Presentation assignment sheet

presentation assignment sheet

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Open the jelly jar. Spread the jelly. Put slices of bread together. Eat the sandwich. Hunger is satisfied John. Kennedy is assassinated The civil War begins President Barrack Obama is elected The American revolution begins The nc colony is established President george. Bush is elected Terrorists attack the world Trade center The vietnam War begins road to Independence 65 claration of Independence signed Aug. 2, 1776 mmon Sense published 1776.

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60 12/15 Income tax ws 61 12/ 17 History essay discussion revolution 62 46 Table of Contents 1/3 Regional causes of the. Rev 63 1/4 Sequence of events-pbj/Historical events 64 1/ 7 road to Independence timeline 65 1/18 road to Independence questions.9 Sec 3 66 1/7 British Laws Table 67 1/19 road to american revolution-Ch.9.3?s 68 1/20 road to American revolution-Ch.10.1?s 69 1/19 Video. Pics 11/10 13 Colonies Test 3x 11/9 Brain Pop-13 Colonies 11/19 13 Colonies nb 3x 11/23 What is America? Project 11/23 What is America? Presentation 12/6 American rev. Ws 12/13 BrainPop-Taxes 1/19 Video notes-Conflict Ignites 1/19.66 points 1/19.68 points 1/19 BrainPop-causes of the American revolution 1/21.69 points Problems in nc colony 59 North. West -no permanent capital -Tryon Palace-taxes -Granville district- had management the most people / -eastern-wealthy-Elite wealthy -western-poor/small farmers-felt -squatters did not pay taxes there was no equality -unequal representation -held a non-quorum assembly -albemarle-did not pay taxes/did not use currency/ignored laws 64 Sequence of events making. Purchase bread and ingredients. Take knife from drawer. Open the pb jar. Spread the.

John White-guilty or Innocent? 36 Character Epitaph Write an epitaph for the mini most important character in the movie. Explain why he or she was the most important character. 38 Discussion questions Why did the roanoke colony fail? What could have been done differently to change the outcome of the roanoke colony? 46 Table of Contents 11/16 American revolution header Sheet47 11/16 Grade Sheet 2nd 9 weeks 48 11/16 Scoop on nc 49 11/16 North Carolina-timeline facts 50 11/16 The north Carolina colony notes 51 11/22 What is or makes a good soldier? 52 11/22 The evolution of the soldier 53 12/3 BrainPop- French and Indian War/Who Am I? 54 12/3 5 Ws of the French and Indian War/ Map 55 12/8 American revolution Pre-test 56 12/7 American revolution Voc. Ws 57 12/13 Brainpop-Taxes 58 12/9 Problems/Issues in nc colony 59 12/15 What is Taxed in your Life?

presentation assignment sheet

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Ws 10/12 Progress Report.6 5 Themes of geography- pictures/Visuals Absolute location Region Relative location movement Place human-Environment Human-Environment Interaction-Positive interaction-Negative 22 Table of Contents 10/11 Colonies/European Explorers header Sheet 23 10/11Journal Entry 24 10/9 5 Ws of European Exploration 25 10/20 NA/ee timeline. Pictures 28 10/13 Colonies Voc. Ws 29 10/16 3 voyages to roanaok charts 30 10/19 roanoak episode 1 31 10/26 Character Map 32 10/21 roanoak episode 2 33 10/21 guilty or Innocent? 34 10/21 roanoak episode 3 35 10/26 Character Epitaph 36 10/26 roanoak episode 4 37 10/26 Discussion questions 38 10/26 roanoak episode 5 39 Colonies/European Explorers header Sheet 23 10/27 Venn diagram-roanoke and Jamestown 40 10/27 The jamestown Colony 41 11/4 13 Colonies Map. Do 4 characteristics for each. John White ralph Lane manteo wanchese 34 guilty or Innocent? Imagine you are long a member of a jury. Determine whether the following men are guilty or innocent of murder. Ralph Lane- guilty or Innocent?

16 9/20 Native american/European Explorer Voc. 17 9/28 Creation Story Chart 18 9/29. 2 Section 2 questions 19 10/4 Spider Map-Cherokee 7facts 20 10/1 Cherokee ppt. Grade Sheet 3, date Assignment Grade 8/31 License Plate 9/7 5 Themes of geo. Pics 9/8 geography voc. Pics 9/15 geography test -3X 9/16 Progress Report 9/21 NA/ee voc. Activity 9/22 nikotu poems 10/1 quipus Presentation 10/4 BrainPop- American Indians 10/6 Native american Test -3x 10/8 Colonies Voc.

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presentation assignment sheet

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Table of Contents. Date Assignment Page 8/31 Grade Sheet 3 8/31 heading Sheet 4 8/31 Scoop on nc 5 8/31 5 Themes of geo. Copyright Complaint Adult Content Flag as Inappropriate. I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described. Download Presentation, an Image/Link below is provided (as is) to download presentation. Download Policy: Content on the website is provided to you as is for your information and personal use and may not be sold / licensed / shared on other websites without getting consent from its author. While downloading, if for some reason you are not able to download a presentation, the publisher may have deleted the file from their server.

Presentation Transcript, table of Contents 1, date Assignment Page 8/31 Grade Sheet 3 8/31 heading Sheet 4 8/31 Scoop on nc 5 8/31 5 Themes of geo. Vis 6 8/31 5 Themes of geo. Notes 7 9/9 geography vocabulary pics 8 9/7 geography vocabulary ws 9 report 9/8 Regions of nc map 10 9/8 Regions of nc chart 11 9/14 Regions of nc questions 12 9/9 Latitude and Longitude. Table of Contents, date Assignment Page 9/16 NA/ee header thesis Sheet 14 9/16 Native american Notes ppt. 15 9/20 Student Choice-na/ee voc.

