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I am always willing to try something new and i always push myself to my limits to achieve the best results possible. Current Role (Description Student, accommodation Required? Maybe, own your Own Horse? Do you have any pets? No, i am looking for a: Full-time role, country i am looking to work in: United Kingdom, login, purchase. Purchase, listing Type purchase this.99, payment Method.

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I was responsible for the welfare of the horses, 24 hours a kinds day. I was responsible for ordering food supplies, tack supplies, bedding, allocating and scheduling the work load within resume the team. This included feeding the horses, grooming, mucking out, making sure equipment was in good condition and exercising the horses. I was also responsible for the children's care 24 hours a day, so making sure the children are safe while working around the horses, the horse is suited to the child who is riding it and that the children are having a good time. I am very knowledgeable about stable management and horse care. I have achieved my bhs stage 1 and i am currently studying for my bhs stage 2 assessment. I know how to ride both english and western style and also have experience of riding horses cross country, show jumping and dressage. I am very hard working, have good time keeping skills as i am never late for classes and i always hand in my assignments on time. I am confident, a fast learner, have a good sense of humour, trustworthy, work very well within a group as well as on my own. I am very comfortable meeting new people.

I work very well with others and very capable working on my own. References: References on request. Job Type: Groom, working Pupil / Apprentice, rider, Instructor. Type of yard looking to work on: Dressage, showjumping, livery, riding School, Showing. Relevant qualifications: bhs stage 1, bhsai, relevant Experience: my name is Hope and i am 22 years old. I have thesis been around horses all my life for both work and enjoyment. I have recently completed a hnc in Equine studies at sruc, oatridge campus, achieving a b grade and i am in my last few weeks of the hnd course in Equine studies. I have my ukcc level 1 coaching certificate and i am booked on to my first aid truing course. I recently worked at a summer camp in America, teaching children basic horse care and how to ride.

load resume yes

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Putting horses into pastures/exercising rings, exercising horses, organising and teaching lessons. Employment: Job Title: Surfanic Sales Assistant: October 20 Responsibilities: manning till, maintaining shop displays, assisting customers, keeping store floor tidy, putting out deliveries, cashing up at the end of each day, ordering stock and taking rubbish out. Job Title: Horse back riding Staff: Camp America: June 2014 - august 2014 Responsibilities: Grooming horses, mucking out stalls, feeding animals, cleaning tack, preparing horses for lessons. Putting horses into pastures/exercising rings, exercising horses, organising and teaching lessons, ordering food, bedding, supplies, and organising schedules for rest of Horse back riding staff. Job Title: hmv sales Assistant: november 20 Responsibilities: Manning tills, maintaining shop displays, assisting customers and keeping store floor tidy. Job Title: Catwalk 54 Sales Assistant: July 2010 - october 2011 Responsibilities: Manning tills, maintaining shop displays, assisting customers, keeping store floor tidy and ordering stock. Additional skills: :Experienced Horse-rider. Experienced Snowboarder/skier :Play guitar and sing :Experienced Actress i am actively seeking employment. I am trustworthy, punctual, hard working, have a good sense of humour, eager to learn and always push myself to my limits.

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load resume yes

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Class and Professionalism, the resume and cover letter you submit must demonstrate and display your "best" work. Would you hire yourself if your resume were in a stack of 1000 others? To ensure professionalism, send a cover letter, and address it to the hiring manager. Make sure the spelling of his/her name is correct. Do not fold your documents - summary send them in a full-sized envelope. If you are unable to personally deliver the resume, send it by overnight express to make a great first impression. There must be no typos or grammatical errors.

Remember, this is an indication of your best work. There are many tricks to writing an effective resume. The most important fact to remember is: Write your resume to sell you - consider it a critical marketing tool! Last Updated: 5th may 2016 (over 2 years ago). First name: Hope, last name: Locked, email Address: essay Locked, phone number: Locked, date of Birth:, town/City: beith, county/State: Scotland. Postcode/Zip Code: Locked, current country: United Kingdom, cv headline: Hope eve laverick Address: 81 kings road beith North Ayrshire ka15 2bn mobile: Home contact:. O.b - email: full clean drivers licence and car owner education: Oatridge college: hnd equine Studies: Grade: Pending Oatridge college: hnc equine Studies: Grade: b ayrshire college : hnd acting and Performance: Grade: b motherwell College : hnc acting and Performance: Grade: b garnock Academy.

