Stroke essay

stroke essay

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From my personal experience, my aunts friend who is 93 and my girl friends grandfather who is 76, has noticeable change the way i act around them and talk to them. In my aunts friends case, he has not fully recovered from his stroke about three weeks ago, although this is only a short time for recovery, i feel that he will never regain what he has lost. He has lost short term memory, some sight and his speech are somewhat slurred. It funny, if you ask him how much a bag of groceries were in England 70 years ago, he would tell you it to the penny. But he still calls me Chris, my brother, every time i see him. My girl friend Tracys, grandfathers case, he has recovered fully.

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He has no control over it and often cannot even that is it there. It can affect the arm and leg, but also the face, mouth, tongue, and eye. The other half of his body appears to be relatively normal. Mentally, the person has received a sever shock. At first, he is sure he will be well in a few days or weeks. When he discovers that such is hot the case, his personality may change and he may seem to become an entirely different person. Patience and understanding are needed by anyone who will work with write him at the extremely difficult times. During recent years, interest in rehabilitation has increased greatly, especially with regard to people who have had strokes. Most hospitals have a stroke team that functions whenever a patient requires the teams help. The effects of a stroke can be devastating to their family and themselves.

Primarily as a result of more risk factors, African-Americans experience more strokes, have more severe strokes, and are twice as likely to die of a stroke as white Americans. Risk factors conditions are frequently worse among some minorities and may lead to stroke recurrence, which is an important contributor to increased disabilities. To show some hope for these risk factor minorities,. Ralph biography Sacco at Columbia university in New York city is investigating stroke recurrences in African-Americans and Hispanics. There is little data contrasting stroke incidence, risk, and prognosis in black, hispanics and white in the same population living in the same environment, and area using the same methods. Saccos study will determine the incidence of a stroke, assess the effect of stroke risk factors, and the following participants for up to four years looking for stroke recurrence or death. There are many effects that a stroke can have on an individual. The immediate physical effects of a stroke are that half the persons body becomes paralysed.

stroke essay

Stroke: causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment

When blood escapes from a vessel, it quickly forms a clot using thrombin and myosin, which closes the break and stops the hemorrhage. Later the clot is absorbed, thus removing the pressure. 4) Any accident that causes physical damage to the brain may produce the same results as a stroke. In general, the symptoms will be similar, and the person may be treated in the same way as on whose disability is cause by a stroke. Known treatable risk factors may explain the higher rates of death and disability from strokes among African-Americans and Hispanics. The proportion of people with theses risk factors is predominantly higher in African-Americans and other shredder minorities. For example, about 33 percent of white adult American men have high blood pressure compared to 38 percent of African-American adult men and 25 percent of white adult American women have high blood pressure compared to 39 percent of adult African-American women. Smoking among white men at 28 percent and among white women at 28 percent; among African-American the figures are 33 percent for man and 22 percent for women. Nearly 50 million American adults are too fat, but 20 percent of them word are over their desired weight.

In such a case although the patient may be unable to move his arm at first, he will gradually regain control of the muscles used in the arm movements. The disturbance in circulation maybe due to any one of the following factors: 1) A small percentage of strokes are caused by a cerebral embolism which is a small clot of blood circulating in the bloodstream, lodges in one of the tiny blood vessels. Since blood cannot pass this plug, the nerve cell that the small vessel normally supplies with blood will die. The number of cells that die will depend on the size of the plugged vessel. 2) A more common cause of a stroke is a cerebral thrombosis, which is a stationary blood clot that forms in the blood vessel and closes. The result is the same as in case of a cerebral embolism. 3) A stroke is also caused by hemorrhage from a broken blood vessel. The cells beyond the break are deprived of oxygen, and there is pressure on cells in the area surrounding the break. Some of these cells may be able to function again after the blood is absorbed and the pressure relieved.

Basal ganglia stroke: Symptoms, causes, and treatment

stroke essay

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While, less common than either cerebral infarction or intracerebral hemorrhage, subarachniod hemorrhage can frequently lead to death. Many strokes could be prevented by paying attention to the waring signs and risk factors. Having a risk factor for stroke doesnt necessarily foretell a stroke. Conversely, not having a risk factor doesnt mean a stroke cant occur. But the risk of a stroke goes up as both the number and the severity of risk factors increase.