Discusses the topic being assessed, a script is provided along with the movie. School appropriate, includes a creative means of explaining the idea o, this can be drawing or skits or puppets. Just don t stand there and talk. Scratch Gaming Animation, very similar to toondoo, this program allows students to create interactive stories and must meet the following requirements: site: ratch., demonstrates topic being assessed, is school appropriate, is a creative way of demonstrating topic.

Periodical Summary review, here, you are to read and summarize a scientific article from one a peer-reviewed scientific publication, such as Scientific American, national geographic, or journal of Chemical Education. If you are unsure if your article qualifies, please ask. This article must be at least a page in length. You are to create a summary and a review of the article, meaning that you will summarize what information is present in the article and then assess its accuracy and delivery. It should meet the following requirements: deals with the topic being assessed. Summary is at least 5 sentences in length o, summarizes important points made by the article o, is mostly grammatically correct with minimal spelling errors review is at least 5 sentences in length o discusses accuracy of information provided o mentions delivery of information (is. Download, skip this Video, loading SlideShow in 5 Seconds. Ruths PowerPoint Presentation, download Presentation. Ruths 1 / 126, mrs.

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What Should i bring With Me? You should bring your assignment sheet, whatever you've completed of your paper/presentation (digital or print and a willingness to work with our tutor/consultant on improving your work. Seth Clabough, executive director, higgins Academic Center, director, communication Center. Assistant Professor of English, services for Faculty: Seth Clabough, the director of the communication Center, is available to work with faculty directly on writing or speaking-related issues. Faculty can contact him at or). Toondoo, this is a free program friend online that allows students to create their own cartoons to demonstrate understanding of a topic, meeting the requirements below: site: m, demonstrates topic being assessed, is school appropriate. Must include at least 3 frames. Content is original to the student, though pre-existing characters may be used (Batman, superman, etc). I-movie, any movie maker program can be used to produce this assessment salon option, which must meet the following requirements: At least 7 minutes in length.

presentation assignment sheet

Help from the start: you don't need to have a completed presentation before coming to the center. Just bring your assignment and we report can help. Low stress environment: Consultants create a friendly low-stress environment where students can practice and can help with approaches to alleviating speaking anxiety. The feedback: Consultants provide feedback on everything from organization to delivery. Some of these areas include: Finding a topic for a presentation: Generating Ideas; Organizing Ideas; Practicing; Receiving feedback; Practicing Group Work; Receiving feedback. The consulting space: A private Speaking Studio provides students (whether individual or group) the opportunity to privately practice their presentations. At the request of the student, consultants can record the practice session and go over areas of improvement. Where is the communication Center? The communication Center is located on the 1st floor of the McGraw-Page library directly across from the elevator.

Different tutoring times depending on what you need: we offer 25 minute and 55 minute tutoring sessions, so you can pick based on what you need.  Students can always make follow-up appointments after their first set of revisions. We can help with other forms of writing: we specialize in academic papers, but we do more! If you want help with an application, a short story, or a submission to graduate school, we can give you feedback on that too. Why visit a speaking Consultant? The tutors: Trained, faculty-recommended students help other students with presentational or small group communication.

To make an appointment: Stop by the center, call the center at (If you leave a message when we're closed, we will return your call when we reopen to confirm your appointment). Schedule an appointment online (see below). Fall spring Term Schedule: Monday-thursday: 3-10pm, sunday: 6-10pm. January term Schedule: Mon-Thurs: 4-9pm, sun: 7-9pm, why visit a writing Tutor? The tutors: we are staffed by friendly, faculty-recommended students. Our tutors share a deep interest in writing and a welcoming disposition. Feeling uncertain about how to write a biology london paper? Not sure what your sociology professor is asking for?

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The communication Center, tutoring Services at the communication Center. For paper Students: The r-mc communication Center provides students with peer writing and speaking support. The center, headed by a director, offers practice spaces and one-on-one or group consultations and feedback for writing and oral communication/presentation assignments. For Faculty: At the request of faculty, our trained tutors can conduct workshops to support course-specific writing and oral communication projects and assignments. Additionally, the communication Center Director,. Seth Clabough, is available to work with faculty one-on-one or as a group to support writing and speaking in the curriculum. Walk-ins welcomed; appointments encouraged.

Presentation assignment sheet
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  3. Ltec 3220: Computer Graphics in Education and Training. Click here to begin. Overview: This assignment is designed to be presented at the beginning of the course and carried out throughout the semester. Unit 2 Assignment Sheet engage the themes of the course through a method of investigation and presentation of your own choosing. bring your assignment sheet, whatever you've completed of your paper/ presentation (digital or print and a willingness to work with).

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  5. If the workshop is being presented to aid. 7202afe financial Planning Task Sheet Assignment Presentation Trimester 1, 2013 due dates Written Assignment : 5pm - 26 th april, 2013. Spe 576 week 4 Individual Assignment Data Sheet and Graph Presentation. Scope of presentation Introduce group members and job distributions describe the overall design and your special strategies and. flirting flirting with Brittney. And doodling on the assignment sheet.

  6. Assignment, page 8/31 Grade, sheet 3 8/31 heading, sheet 4 8/31 Scoop on nc 5 8/31. Locus of Regulatory control State or Federal The extent of regulation Collaboration among. Week 10 : Project 3, assignment, sheet. Unit Two research and, presentation, extra Credit, assignment, sheet read the presentation checklist. Supplied with the assignment sheet within 48 hours after this sign-up sheet is submitted.

  7. Looking for accounting assignment help? Send requirements at to get top quality accounting homework help. Trabajo Escrito - written, assignment, ab initio, presentation jas. Welcome to your first practice set! This is an opportunity to show me all that youve learned. Table of Contents.

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