Stress accomplishments and skills, rather than dull responsibilities and job duties. Some examples of accomplishments: Reduced student discipline rate by 8 by implementing student discipline program. Increased students' reading at grade level by 20 by implementing "home reading" program. Authored and published book entitled, "Open Parent, Staff, and Student Relationships Equal Results.". Let your personality shine - it is a well-known fact that hiring managers hire candidates with a pleasing personality.

Words used in a resume can convey a personality that sets you apart from the rest of the candidates. Your writing style must be clear and concise. Write in the first person, never in the third person - do not use the word "I." Statements should begin with action verbs, and should communicate results, accomplishments, and the value you can offer the company. Verb tenses must remain consistent. Sentences must be parallel. Make sure you show the reader you are a troubleshooter and can solve the institution's problems. Include examples and"s from a previous supervisor - this will increase your credibility.

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When the targeted institution receives your resume, a preprogrammed computer may be used to search for keywords to determine which resumes will land in the "YES" pile. The person hired may not be the best qualified for the job, but instead the one with the "matching" keywords. Research and find out what keywords are relevant to the position you are seeking. Read job ads, job descriptions, trade journals, and websites. Valuable and Convincing Content, the body of your resume will decide whether or writings not you secure an interview. Write powerful statements that match the skills, abilities, and qualifications that the institution needs. Resumes contain sentence fragments, not complete sentences. Use vocabulary golf that interests the reader, rather than dull sentences that will make them put your resume in the "NO" pile.

load resume yes

For example: elementary teacher, dedicated to creating stimulating and enriching learning environments to provide students with business a solid educational foundation. After this, you would write a career Profile or Summary of qualifications. This section summarizes and emphasizes your relevant knowledge and expertise, and will give the reader a concise overview of what you have to offer. This section will vary, depending on your experience. Many career profiles will include a visually appealing table of Core competencies, which is the perfect place to list keywords. After the career profile, your resume should contain Professional Experience, education, Credentials, certifications, honors, publications, public Speaking, technical Expertise, professional Affiliations, and Languages. List these items in the order of importance. Keywords, load your resume with critical keywords, job and industry specific terms, buzzwords, and jargon.

use an ascii text format (fix the formatting after the conversion). Many companies do not open email attachments for incompatibility and virus reasons. Organization, the information presented in your resume needs to be easy for the recipient to read and understand quickly. Create a highly visible and attention-grabbing summary section - this must be located at the top of the first page. If you know what type of position you are seeking, start with the job title, then use a powerful subheading that really draws the reader into the body of the resume.

Once you have completed your resume, you should be yardage able to sit back and review all your accomplishments with a renewed sense of confidence. So how do you create a powerful, unique resume that will entice the reader to call you for an interview? In a resume that really works for you, there are five critical components. Appearance counts, the layout must be modern, professional, and eye-catching. Arrange the information for easy and enjoyable reading. Make sure your key skills and accomplishments can be located at a glance. Remember, 10-20 seconds is all your resume gets in the first screening round.

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This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and gender to keep you logged in if you register. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. The thought of creating a resume makes most educators cringe. One of the biggest challenges of writing a resume is being objective, and thinking critically about what you have to offer. Writing your resume is one time you need to "boast" about your accomplishments; for many, this is extremely difficult. Don't think of it as bragging, it is simply telling and selling what you have done. The following strategies and hints will help you get started in the right direction.

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Avoid These 10 Phrases for a better Resume. Audit management thoroughly reviews the audit working papers and the discussion draft before it is presented to the client for comment. Talking to Ogden Stonehealer with the book in hands Let s take a look at these markings.

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  3. Standing Out From The Crowd I chatted with Derek magill via quora, over a question i asked on How can The post Interview with. ability to load your new divi, resume, pages layout Pack on any builder powered page by going. Load, from Library add From Library. A complete guide to writing a programmer resume. Get actionable programming resume examples and tips from hr pros! analysis using amti and Bertec force plates and load cells tools and related motion tracking systems and data acquisition methods.

  4. any time that you completed a task ahead of time or took on a larger work load because you completed tasks ahead of schedule. Load your scannable resume with critical keywords, job- and industry-specific terms, buzzwords, and jargon. Name: george Smith Birth Date: 13 September 1985 Nationality: American Driver's License: Yes. your resume, a preprogrammed computer may be used to search for keywords to determine which resumes will land in the yes pile. They all work fine unless I load, usb drivers cuse4bsd.

  5. Ran out, load equilibrium no tol j w j jmax. Yes, yes stop postprocessing Figure. Update velocity step Solve for pressure. I was responsible for ordering food supplies, tack supplies, bedding, allocating and scheduling the work load within the team. So yes, everything that has happened to me has given me experiences (both good and bad) and each has its own learnings and takeaways.

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