poems with food in them. Write a poem with your favourite food.

food bubble writing

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Jelly on fish, what a dish! Meatballs in custard, delicious with mustard! Toffee if all the write world were made of toffee wed be stuck together in a sticky heap and all wed do is eat! Macaroni moon If cheese was made of moon and the moon were made of cheese, id eat toasted moon sandwiches grated moon on tacos, moony pizza moon on crackers, cauliflower moon sauce. But at the start of the night thered be cheeselight on the bed as I read. Dinner Time Excuse me, asked Sam. Would you like chish and fips for dinner? Or nicken choodle casserole pish fasta mangers and bash cish furry?

The bad news is I wont be able to tell you which children are going in the book by the end of June, but the good news is i know there will be more than five! I know it is hard waiting to hear things (I am doing it for something I have written at the moment and i know whatever happens I will just get on and write another poem because that is what I love to do!). I really like the idea of writing a food poem that takes me to a special occasion or another country or another place. Food is a great sparker of memories. I will do this soon! But I have to get to work on the anthology so i will post these funny poems from Macaroni moon (published by random house in 2009 now out-of-print). I tried to think of crazy food combinations in the first one, the second one is a short poem where i wonder something, the third one is a longer poem where i wonder something,  I mix the beginnings of words up in the fourth poem. Nutty food peanut butter on peach, what a treat! Chocolate on egg, youre pulling my leg!

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food bubble writing

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Flour and coffee makes me hoppy. Ham and jam helps me drive my van. Potatoes and cheese causes me to sneeze! Kailen Nutty food Nuts and cream makes me scream peas and flour i really need a essays shower. Fish and meat its such a treat Milk and eggs you are killing my legs Jam and cheese oh no i am going to sneeze! Trinity nutty food Salt and mustard you make me feel disgusted Wasabi and fish is so delish Eggs and Lamb helps me be still like sam Chicken and pie makes me want to fly sugar and powder is so sour. Sam Nutty food Porridge with fish, oh what a dish.

Spaghetti and flour now I need a shower. Toothpaste and cheese i dont want that please! Mushrooms and cream thats my dream Apple and coffee makes me toffee! Alicia nutty food Jam and ham makes me baa like a ram cake with fish oh what a dish Cheese and peas more please toast and pie makes me cry i sigh Chicken and fizzy makes me dizzy sausage and pork makes me snort! Hayley this entry was posted in poetry and tagged East taieri School, food poems, otari School, poems by children, poetry competition, st Kentigern Girls' School on July 7, 2013 by paula Green. Leave a reply i was going to post some food poems by other poets but have been too busy on the childrens anthology to get permission so will post one of mine instead.

It has that creamy texture, who cares if it looks like the recipe should? Mum said I had to eat it, Im glad I gave it a try. It is now one of my favourite foods and I can have my chocolate pie. Sophia aged 11, year 7, St Kentigern Girls School (Auckland) izzi sent in this poem and I really liked the simple rhythm and rhyme. It is a good poem to say out loud. Thanks to Scholastic i am sending you a copy of Marmaduke and the marmalade jam (by juliette macIver, illustrated by sarah davis, Scholastic, 2013).

It also has great rhymes and rhythms. You might be inpsired to write more when you read it! The Apple As cold as ice as flaming as spice as juicy as meat that a tiger will eat as bright as the sun that warms everyone as sweet as some cake that is ready to bake. Izzi aged 7, year 3 Otari School (Wellington) Sarah Dicksons year 5 and 6 class from East taieri School sent in these food poems. I think they had fun writing them! Nutty food Cheese and cream makes me dream toast and pie makes me die sandy candy makes me handy powder and flour makes me sleep for an hour Julian Nutty food Ice cream and bread hurts my head. Chocolate and peas make me fall to my knees.

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With her permission I have posted the photo. It was lovely to meet her. I am sending Sophia a copy of my book macaroni moon (illustrated by sarah laing, random house, 2009, now out of print!). Cheese dip I dont like a lot of food but cheese dip is the worst oozing over the carrots and snacks like a bubble of butter thats burst. I cant hide it friend somewhere or it would smell fouler, someone would notice if I put it on my cats plate for her to devour. Mum says I have to eat it or at least give it a try otherwise i wont get any dessert and were having my favourite pie. I guess Ill just have to eat it, i pinch my nose so business tight and squint at the gloopy mess on my spoon it doesnt look natural or right. I close my eyes and lick. It actually tastes quite good.

food bubble writing

I am posting a few of my favourites along with the winners. If you missed out this time do send in a poem in the holidays and do try my competitions next term. There are two winners today, one older and one younger. Sophias poem is like a little story that makes you think of the food you dont like (for me tripe and junket!). I really like like a bubble of butter thats burst. I got to meet Sophia last week as I judged the poetry competition at St thesis Kentigern Girls School. She won the year 7 section with her wonderful ballad.

Food poems make me hungry! This entry was posted in, uncategorized and tagged food poems, poems by children on, june 12, 2015. Leave a reply, thank you for sending in scrumptious poems for the food-poem challenge. I really enjoyed reading them all.

Emily was inspired by a book funny food poem of mine (see my note under her poem) and brought her own imagination. I am always happy for you to use my poems for inspiration! I am sending you both a copy of my book. I just need to order some more so you may have to wait a bit! Hmm, whats for dinner, whats for dinner? Will it be gatatoe and pravy? Maybe even chish and fips? Were having, potato and gravy, chicken soup, and, fish and chips.

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Found: 22 products, similar products from other countries, gum Base. In stock, buble gum, in stock, bubblegum. In stock, kool pdf Gum, in stock, kool gum. In stock, categoriesBubble-gums, in the regions, filters in stock from producer shipping from other countries. Price, eur, country of manufacture, pakistan1. 2 Replies, i am posting my favourite two food poems. Anita s poem is very simple and simple poems can be a great way to create a strong image.

Food bubble writing
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  1. I really like like a bubble of butter thats burst. I really like the idea of writing a food poem that takes me to a special occasion or another.

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