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The key focus of the presentation is on discrete dislocation dynamics, crystal plasticity, superalloys, creep and hardening. From the paper, the choices of ni-base superalloys for applications like gas turbine blades that are high temperature-oriented are getting widely accepted owing to their creep resistance and high strength. Specifically, the eradication of grain boundaries in single crystal components provides additional enhancement in creep performance in many demanding applications. He explains how this applies in the paper using computational methods and techniques to drive home his points. The goal Of The paper, the model created by the author is evidently an extension to the work done by needleman framework and Van der giessen by setting up a model that solves the single crystal superalloys problem in previous models presented by other experts. The model Of Choice by the author.

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Papers on new methods, applications and innovations in technology are always a delight to those who value the place of discovery in any scientific endeavor. Experts and researchers do this often in their career as academics. Here is a presentation delivered by one of the known names in computational play mechanics. Korunsky is a professor at the department of engineering sciences at the University of Oxford. He has delivered many papers that have won him several recognitions as an expert in the field of computational mechanics. His papers cover keys areas of application such as in radiography, materials sciences and many others of his expertise in practice. At the 2014 wccmxi, which took place from 20 25 July in Barcelona for that year, Prof. Korunsky was present and gave a presentation on an important aspect of computational mechanics. Here is an excerpt from the paper presentation: Paper Title And The focus, a simplified.5d discrete dislocation Dynamics Framework for Simulating the deformation of Single Crystal Nickel Base superalloys. The paper was co-presented with Siqi ying.

Func, * Callbacks when user asks to step forward or backward in slides order stepSlide: PropTypes. Func, * Callbacks to change the display of presentation's metadata/details in aside toggleAside: PropTypes. Func, * Interface state description gui: ape( * Whether aside displays list of slides or presentation's metadata/details asideVisible: ol, * Whether user is allowed to explore the view or can just navigate into slides' views interactionMode: PropType. OneOf read "explore * Component global options options: ape( * declares whether users can pan/zoom/navigate inside the view * or if the view is strictly controlled by current slide's parameters allowViewExploration: ol * Callbacks when user tries to reset view to current slide's view parameters resetView: PropTypes. Func, * Callbacks when user changes view manually onUserViewChange: PropTypes. Func, * hook to switch between "read" and "explore" interaction modes toggleInteractionMode: PropTypes. Func, * Trigger to call when user interacts to exit the presentation onExit: PropTypes. Great industrial applications starts from theoretical formulation which are later presented to an audience who are equally ready to embrace a good path to be part of history. Projects and paper presentation gives that opportunity to let the world know what you have in stock write to launch in the future.

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Prezi, its a cool way to present things, but it also has to be done in the correct way. Theres a lot of animation in Prezi, so sometimes people can feel like they get a little sea sick. But check out these really cool. Prezi presentations, hope you enjoy, and explore! OpTypes  * The presentation to display presentation: Required, * The current slide being displayed by the component currentSlide: PropTypes. Object, * Parameters describing current view's state activeviewsParameters: PropTypes. Object, * Whether the current view parameters match with current slide's view parameters viewDifferentFromSlide: ol, * The transformed datasets to use for displaying visualizations datasets: PropTypes. Object, * navigation state description navigation: ape( * What is the active slide's id currentSlideId: ring, * What is the active slide's rank in slides list position: mber, * Whether active slide is the first firstSlide: ol, * Whether active slide is the last lastSlide: ol * Callbacks when user asks to jump to a specific slide setCurrentSlide: PropTypes.

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Would you want to sit there and listen to someone just regurgitating the bullet points on a slide? I also understand karen that theyre necessary, sometimes people want to see that information and we cant always tell stories. So, my advice is to find that happy-medium. Maybe start off with a story or anecdote, then move into some data points or statistics about brown whatever youre trying to get across. Theres many different ways to approach a possible presentation. Preface it by saying, hey guys, we dont want this to be boring for you, but theres some slides in here we have to go through.

Well try and make it as painless as possible. That way youve built a rapport, youve kept it open, and just let them know to interrupt at any time to clarify something, or ask a question. Processes like these are the best way to ensure you make a good presentation and the people sitting on the other end are receptive. Best of luck, i actually have a presentation in about 2 hours. I got my narrative, but my slides could be better, lol! Hey, if you get a chance, check out.

Its a tough question to answer, isnt it? I guess a lot of it depends on who you are presenting. But i also think that presentations can be dry and long-winded, and just plain boring. Ive done my fair share of presentations from college to career and I think theres one universal truth to keep in mind when giving presentations be you! Its so easy to say hey, lets just repurpose that last presentation and spin it so its not exactly the same. Just copy another google presentation and change some of the text on the slides so that its tailored (a little more) to this presentation were giving.

But its still generic! Im a firm believer in telling stories. Because stories stick, thats right, they stick! People hold on to stories, they relate to stories. Stories are how weve been handed down life lessons from generation to generation. Theres this great book called. Weekend Language, and its all about doing away with power points (because we all know theyre totally awesome, not!) and working on your narrative. Bullet points, a lot of bullet points kinda suck.