A physician can identify and help treat and monitor the progress of many of these warning signs and risk factors. Warning signs * sudden weakness, numbness of the face arm and/or leg * temporary difficulty or loss of speech, or trouble understanding speech * unexplained headaches or change in farmer the patter of headaches * double vision which lasts fohort time * temporary unsteadiness or dizziness. A person who has had a stroke appears, literally, to be stricken down. He or she may be partially paralysed, speechless, and sometimes, unconscious. If cells that control the movements of the arm are involved, the person will be unable to move his or her arm. However, if the cells that are destroyed only carry instruction from the controlling centre to the muscles, new pathways many are made that utilize other nerves which bypass the damaged area or areas.

The number of cells involved effects the persons outcome. A stroke or brain attack is usually the result of progressive disease that develops over many years. A stroke occurs when brain cells die because of inadequate blood flow. When blood flow fails, brain cells are robbed of vital supplies of oxygen and nutrients. Some strokes have little recognizable effect.

Other can quickly cause death. While not usually fatal, a blockage of a blood vessel in the brain or neck is the most frequent cause of a stroke. It can leave a portion of dead tissue in the brain, called a cerebral infarction, which can result in a disability. These blockages come from three different conditions thrombosis, the formation of a clot within a blood vessel of the brain or neck. Embolism, the movement of a clot from another part of the body to the neck or brain. Stenosis, is a severe narrowing of an artery to the brain. About 80 percent of all strokes are caused by blockage and the other 20 percent from bleeding. A haemorrhagic stroke can result from bleeding into the brain called intracerebral hemorrhage or into the space surrounding the brain called subarachnoid hemorrhage.

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Stroke essay, research Paper, stroke, an injury to the brain from failure in blood flow or bleeding leaves millions of human beings disabled. This is one of the most devastating and essays costly health problems that society faces. It affects more than 500,000 Americans each year, although Americans managed to cut the stroke death rate nearly in half during the 1970s and 1980s the 1990s is the decade of the Brain. The nonfatal strokes, which have been decreasing along with the stroke death rate, now appear to be increasing for unknown causes. Of the more than three million Americans who have survived a stroke, more than two million end up with crippling disabilities, including paralysis, loss of speech, and lapses of memory. Stroke (cerebrovascular accident, cva) is a broad term, since it refers to almost any occurrence that prevents adequate amounts of blood from reaching a portion of the brain, which in turn causes brain cells to die. This may happen either over a period of time or quite suddenly, depending on the cause.

stroke essay

Chiropractic stroke biotechnology funds ielts essay band 9 book speech essay plans an essay on man epistle 2 line by line analysis good Families Don t, Esq the life of Samuel Johnson Lirst Issue of First., alan DanielJames Boswell. Recognising heart attack, stroke and angina webmd boots. Knowing the symptoms of a heart attack shortage and acting quickly could save your life. Imaging Recommendations for Acute Stroke and Transient. Gregory dehmer explains symptoms you should never ignore. Sequard Syndrome Information Page. Ninds brachial Plexus Injuries Information Page. A joint Statement by the American Society of neuroradiology, the American College. Heart attack and stroke essay researchers, whose work focused on mouse models and.

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Stroke essay
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  1. Stroke, essay in English. Heat Transfer - 3665 Words. Fin Convection heat Transfer from Extended Surfaces Introduction - convective heat transfer. This is a model stress essay to help you with your ielts writing task 2 It is a causes, solutions essay ielts stress Essay, stroke to name but a few. 2 Stroke engines Essay research Paper paul. 2 Stroke engines Essay, research Paper.

  2. Paid Listening, essay, research Paper paid ListeningIn. read this essay on, stroke, case Study. An estimated 9 to 30 of patients with suspected ischaemic stroke case study patient assessment. Heart attack and stroke essay researchers, whose work focused on mouse models and. Formatos de curriculum vitae para llenar 2015.

  3. Stroke, essay, research Paper, stroke an injury. Stroke, essay, research Paper. Stroke, an injury to the brain from failure in blood flow or bleeding leaves. Analysis Of event:. Using six, stroke engine the heat energy is minimized to a greater extent by converting the heat energy into.

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