Master diploma thesis

master diploma thesis

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Alhalaseh, rana, behboodi, arash, scalable fault Location and Service restoration for Large Smart Grids using Convolutional neural Networks. Behboodi, arash, stochastic Block model for overlapping Community detection. Zandi, ehsan, target Localization and Sensor Networks, in bearbeitung: Betreuer Titel/Thema. Angel leon Calvo, jose, analyse und Verbesserung der Verkehrsflusseffizienz mit Fahrzeug-zu-fahrzeug Kommunikation. Schmitz, johannes Preusser, kiraseya deep neural Network Empfängerarchitektur für ofdm signale reyer, michael Shojaee, saeed Design and evaluation of Radio interface concepts for Time-critical Industrial Applications Al Halaseh, rana Electrical Demand Prediction Using Machine learning and Regression Algorithms Petreska, neda Schmeink, anke energy-Efficient routing Algorithm. Topic Selection, our research group offers many interesting and challenging topics. Most of them are assigned to research projects of the research staff. The topics are mostly more practical in nature, thats why a prototype implementation is very important.

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Taghizadeh, Omid, enhanced Physical layer Secrecy Using Full-Duplex Transceivers. Schmeink, anke, machine learning and Compressed Sensing for Wireless Controlled Multi Agent Systems. Schmeink, anke, dartmann, guido, machine learning for Individualized writing Medicine, schmeink, anke, machine learning of System biological Processes. Schmeink, anke, dartmann, guido, machine learning of System biological Processes. Hu, yulin, maximizing the qos-constrained Performance of Relaying with Finite Blocklengths: More retransmissions. Zandi, ehsan, multi target Localization with Sensor Networks. He, qinwei, on the lattice reduction based Detection for Faster-than-Nyquist Signalling. Hu, yulin, performance of Relaying with Finite Blocklengths: df relaying. Zandi, ehsan, reyer, michael, power Allocation for Sensor Networks; An Approaches Toward Smart Meter Planning in Power Grid. Reyer, michael, ressourcenallokation in ofdm-netzen Entwicklung und Bewertung von zentralen sowie dezentralen Strategien.

One laptop per child: What strategic advantages draw the involved companies out of the project? How is knowledge sharing of poor people supported? How to improve knowledge sharing in professional services firms: The role of information plan and communication technology how to improve efficiency of knowledge sharing in technology alliances between companies Area of Knowledge Creation Increasing the speed of knowledge creation in companies Improving knowledge creation in professional. Masterarbeiten, offen: Betreuer Titel/Thema, koep, niklas 1-Bit quantized Compressed Spectrum Sensing, he, qinwei. Schnelling, Christopher, a comparative study on Non-orthogonal Multiple Access for 5g systems. Schnelling, Christopher, analysis of Decoding Algorithms for reed-Muller Codes. Schnelling, Christopher, coding on Wiretap Channels, hu, yulin. Design of Reliable relaying Networks with Finite Blocklengths: Minimizing the overall Error Probability.

master diploma thesis

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Based on what assumptions is it possible to predict the diffusion of these formats? Ajax and other programming frameworks: Why do firms like google, adobe and ibm invest in pdf programming tools made available for free at very low licensing restrictions? Eclipse/.NET: In what way are these software paper development platforms similar, in what way do they differ? Why do the firms behind them, ibm resp. Microsoft, invest somuch into their projects? Other cases where companies freely or explicitly don't reveal knowledge. Knowledge management Area of Knowledge Sharing wikipedia: Why do people contribute voluntarely and often in a high quality to this free encyclopedia? What organizational properties make this open project so successful compared to predecessors?

 We may perhaps test our hypotheses on the publicly available archival data from Airbnb and/or Uber. Please contact Yash Raj Shrestha if you are interested in this topic for your Masters Thesis and want to further discuss on the same. Please find here motivating questions and additional references. General ideas for thesis topics The following list contains ideas for thesis topics, which can serve as an inspiration for students to further develop ideas for thesis proposals. Competitive strategy: New distribution channels in electronic media the impact of internet services on the music industry Internationalization of Financial Services Firms The key success factors of entry into the Chinese market sources of competitive advantage in investment banking The case of foreign exchange transactions. Innovation Area of Free revealing Corporate r d communities: Performing a community analysis of e-mail archives, identifying clusters of users, identify behavior patterns, interprete patterns Adobe pdf. Microsoft xps: Why do these two companies invest so much to give away a standard and even software for free?