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What story are you trying to tell the audience? Try to remember this if you start to go off-topic during the presentation. Focus on the whole audience, it is often tempting to pick out an individual member of the audience and give the presentation as if you were speaking only to him or her. This can be effective over a short time, but over ten minutes, it would be hard to maintain. Instead, spread your eye contact across the whole audience, looking at different people periodically. No one likes to be stared at, but making eye contact is important. Similarly, if you feel nervous during the presentation dont drop your eyes to look down at your lectern or, even worse, the floor. Instead, take a breath, smile, pause momentarily if you need to, and continue. Ive asked estate myself many times how should I present that next big proposal?

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Instead, aim to learn the outline and key facts of each point you wish to make, and work out cues to remind yourself when to change slides. Write out reminders on cue cards to prompt your memory, but dont try to read your presentation entirely from paper. With practice, it will become easier to speak continuously for ten minutes without having to refer to your cue cards too often. The presentation will also flow far more smoothly. Try to tell a story, ten minutes can seem like a long time, and it is easy turners to lose the thread of your presentation. To avoid this, try to imagine your presentation as a story. All stories have a beginning, middle and end, and this can be used to keep your presentation coherent and focused.

example, you might consider illustrating your presentation with three case studies from the real world, or three practical examples of your argument in action. Finish with something that suitably rounds off your presentation. Due to the recency effect, the end of your presentation is likely to be one of the most memorable parts for most people in the audience. Make it count with a sales call-to-action, or details of a future opportunity, a web address for further contact, or even just a final summary of your points. Tips, dont try to learn your presentation word-for-word. A lot of words can be said in ten minutes. Learning the entire presentation off by heart is difficult and time consuming.

Structure, a basic four-section structure for your 10-minute presentation could be something like this:. Tell the gps audience a little about yourself, briefly, and perhaps include a slide with your name and job title on as you. It is also important to grab the audiences attention during your introduction. Tell them an interesting story, or a joke, or" some research with relevant findings. With ten minutes to fill it is possible to make several main points, supported by slides or visual aids, and reinforced with details to form a compelling argument or overview of the subject matter. Succinctly run through the points you intend to make, simplifying them to suit the audience and enable them to understand without difficulty. Trying to give too much information will overload and confuse the audience.

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SlidePlayer is not only an educational resource, but also a social network where you can share your work with a wide range of users. Upload presentations to our website and increase the popularity of your work on the web. With easy presentation review and social network share system, millions of users will discover your presentation. You will receive a response barbing to your work and find out what others think about. Ten minutes is more than enough time in which to give a compelling and effective presentation. A lot of detailed information can be presented in ten minutes without the presentation dragging on and losing the audiences attention. Structuring the presentation correctly is still vitally important. No one likes to be waffled.

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So what does this mean? The, elegant Essay covers: overview five writing components;. Pay attention to those that interest you and stay encouraged while writing.

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  1. Nbe31 years of Excellence in pg medical Education and Examinations. Dog 1 Cat in each Surprise bag! 250 words essay advantages and disadvantages of saving money essay research paper on buyback of shares? Hi just wondering if there is a 40 mark question and a 30 mark question (2006 cultural context) and the first question asks you to compare two of the texts you have studied and the second question asks you to talk about your third text. Subscribe now to download this study guide, alon g with more than 30,000 other titles.

  2. Learn the 5 steps required for writing a perfect care plan (videos and examples). Pop the correct balloons showing numbers 11 through 20 to add air to Floyd's hot air balloon. A very short essay about hope. Find Paper Sheets deals on sale. McLean, The secret Agent by joseph Conrad, a horseman in the sky by Ambrose bierce, the last.

  3. Your aim is to start the presentation on time, not arrive in reception for the start time of the meeting. 5 technology and gives an opportunity to view your presentation right on the website, to view it you do not need Flash or PowerPoint. id : scroller, name : Scroller, description : Slides are browsed through scrolling on the presentation. The obd standard ( On board diagnostic) was implemented initially by the carb (Californian Air Resources board) to control polluting. speaker notes and more. Work simultaneously with others on the same presentation.

  4. Free and safe download. Download the latest version of the top software, games, programs and apps. You start working on an oral presentation when your paper is ready: fully written and proofread. catholic Church, on the day of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we celebrate that dedication of herself which Mary made. The Presentation of Self in everyday life on Open Library at the Internet Archive. Many pitch deck examples focus on the presentation design: colors, themes, and look of the presentation.

  5. for embedded videos in your presentation ; please test your presentation with the on -site pc several hours before your presentation. of the hbr guide to persuasive presentations, as well as two award-winning books on the art of presenting, slide:ology and Resonate. A lot of detailed information can be presented in ten minutes without the presentation dragging on and losing the audiences attention. and conference halls around the world, people attend a seminar called Effective presentation skills or some variation on that theme. You are here: Home uncategorised a students Reflection on the ssis ib presentation.

  6. An informative presentation on the capabilities of the materials while also discussing the effects of size on their overall performance. Bowl award before the presentation on the table. Success and victory concept. Comments Off on, the, dreaded, presentation share of presentations from college to career and I think theres one universal truth to keep. publish your presentations on the, web or video platforms like with a single click, making them accessible for those who missed. The key focus of the presentation is on discrete dislocation dynamics, crystal plasticity, superalloys, creep and hardening.

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