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master diploma thesis

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Therefore, it is unclear whether the theories developed for the traditional organisations can be direclty applied to online communities. Despite online communities being extensively studied in recent years, research has been slow to examine the points of commonality and difference between them and traditional organizations (Johnson. To this end, we endeavour to further explore this distinction. Please find here (docx, 128 KB) a set of specific topics. Please contact Yash Raj Shrestha if you have any interesting ideas/ topics in this line. Topics on peer-to-peer master Businesses and the Sharing (Collaborative) Economy: peer-to-peer business enabled by digital platforms is having a positive impact on economic growth and welfare, by simulating new consumption, raising productivity and catalysing individual innovation and entrepreneurship (Sundararajan 2014).

One of the dominant trends over the last decade has been to connect offline and online identities of individuals and artifacts further exploring the digital visibility of human behaviour (Rhue and Sundararajan 2012). We tend to further investigate this and the interdependencies and interactions between platforms, entrepreneurs and consumers in peer-to-peer business. To this end, some of the research questions in this direction could be pertaining to opinion leadership in reviews (lu, jerath singh 2013 impact of word-of-mouth (Mudambi schuff, 2010 motivation (Hamari, sjoklint resume ukkonen, 2015 network positioning and local network effects (Sundararajan 2005 organisation structure and. 2010), social capital generation (power laws. Homophily reputation (Ghose, ipeirotis sundararajan 2009 etc.

Thesis on translational science and innovation in health science (flexible starting dates). In collaboration with the Institute of Translational Medicine at the department of health Sciences and Technology (Prof. Jörg Goldhahn), we offer the opportunity to write your master thesis on topics related to the translation from basic research in pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices to early human studies. We invite students with a background in related areas (e.g., biomedical engineering, pharmaceutical sciences, biochemistry) and an interest in management of innovation and industrial application to send their motivation letters, cv, and transcripts to Shiko ben-Menahem. Master Thesis with Zurich neuroscience center we have an interesting topic about translating life science research findings into marketable drugs - please take a look at the topic proposal (pdf, 42 KB).

Please contact with Thomas Gersdorf for more details and application. Master Thesis on learning and leadership in innovation teams If you're interested in writing your thesis on leadership and/or learning processes in the entrepreneurial context, please read the following document (pdf, 107 KB) and do not hesitate to contact zoe jonassen. Topics on Online communities The knowledge economy is characterized by the rapid and widespread emergence of online communities, which are technology-enabled structures for collaborative problem solving and decision-making amongst volunteers. Such communities are found outside, within or between traditional organizations, and they are rapidly gaining significance in shaping strategic decisions in firms (Oestericher-Singer zalmanson, 2013). Everyday millions of people all over the world participate in various online communities and engage in interactions generating new knowledge and innovation (Faraj, von Krogh, monteiro, lakhani, 2016; Johnson, faraj, kudaravalli, 2014; Rheingold, 1993; Tapscott williams, 2006). While online communities take different forms and serve diverse purposes, evidence is ample that online communities are effective mechanisms for coordinating complex problem solving activities by individual participants, without traditional hierarchy-based authority (von Krogh von Hippel, 2006; Felin zenger, 2013; lakhani hippel, 2003; omahony ferraro. Compared to traditional organizational setting, online communities feature markedly different environment as most of the communication takes place virtually due to geographical dispersion of its members (Sproull and Arriaga 2007, Clark and Brennan 1991).

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The Swiss Agency for development and cooperation in its exit strategy is starting to focus on supporting current projects to transform themselves into sustainable organisations (either Non-for-profit or For-profit) that continue providing the services offered in the framework of such project. The process of organisational transformation is not an easy path. To transform a project into an organisation will require a change management process that leads not only to changes in the configuration of the leadership, the governance structure and the resources (human, financial, it) of the organisation but it will also imply changes at the. The research question will be : How shredder to transform existing projects of the development cooperation into sustainable organisations active in emerging markets? The topics to be addressed are: Steps/ roadmap for a successful change process. Organisational structure, financial sustainability models, the researcher will be able to draw field work material, including interviews and surveys from the three countries: Ukraine, kosovo, bosnia-herzegovina. The student will be supervised by burcu kucukkeles from smi and by the managing director of skat foundation. Expected results: A road map for organisations (like despro and rwss) that would like to transform into a) for profit organisation; b) non profit organisation including realistic financial sustainability scenarios. Interested candidates should contact with Burcu kucukkeles ( explaining their motivation along with their cv and transcripts.

master diploma thesis

Urban Agriculture user Innovation in Urban Agriculture Platform. The goal of the master thesis is an analysis on how existing urban agriculture platforms use digital technology in order to involve members and share information. In particular, it is of importance to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the different platform structures for involving users. Therefore, the thesis should identify those different existing platforms, develop criteria for categorizing platform structures and conduct a thorough analysis of the competition landscape. The expected result is a report analyzing strengths and weaknesses in the use of digital technology for urban gardening/agriculture communities and develop recommendations on how an urban agriculture platforms should be designed and structured in order to successfully compete and maximize user experience and involvement. The students are expected to conduct a thorough analysis of the competitive landscape on urban agriculture platforms, and derive evaluation criteria based on Academic literature. Moreover, students have the chance to design an own survey. Master thesis on transformation of development projects to independent organizations with skat foundation. Skat foundation, projects in the development cooperation often provide good quality services, which tend to end or discontinue once the project phases come to an end.

to be on the order. In a scenario of intense ua implementation on non-used surfaces, it is estimated that food production, nitrogen fixation, energy savings, pollination, climate regulation, soil formation and biological control of pests could be worth as much as 80160 billion annually. In-finitude, an eth spin-off, has developed the digital technology pollenn, which fosters citizen science and aims to support communities by implementing new tools, learning processes, know-how transfer and efficient networking, in order to boost urban agriculture. The goal of the master thesis is a survey of the diverse market segments (services, products) growth potential of urban agriculture. The expect results are a report defining trends, needs and best practices especially in Switzerland, europe and North America. Moreover, the thesis should generate recommendations about how market segments can be prioritized for different growth strategies. To conduct this market analysis, students can access primary data sources by conducting a survey or interviews, as well as secondary data sources, such as industry reports. Students are expected to conduct a thorough literature analysis about platform businesses. By doing so, students have the unique opportunity to develop profound knowledge about platform technologies and can train their skills in conducting strategic market analyses. Interested candidates should contact with Christian Wedl explaining their motivation along with their cv and transcript.

Stefano Brusoni and Prof. Christofer hierold will supervise this project. For further information and application (short motivation letter cv please contact Thomas Gersdorf. More information in, pDF (pdf, 217 KB). Two mas theses offers withh in-finitude. Urban Agriculture - market Analysis and Digital Technology. This is a thesis, which particularly targets mas students. Urban agriculture (ua defined here as growing of crops and plants in cities, is increasing in popularity and importance globally. The food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) reports that 800 million people worldwide grow vegetables or fruits or raise animals in cities, producing an astonishing 15 to 20 percent of the worlds food.

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MSc Thesis Offer: Exploring the potential of long-term trend forecasting as resume an important tool for strategic planning. Published may 2018, we are setting up a new tool for analysing technical, societal and economic trends to serve as important input for the development of institutional strategies. The aim of this project is to compare existing approaches and provide a new forecasting methodology to identify unmet needs and emerging future challenges with the potential to lead to novel research fields, developments in education, in knowledge transfer or organisation early. We plan to use this forecasting methodology as an input in strategy processes of organizations. We offer a thesis project for students enrolled in d-mtecs MSc program. You will have the chance to collaborate with different stakeholders involved in strategic foresight work and with researchers from the Chairs for Strategic Management innovation and for Technology innovation Management to investigate this new forecasting methodology. While the precise topic can be defined together, the thesis should provide useful, scientifically grounded advice to eth zurichs strategy group. We expect from you a pronounced motivation for this topic, a driven personality to carry out this project with multiple stakeholders and a good academic performance. Georg von Krogh, Prof.

Master diploma thesis
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  4. Diploma thesis at the department of Supply Chain Management and Production. Diploma thesis can either deal with optimization approaches. Lehrstuhl für theoretische Informationstechnik. Master, thesis, bachelor, thesis, institutsprojekte laboratories. Master or diploma thesis.

  5. Workflow Assignments, bachelor, diploma, and, master thesis. » Study » Student Assignments » Workflow for Student Assignments. In this thesis you will apply and evaluate palladio s design time analyses to the automated optimisation of self-adaptive software systems. The institute offers a lot of exciting topics from the current research projects for master and diploma thesis. It is possible to write a final Bachelor, master.

  6. Support for the development of an adaptive software in Jena und Montréal (Kanada) summer/ winter 2013. You are here: Home news events Open Position: Study- diploma -/ Bachelor- master, thesis. Diploma, thesis /Capstone design Project. Description of Postgraduate courses. Master (.) in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.

  7. Your intendent academic level (Bachelor master diploma thesis ) List of research areas (max. 5 proposal for a research project, rough idea or specific topic with an exposé. Home bachelor, diploma and, master diploma. Contacts sitemap Credits technological partners site index disclaimer. The diploma thesis can be conceptual/theoretical, focused on a particular industry, or oriented to solving a practical problem in a company.

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